Are Coleman Beverage Coolers BPA Free

I must admit that Coleman beverage coolers are pretty cool and hard to resist, they serve well for indoor and outdoor activities. Coleman and beverage jugs also come with some great features like its durable design that resist scratches and fading.

However, this does not change the fact that people often as “are Coleman beverage coolers Bpa Free” it is good to pay attention to food safety and hygiene, I could recommend a good water bottle for you but it is good you find out yourself if Coleman cooler contains polycarbonate or Bpa. Find below BPA safe coolers and beverage jugs.


Below are the 5 best gallon water jug for various occasions;

Best gallon water Jug - coldest water bottle

The Coldest Water Bottle One Gallon – Water Insulated Jug

BPA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle - Bottled Joy for sports and Outdoor activities

Bottled Joy BPA FREE 1 Gallon Water for Camping, Sports and Outdoor Activities

H20 half gallon BPA free water bottle

.H2O Half Gallon Water Bottle BPA FREE Large Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve

Ationgle Gallon Water Cooler and Jug Rack

Ationgle 5 Gallon Water Cooler Jug Rack for 6 Bottles

Motivational BPA free Gallon water Bottle

Motivational Gallon BPA FREE Water Bottle


I will answer this question by referring you to June 17th, 2014, and April 11th, 2015 answered by a Coleman company’s Representative on Amazon.

Since Coleman’s Beverage Coolers are made up of insulation, none of Coleman’s insulated coolers or jugs contain polycarbonate or BPA.

Coleman insulated jugs and coolers are BPA free and safe, acorrding to Coleman.

Although a few of Coleman products contain BPA, none of all of the materials used in Coleman Coolers contain BPA, and Jugs are approved for food contact. So, this being a Coleman Jug, it is BPA free.


As I have carefully answered the question; are Coleman beverage coolers BPA free?, another popular cooler aside Coleman coolers are Igloo coolers. For us to know if Igloo coolers are BPA-free, let’s understand what they are made of.

Igloo Beverage coolers are made of high-density polyethylene on the exterior and polypropylene in the interior.

Polyethylene and Polypropylene plastics don’t use BPA, so we can say that iglooo Beverage Coolers can be considered BPA-free.

Igloo 5 Gallon BPA free Beverage Cooler

A very popular igloo beverage cooler is the Igloo Full-Size Beverage 5-Gallon Seat-Top Cooler and can be used for both hot and cold beverages and stores ice up to 3 days at 90°F.



Firstly, Coleman coolers were originally manufactured in 1954, Coleman coolers are synonymous with outdoor BBQs and patio grill parties.

The Coleman Company was first manufactured within the USA with the initial offering of a galvanized cooler in 1954. The components of the Coleman cooler were made from premium stainless steel.

The advantage of the Coleman cooler having stainless steel was to prevent the screws and hinges from rusting or eroding over time in a saltwater environment and for easy and comfortable transportation.

Three years after 1954, Coleman developed a plastic liner for his galvanized steel coolers, this was the birth of the modern Coleman coolers. Furthermore, Coleman has develped a process to make a plastic liner for coolers and jugs.

The Coleman cooler is also made up of Low CO2 insulation for reduced carbon emissions from foam manufacturing.

Finally, the Coleman Cooler is also made up/ designed with a Thermo zone insulation material that keeps food and beverages fresh and cold. This American made cooler also features a rust-proof, leak-proof drain for easy emptying and cleaning.


If we want to know more about; are Coleman beverage coolers BPA free? we have to also know the meaning of BPA?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles.

When the chemical is in a can or plastic bottle, it can get into the food or drink in the container and move into your body when you swallow it.

People became worried about BPA safety because of animal studies that showed a link between high levels of the chemical and infertility, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and, high blood pressure.

 The FDA says there are a number of recent studies that downplay the risks of BPA to humans. For example, a lot of earlier research was done on the effects of the chemical on mice. But a more recent study concludes that people break down BPA in their bodies faster than mice, so the results from animal research might not be relevant to us.


