Is Pepperoni Pork or Beef?

Being a type of salami, made from ground meat, it is difficult to determine what type of meat pepperoni is made from.

Most types of pepperoni are made from a mixture of both pork and beef, which is what people consider most here.

Pepperoni is often confused with sausage as both contain pork. 

However, sausage contains more fat and may be ground differently than pepperoni. Pepperoni is typically cut from a piece of pork loin and ground.

Sausage is a mixture of ground meat and spices that can be made from beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, or even veal.

America’s favorite pizza topping can be found in other varieties, like those made from only beef or turkey.

Is Pepperoni Meat?

The Italian word for bell pepper is pepperoni, which is what the meat is called.

A type of sausage, and more specifically, a type of salami with American origins, is what it is.

The first use of pepperoni was in New York City, which dates back to the early 1900s. It was used on pizzas as a spicy meat topping and can still be found in most butcher shops today.

What is Pepperoni Made Of?

When it comes to the question of whether pepperoni sausage is made of pork or beef, the answer is usually both for this sausage variety.

Ground pork and ground beef are the main ingredients in most pepperoni you find in a butcher shop or store.

Pepperoni is known for its spicy flavor and is often seasoned with cayenne pepper, black pepper, crushed red pepper, mustard seed, fennel seed, garlic, and paprika, which gives it its characteristic red color.

Cured meat such as pepperoni is not cooked because of the salts found in it.

The curing salts are added to the meat to make it safe to eat, without cooking it and without refrigerating it.

The signature red color of pepperoni slices is contributed by them.

Although pork and beef are the most common ingredients used together to make pepperoni sausage, you can find substitute ingredients like turkey pepperoni beef or turkey pepperoni.

People who don’t eat pork because of their religious beliefs are included in the group who lean more towards beef pepperoni.

People who want to avoid red meat are likely to be among those who reach for turkey pepperoni.

What is pepperoni made of

Is Pepperoni Red Meat?

To answer the question of whether or not pepperoni is red meat, we need to first define what red meat is.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, meat is classified as either white meat or red meat depending on the amount of myoglobin found in the skeletal muscles that give it its red color.

Beef, veal, lamb, and pork are some of the types of red meat that come from livestock.

Chicken and turkey are some examples of white meat. Pork is still considered red meat despite having less red color than other red meat counterparts.

Red meat is a common ingredient in your typical pepperoni, which is pork and beef sausage. Beef pepperoni is considered to be red meat.

Turkey pepperoni is not the same as red meat.

Is Pepperoni a Red Meat

How Is Pepperoni Made?

Most sausages follow the same process as the pepperoni-making process. Pork and beef are first put through a meat grinder.

Depending on how finely ground you want the meat to be, the meat is put through the grinder twice.

It is important to have the right fat to meat ratio when making the ground meat mixture. Pork fat is often used if there is more fat needed.

Salt, cure, and spices need to be added for flavor, preservation, and prevention of unwanted bacterial growth.

Lactic acid bacteria are added to kick start the process of preservation. The mixture is allowed to ferment for several days after stuffing it into the casings.

The pepperoni sausages are hung in a dark room for a month or so to dry. They can be smoked for added flavor at this point.


This article should clear things up regarding the types of meat that goes into pepperoni and other ingredients it is made of.

The classic American pizza topping is suited for all types of diets and can be found in many different varieties.

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