Brillo Pad On Stainless Steel

The brillo pad is an essential cleaning pad that every kitchen should have for sparking stainless steel pots and pans.

Having the best stainless steel cleaner for your kitchen is good however one must pay attention to storing your stainless appliances properly after getting a good stainless steel scrubber.

Brillo pad on stainless steel has proven to be very effective especially for stubborn stains on the stainless steel kitchen sink or burnt food on stainless steel pots and pans.

The brillo pad can also serve as a steel sponge or stainless steel wool, however, scrubbing your steel surfaces with Brillo pad will leave little scratches on the surface which I think is a small price to pay to keep your kitchen sparkling clean.


Brillo in Latin means “bright” and “shine” in Spanish. Now you can what Brillo pad on stainless steel does to your stainless steel cookware. Brillo pads work very well on Pots and Pans. I fact it is one of the best cleaning pads for stainless steel cookware I have used.

It’s the perfect stainless steel scrubber for pots and pans and does the exact job a good steel sponge or stainless pads should do on anything stainless. Just start scrubbing with little effort, the pad gets it sparkling in no time.

Brillo pads can be used on all kinds of stainless steel appliances like cleaning of your showers. You are aware of that green ickiness in your shower?  Yes, kindly use the Brillo pad on it, and thank me later. It works like magic.

Brillo pad on stainless steel can also be called metal Brillo pad or Brillo steel wool soap pads. Whatever you decide to call it doesn’t really matter as long as it serves the Function. Most importantly, the Brillo pad is a game changer!


Brillo pad and SOS pads are both great for use in cleaning our stainless steel cookware and other household appliances. However, most people prefer the Brillo pad on stainless steel to the SOS pad because of the ability of the Brillo pad to hold soap a longer time than the SOS pad and the SOS pads aren’t abrasive enough. Although, this is based on individual preferences and terms of use.

Secondly, I suggest you don’t allow Brillo pads to stay too long in the sink filled with water and they are also small in size though this is based on the design. Both SOS pads and Brillo pads can be used for Porcelain parts in your bathrooms.

The Brillo pad on stainless steel is a great go-to scouring pad product. Perfect for cleaning deposits that get on the bottom of pots and pans left by propane gas range. It works better than anything else.

A great combination to the Brillo pad and SOS pad is the S.O.S steel wool soap pads which are made up of durable steel wool and long-lasting soap, giving a great and perfect shine to your stainless steel cookware always.


We all know that SOS is an international distress signal which means “save our soul”. This time it’s a distress signal for our saucepans. This brings us to this question: will SOS pads scratch stainless steel sink?

The SOS pad is perfect for your stainless steel sink. It will scrub, brighten, and make your sink look new. After scrubbing, you might see some bits left behind but it’s not a problem at all because all those little pieces will get washed away when you rinse.


The Scotch-Brite pads are made from stainless steel but the fact that it’s made from stainless steel doesn’t stop people from asking this question: will scotch-Brite scratch stainless steel?

Scotch-Brite can be used on enameled cookware, porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel cookware, etc. A good method to know if scotch-Brite will scratch your stainless steel appliance is to try it on a smaller stainless steel conspicuous place first to know the extent of scratch before carrying out on a piece of bigger stainless steel equipment.

Below are various best cleaning pads for stainless steel cookware:


Brillo pad used on stainless steel cookwares

This Brillo pad on stainless steel can be used on stainless steel appliances, it contains 30 Red Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads, with Original Scent. It has a Long-lasting soap pad with anti-rust formula.

It is made up of 29% more soap and 8% more steel wool than any other soap pad* (*Excludes Brillo Heavy Duty Soap Pads & S.O.S. Grill Mates).

The Iconic square shape allows the soap pad edges to easily reach tough messes in corners and has a Unique bonded edges that maintain the shape of pad and improve surface cleaning.


S.O.S steel wool pads 

This S.O.S is Reusable, versatile and with incredible scrubbing power and removes tough messes inside and outside your home

It makes aluminum, iron, and stainless steel pots and pans sparkle with a powerful combination of durable steel wool and long-lasting soap.

Make quick work of stains and grease on numerous surfaces. The combination of steel shavings and powerful detergent in each pad removes stains and returns the shine to pots and pans.

S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads aren’t just for the commercial kitchen, though. You can use them to power through on everything from breakroom messes to restroom stresses.

It is very simple to use, kindly wet the pad with water and clean the soiled surface, then rinse.

Ideal for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms. Perfect use on stoves, glass bakeware, pots and pans, golf clubs, grills, car tires, chrome Bumpers, glass shower doors, and Porcelain tubs and sinks.



Soap pads metal scouring cook-top cleaning pads

These scourer steel wool soap pads have soap inside of them already, so they’re ready to wash and remove tough messes right out of the packaging.

Don’t just clean your tough mess, but give it a nice fresh scent while you’re at it. These pre-soaped pads chase away grime and leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

These steel wool scour pads make cleaning pots and pan a breeze. And they double as cooktop cleaning pads too. Never be defeated by stubborn dirt and grime again.

It can be reused again and again. Perfect for cleaning cast iron, this brillo pad on stainless steel is perfect for pots and pans. Also great for outdoor use, such as for cleaning your BBQ griddle.

DO NOT USE ON TEFLON: While these scouring soap pads can be used on stainless steel and cast iron pots and pans with no risk, they may remove Teflon. So don’t use these to clean your non-stick pans. But for oven pans, pots, etc. – you’ll find nothing better.


comet deodorizing cleanser on stainless steel

A very good cleaning agent for stainless steel appliances is the comet cleanser and people always ask if comet scratch stainless steel?

The comet deodorizing cleanser above is soft abrasive that scours and cleans stainless steel and porcelain surfaces without scratching. It can easily cling to vertical and hard to reach surfaces for optimum performance.

Finally, it removes malodors from surfaces.


TSP - Trisodium Phosphate on stainless steel and multiple surfaces  

The Tsp (trisodium phosphate) cleaner is formulated for multiple types of extensive cleaning applications.  It was widely used in the ’60s and ’70s in laundry soaps. Unfortunately, it is said to be bad for the environment and was banned for wide usage.

It works great for stainless steel baked-on grease, it also works well for cleaning walls before painting. Removes hard to clean dirt and prepares surfaces for repainting.

It is ideal for most residential cleaning uses, easily remove mold or mildew from tight corners. This is an excellent degreaser and soil remover.

It also removes dirt, but any dirt that doesn’t dissolve can be easily brushed off. It even loosens most old gaskets and case sealants. Also works great in the laundry – just add a teaspoon to wash for very dirty laundry.

Using Tsp with the dishwasher pod and the dishes are so much cleaner and spot-free. Great use for the laundry and the clothes are so much softer.

Also great for greasy stuck on pots and pans that you can’t put in the dishwasher.

Finally, the Tsp can completely remove all smoke residue and smell, mixing too strong will damage surfaces, wear gloves always. Kindly follow the instructions written on the pack: Allow the tsp mixture to sit on the surface for 2 minutes then you rinse/ wipe.

Do not let excess drip or puddle as it can cause damage.

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