How Long Does Serrano Ham Last?

People often have questions about how to properly store ham, because it is a very rare delicacy. Do you think ham needs to be refrigerated?

Do you have the ability to freeze ham?

There are a lot of myths surrounding Iberico and Serrano ham. The real truth about how to store ham can be found in this article.

How do you store a serrano ham?

The Serrano ham should be stored in the fridge at a temperature of 2C-5C.

Don’t put Serrano in the freezer because the low temperature will destroy the taste.

The bone-in Serrano ham should be stored in a dry place with a temperature of 15C-20C and covered with a plastic wrap.

How long does serrano ham last?

Serrano ham is an unsalted, air-dried ham produced from the shoulder of Iberian pigs. 

It is best stored at a cool temperature to prevent bacterial growth. 

After opening, serrano ham can be stored for two weeks at room temperature or a month in the refrigerator.

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Serrano Ham Storing

Serrano ham can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a year. It’s a good idea to eat Serrano ham within the next two weeks.

Tienda states that the shelf life of bone-in Serrano ham is one year.

Storage conditions for Serrano ham:

  • A room with a constant temperature of 15-20 C is dry ventilated.
  • If you want to hang the ham on a hook, place it on a stand.
  • The product should not be in close proximity to the walls and shelves.
  • Make it look better by brushing it with melted lard.
  • The shelf life is influenced by the thickness of the layer.
  • Lard can be replaced with olive oil, which is odorless.
  • Cover the cut edge with a clean cotton cloth and Grease or oil it just as thickly.
  • If you don’t want to foil or film, you can use lard-soaked parchment instead.
  • The taste, smell, and texture of the ham will be preserved if the ham is kept far away from heat sources.
  • If you want to avoid drying out, do not take long breaks between cuts.
  • The cut leg is fresh and can be eaten within 4 months.

If mold is on the outside of the piece, don’t rush to throw away the expensive delicacy. The formation of such a plaque is commonplace.

Use a cloth dipped in olive oil to clean the outside. There is no bitterness if you cut off the skin before using it.

It is bad for the Serrano ham to have long-term storage. There is a way to stretch the eating of jerky meat.

Ham can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year. It is a good idea to eat Serrano within a couple of weeks.

Following the rules for storing dry-cured meat is the main thing.

If you open the ham package or cut a leg of meat, eat the product as soon as possible. The guidelines on how to store Serrano ham can be followed.

  • Vacuum-packed Serrano ham

The ham must be wrapped in clean parchment oiled with olive oil after opening the vacuum package. The product has to be protected from contact with air. It’s a good idea to store meat in the refrigerator.

  • Bone-in Serrano ham

The leg should be covered with a cotton towel. Store Ham can be hung or on a stand. At a temperature of +15C, the storage location needs to be dry.

  • Sliced ​​Serrano ham

Uneaten slices of ham should be covered with a piece of paper. The rest of the meat should be put in the refrigerator.

The general rule of thumb is not to store ham close to other food. Meat loses its aromatic and taste characteristics in a short amount of time.

Does Serrano ham need to be refrigerated? 

Serrano ham should be kept in the fridge at a temperature of 2C-5C, while bone-in Serrano is better stored in a well-ventilated, dry, and dark place.

If you want to serve Serrano before it warms up, take it out from the fridge.


Can you freeze sliced Serrano ham? 

You should never freeze sliced Serrano or Iberico ham, as low temperatures will destroy the taste of meat, making the texture hard and killing all the useful properties of the delicacy.

Serrano ham has an optimal storage temperature of 15-22C and air humidity of 65%.

Can Serrano ham spoil? 

Does Serrano ham don’t do well? If Serrano ham is not properly stored in a cool, dark, and ventilated place, it will go bad.

You can tell that Serrano ham is bad if it has a foul smell and a thick layer of white/green/blue mold on the surface.

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