Can You Ferment Maple Syrup?

I think we all agree that honey and maple syrup are very similar. One of my favorite things about honey is that it can be made into a beverage.

If honey can be fermented, can you ferment maple syrup? The affirmative answer is yes.

There is a unique alcohol called acerglyn that can be made with maple syrup.

Maple syrup producers used to take the last saps of the season, which were darker and less appealing, and ferment them for enjoyment in the winter.

Fermenting maple syrup is a wonderful tradition and we should learn more about this strange alcohol.

Fermentation is the process of turning sugars into alcohol and other by-products. Fermented foods include beer, wine, cheese, bread, and pickles.

The technique for fermenting maple syrup is the same as for other fermented foods.

Ferment Maple Syrup

Can Real Maple Syrup Ferment?

Maple is naturally high in sugar, so it isn’t good enough to ferment.

Maple syrup, which has been cooked to elevate and concentrate the sugars, is suitable for ferment, but sometimes will ferment naturally by itself.

Making alcohol out of maple syrup and honey is very similar to making alcohol out of honey. Basic home brewing equipment is typically required.

  • A primary fermenter
  • A carboy/secondary fermenter
  • Airlocks
  • A hydrometer
  • A thermometer
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Containers, siphons, bottles, etc.
Brewer’s yeast

What Can You Make by Fermenting Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup can be fermented in a variety of ways to make a wide range of beverages. It can be made into an alcoholic beverage, where hops can be added to enhance the flavor.

Adding maple syrup to hard apple cider adds a unique flavor to the fall season.

Some wineries are making maple wines, which are similar to the traditional winemaking and aging processes, but with maple syrup.

Some adventurous distilleries are making hard liquor and spirits from maple syrup, but they tend to be using it in smaller quantities as a flavoring agent instead of a primary sugar.

If you make maple syrup at home using traditional methods, you will be able to make alcohol.

Most brewers prefer to use more delicate processes, such as avoiding boiling the maple syrup, to retain their unique flavor characteristics in the final product.

Maple syrup can be expensive, so it’s important that it’s used with care. If you want to make acerglyn, avoid boiling the maple syrup and instead add it off-heat.

If you want to make maple beers and ales, use boiled and sterilized maple syrup as the brew water.

The maple flavor will be enhanced if you add maple syrup during secondary fermentation.

It is best to use maple syrup as a flavoring agent instead of a primary sugar in order to save money and preserve the maple flavor.

What Should You Do if your Bottle of Maple Syrup has Fermented?

If you accidentally ferment a bottle of maple syrup at home, it might still be useful. There are some tips on how to make naturally fermented maple syrup.

Before smelling it, make sure to smell it carefully. Maple syrup is usually processed to remove the naturally occurring bacteria.

There is a chance that the maple syrup has been contaminated and should not be used. You should trust your nose in this situation.

It’s probably still useful if it has a beery smell that is strong but not unpleasant. If you see mold, discoloration or an unpleasant odor, throw it away.

If it is a bottle of maple syrup that is fermentable, you probably don’t have enough syrup to make alcohol.

A lot of maple syrup is required to make acerglyn or maple beers and beers. It would be better to use it for the following.

  • Maple syrup can be used to make an excellent addition to other items.
  • Fermented maple syrup can be added to your homemade condiments. Maple syrup has a complex, sweet flavor and can be used in many other recipes.
  • If you place maple syrup in an airtight container and allow it to ferment for several weeks or months, it will become a delicious maple vinaigrette.
  • An excellent addition to salad dressings, marinades, and other recipes is maple vinaigrette.
  • You may be able to save your bottle of maple syrup if it has a film on top that is mildly fermentable.
  • The film should be removed and the syrup poured into a pan. Allow it to cook for a few minutes and then gently heat it again.
  • Then put it into a container that is free of harmful organisms.
  • If the flavor of the maple syrup has been severely affected by the yeast, then heating will kill the yeast and allow you to use the syrup as usual.


It is understandable why people harvest and process maple tree sap into maple syrup.

It would make sense to process those sugars into alcohol through the process of fermentation.

Maple syrup can be found in a wide range of alcoholic beverages, where it adds a delicate caramel flavor.

Simply from the wild yeast in the environment, maple syrup may ferment on its own.

Maple syrup can be used to enhance all kinds of food and recipes if you accidentally ferment it in the bottle.

It is possible to ferment maple syrup into acerglyn, maple ale or beer, or even maple wines and spirits in order to enhance flavors and create depth in your brews.

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