Can You Freeze Artichokes?

Artichokes are immature flowers that people serve as side dishes.

The problem with storing these vegetables ahead of time is that they only last for one to four days on the counter and a week at most in the refrigerator.

If you are buying artichokes in bulk for a celebration, it’s even more so. We consulted the experts and they said that you can freeze fresh and whole artichokes.

It is possible to freeze fresh and stuffed artichokes, but you have to follow specific steps. 

In freezing fresh artichokes, you have to make sure they are blanched in water with a bit of lemon juice. 

It is possible to prepare stuffed artichokes ahead of time and put them in the freezer uncooked. 

The fresh artichokes will last for more than 6 months, while the stuffed artichokes will last for 3 weeks.

There are several things to think about when it comes to freezing artichokes. Is it possible to keep them fresh and avoid browning?

How can you properly store them in the freezer? The answers to these questions and more about freezing artichokes can be found here.


Things to Consider When Freezing Artichokes

There are some things you want to avoid in freezing artichokes. If you can prevent the artichokes from losing their freshness and color, you can prevent them from tasting bad.

It’s easy to prevent artichokes from changing their colors. Follow the steps that involve lemon juice, and you’re good to go.

Artichokes are not going to change their flavors just because of the juices of lemon.

If you want to fix the problem of tasting awful and being soggy, avoid freezing your artichokes raw.

Not only will they lose their nutrition, but they will also change in appearance.

Vegetables need to be boiled or blanched before freezing to make sure their freshness, color, and flavor are intact.

How Can I Properly Prepare Your Artichokes for Freezing?

These easy steps of preparation are needed to keep your artichokes fresh.

  • The stem of the artichoke should be taken off.
  • To hollow out the center of the artichoke, smash the pointed part of it.
  • To remove the choke, scoop out the soft flower portions with a spoon, and make sure to use a sharp spoon.
  • The water and lemon juice should be boiled together for twenty minutes.
  • The artichokes should be placed in cool water.
  • They should be put inside freezer bags to keep them from freezer burns.

If you want to avoid freezer burns and discoloration, you should put your artichokes in sealed containers, freezer bags, or wrapped in heavy-duty foil.

They will be ready to serve when you cook them for 25 more minutes after you thaw them.

How Can I Freeze Whole Artichokes?

The previous steps don’t apply if you need whole artichokes for your recipe, especially if you are making stuffed artichokes.

If you want to keep the freshness and nutrition of your vegetables, you must Blanche them first. You have to follow these steps to Blanche whole artichokes.

  • The leaves and choke of the artichoke need to be removed.
  • The stems and tops of the artichoke have to be removed.
  • Place the artichoke heart in a container and drain it.
  • Blanch for a few minutes in the water with lemon juice.
  • Immediately plunge the artichokes into a bath of ice.
  • The artichokes need to be drained after they cooled off.
  • The artichokes can be put inside a freezer bag, a Tupperware, or wrapped in foil.

Is It Possible to Freeze Artichokes from a Jar?

You can put artichokes in a jar and freeze them. Artichokes that are bought in jars are often used in sauces.

Allowing the jars to sit in the freezer will make the artichokes absorb more of the sauce, making their flavor richer and extending their shelf life.

If you want to freeze artichokes in a jar, place the whole jar in the freezer. It’s a good idea to consume the artichokes immediately after opening them.

Canned products already have long shelf lives, so freezing canned artichokes is unnecessary.

In addition to being unnecessary, freezing canned artichokes would cause them to be soggy and reduce their flavor.

How Can I Thaw Frozen Artichokes?

There are three ways:

  • The simplest way to get them out of the freezer is to put them in the fridge overnight. Normally, they can be prepared the next day.
  • If you want to thaw them out, you can place them on the counter and leave them there for a few hours. Unless you are cooking the artichokes, don’t plunge them in the water for long periods.
  • It is possible that keeping them in water will change their texture. If you are in a hurry, you can wrap the artichokes in foil and let them steam for ten minutes.
  • If your recipe calls for it, the last method is only applicable.

Artichoke must be prepared and eaten as soon as possible after it has been thawed. Artichokes should be prepared and eaten 2 hours after thaw to avoid spoiling.

How Long Does Artichokes Last Inside The Freezer?

It is possible to keep artichokes in the freezer for long periods. For the best quality, artichokes should be in the freezer for around 6 to 10 months.

If you keep them at a freezing point for at least the tenth month, they can still be eaten. Check the look and smell of your artichokes to make sure they are still fresh.

It’s best to discard them if they smell differently or have massive discolorations. When frozen properly, the artichokes do not often spoil.


How Can I Freeze Stuffed Artichokes?

It is possible to freeze stuffed artichokes if they remain uncooked. Lemon juice should be applied to the stuffed artichokes to prevent them from getting discolored.

If you want to reduce freezer burns, place them in an airtight container or freezer bags after that.

You can place your stuffed artichokes in the freezer overnight if you prepare them the day before cooking.

You can keep them fresh for up to 3 weeks if you keep them in the freezer for longer.

It is never a good idea to freeze cooked or baked stuffed artichokes. The dish is going to be soggy because of the freezing process.

How Can I Reheat Frozen Stuffed Artichokes?

It’s possible to bake or cook your stuffed artichokes from the freezer.

You can either put the stuffed artichokes on the counter to make them cooler or prepare them the same way you would normally prepare them.


If you want to keep them fresh for a long time, freezing them is a good way to do it. There are many different ways to prepare and freeze them, but the processes are very easy to follow.

If you follow these steps, your artichokes will remain fresh and delicious.

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