How to Make Simple Stew

The Nigerian red tomato stew is known for its savory taste. Here is the Ultimate guide on how to make simple stew. The red tomato stew is a classic dish and one of the most prominent Nigerian and International delicacies.

The Tomato stew has lots of health benefits such as;

  1. Healthy bones; Tomatoes contain a good amount of calcium and vitamin K, so they are great for maintaining strong bones.
  2. Good and healthy-looking skin; Tomatoes contain Lycopene which makes our skin less sensitive to UV light damage.
  3. Healthy eyes; Tomatoes contain vitamin A and this helps in improving vision.


To make quick stew sauce, you will need the following ingredients below for your simple stew;

  1. Fresh Tomatoes
  2. Bell Peppers
  3. Ginger and Garlic
  4. Red Onions
  5. Salt
  6. Season Cubes
  7. Vegetable Oil
  8. Curry Powder and thyme
  9. Green Peppers
  10. Beef or Chicken


How to make simple stew

Below is the step to step guide on how to make a simple stew;

STEP 1; Use a Nutribullet Blender to blend 5 chopped plum tomatoes, red bell peppers, chopped red onions, garlic, and ginger. Puree until smooth.

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STEP 2; Wash and cut your beef or chicken into bitable sizes. Place in a pot, add pepper, salt, sliced onions, seasoning cubes, curry and thyme. Cook the meat or chicken until done, fry and set aside.

STEP 3; Blend the tomatoes, bell peppers and onions together.

STEP 4; Wash and cut green pepper and set aside.

STEP 5; Pour your tomato mixture into a pot and boil until the excess water is dried up and the consistency is thicker.

STEP 6; Use a stainless steel durable everyday pot, heat up vegetable oil over medium heat, add sliced onions and dried up tomatoes, and garlic with ginger paste. Until the tomatoes lose their sour taste or better still fry for about 25 minutes. Stir continuously to prevent burning at the bottom.

STEP 7; For Preparing stew with tomato paste, here is where you add your tomato paste, then fry for about 10 to 15 minutes.

STEP 8; Add the beef stock or chicken and cook for another 10 minutes.

STEP 9; Add fried beef, seasoning cube and salt to taste. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes.

STEP 10; Add your cut green peppers. Allow to simmer for 5 seconds. Your simple stew is ready!



Stew can be used for eating various meals like rice, white yam, bread, spaghetti. Some prefer to use stew with okro soup by adding it by the side. The list is endless regarding the use of stew with various delicacies based on user preference.

Below are ingredients to make or cook stew for white rice;

  1. Get 3 to 5 cups of rice (Based on the serving)
  2. Fresh Tomatoes like 15 to 25 Balls
  3. Vegetable Oil( 5 cups)
  4. Fresh Pepper(10)
  5. Big Onions Bulb(2)
  6. 3 Tablespoon Curry
  7. 7 Cube Maggi
  8. Salt
  9. Thyme
  10. 3 Pieces Ginger
  11. 5 Cloves Garlic
  12. Beef or chicken meat


how to make stew for rice

Follow this steps below on how to prepare stew for /with white rice;

STEP 1; Wash your tomatoes, pepper, ginger, garlic and Onions

STEP 2; Wash the meat or chicken separately and rinse well

STEP 3; Slice or chop the onions

STEP 4; Use a stainless steel pot, pour in the meat or chicken, add seasoning cubes (4), add some chopped onions, thyme and a little salt.

STEP 5; Place the stainless steel pot on medium heat, add little water and let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

STEP 6; Place another pan or pot on high heat, add a little vegetable oil, and allow to heat for 5 minutes, add your chicken or meat, and fry little by little until you are done frying the meat or chicken. Then set aside in another bowl.

STEP 7; Use the same vegetable oil for frying the meat or chicken to make your stew, make sure the oil isn’t so much. Allow to heat for like 5 minutes.

STEP 8; You can now add the remaining sliced onions and other blended ingredients above. Stir and allow to fry until the water dries up oil will, this will be noticeable at the surface.

STEP 9; Add the meat stock, Maggi, salt, curry and stir if stew is so thick, add a little water to boil for another 10 to 15 minutes.

STEP 10; Stew is ready to serve!

white rice to be eaten with stew sauce
Source Pix; OlgaintheKitchen

STEP 11; Use another pot, place on your gas stove, add water and rice into the pot. Allow to parboil for 20 minutes.

STEP 12; Wash and drain the rice thoroughly. Place the washed rice back on the gas stove, add a little salt to taste and water to boil for another 20 to 25 minutes. Keep checking the rice to see when it becomes soft and water dried up.

STEP 13; Once confirm that your rice is soft, put off the fire and serve with your simple stew sauce. Enjoy!



Nigeria chicken stew
Pix from Cookist

Below are ingredients and instructions on how to prepare Nigerian chicken stew. The Nigerian chicken stew is tasty and delicious made with fresh red tomatoes, tomato paste (optional), seasoning cubes, natural seasonings (ginger, garlic and Onions).

The Nigerian stew is always thick and used in the home, various occasions and especially for parties.

Below are ingredients needed to prepare a simple chicken stew sauce;

  1. Chicken drumsticks or whole chicken
  2. Red Bell Peppers (4 pcs) known as Tatashe
  3. Tomato Medium size
  4. 2 Habanero Pepper scotch bonnet
  5. Onions 2 or 3 Bulbs
  6. Vegetable Oil ½ cup
  7. Chicken stock 1 to 1 cups
  8. 5 cloves of Garlic
  9. 1 inch Ginger root
  10. 2 tsp. Thyme
  11. 2 tsp. Curry powder
  12. 1 tsp. Rosemary
  13.  2 Bay leaves
  14. 2 Tsp. chicken cubes (2)
  15. Salt


Instructions on how to make simple chicken stew
Pix Source; NigerianLazychef

Follow these steps on how to make simple stew using chicken;

STEP 1; Slice your tomatoes, pepper, and onions. Then add garlic. Rub them with oil and place inside an oven (recommended; 425 degrees Fahrenheit preheated) and roast for up to 30minutes.

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STEP 2; Blend the ginger and set them aside.

STEP 3; Quickly season your chicken with thyme, curry powder, salt and pepper. Then set them aside.

STEP 4; use a large skillet or cast iron wok to heat the oil over medium heat, then add 2 tsp. of diced onions and cook until the oil becomes fragrant.

STEP 5; Add your chicken legs and fry until they become well browned on both sides for about 10 minutes.

STEP 6; Add the diced onions inside the same pan where the chicken was fried. Cook till onions becomes limpid.

STEP 7; Add your blended sauce and bay leaves and cook for like up to 10 minutes.

STEP 8; Add the seasoning powder, curry powder, thyme, black pepper and salt to taste.

STEP 9; Allow to simmer until the chicken becomes tender. Stir occasionally to prevent burning. Adjust the thickness of the stew with water or stock if necessary.

STEP 10; After 5 minutes, put off your heat. Your chicken stew is ready to be served. Enjoy with white rice or pasta.

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