In recent years many people have become concerned about what they eat and drink particularly what they eat and drink from. People want to know if it is safe to drink from BPA free plastic.

Nalgene BPA free Water Bottle

The answer is YES, it is safe to drink from BPA-free plastic, and I am referring to the Nalgene BPA-free plastic bottle made in the USA. According to the company is leak-proof and build to last, tastes great, and above safe for drinking (Bpa free). 


Still want to play it super safe? There are a few easy steps to take to help you avoid BPA:

Use glass, porcelain, or stainless steel containers, especially for hot food or liquids; Recent research has raised questions about whether BPA-free plastics, which tend to use similar chemicals called BPS and BPF, are really any safer.

Look for recycle codes on the bottom of food containers; Those with a 3 or 7 often (but not always) have BPA in them.

Reduce your use of canned foods; Most have BPA in the lining.

Don’t microwave plastic food containers; Heat can make them break down over time and release BPA.


Yes. Based on the FDA’s ongoing safety review of scientific evidence, the available information continues to support the safety of BPA for the currently approved uses in food containers and packaging.

People are exposed to low levels of BPA because, like many packaging components, very small amounts of BPA may migrate from the food packaging into foods or beverages. Studies pursued by FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) have shown no effects of BPA from low-dose exposure.


Coleman 5 Gallon Beverage cooler

The Coleman water jug 5 gallons can hold eighty 8 oz glasses of water. Perfect size for four persons. The interior is made up of insulation making it hold ice for days.

The secure lid in the Coleman water 5-gallon jug keeps the cold longer, it is easy to clean, drip-resistant, removable, and dishwasher safe. Easy-use faucet lets you conveniently fill your drink.

The Coleman 5-Gallon Beverage Cooler is perfect for sports events, family gatherings, parties, and BBQs and the Beverage Cooler has two side handles for easy lifting and carrying.


Coleman 2 gallons beverage cooler

The Coleman water jug 2 gallons can hold up to 2 gallons of water or other beverages. It is designed with a built-in faucet and wide-mouth top for fast, easy filling.

The Coleman water jug 2 Gallon is Made in the USA and the screw-top lid stays securely closed when not in use.


Are coleman beverage coolers BPA free?- Coleman half(1/2) gallon jug

This is a great water jug that is straight forward. Perfect for fotball season and can keep water cold for up to an hour or two hours.

This Coleman water jug ½ gallon doesn’t leak, and it’s easy to drink from. The Coleman water Jug ½ gallon is perfect for traveling, easy to clean, Lightweight, durable, and sturdy.


Rtic One Gallon Jug

A very good example of the 1-gallon water cooler jug is THE RTIC ONE GALLON VACUUM INSULATED JUG, BLACK.

The Rtic one gallon water cooler jug is designed to keep beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot for 6 hours. The Vacuum insulation keeps liquids and beverages fresh.

The 1 Gallon water cooler jug is constructed with premium grade 18/8 stainless steel that’s non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.

The extra wide opening for easy filling, drinking and cleaning. The Built-in steel handle makes the RTIC Jug easy to carry.

The RTIC 1 gallon Jug is perfect for everyday use and for travel. I would definitely recommend this. Especially for the price compared to a yeti, you just can’t beat it. The quality of RTIC is fantastic, comparable to YETI!

Finally, the drinking spout is also really convenient and seems to be really well made. Highly recommend this for anyone that needs a quality jug.



Igloo half (1/2) beverage sport cooler

Generally, Igloo doesn’t recommend you insert their coolers or cooler bags into the dishwasher machine. The dishwasher machine will ruin the coolers.

We recommend handwash of Igloo coolers for durability. The Igloo ½ gallon water jug is fully insulated, keeping contents cold.

It also has an Easy-grip lid designed for effortless opening & closing. The wide mouth opening is for easy filling & cleaning. The Swing-up handle for carrying & pouring of water.

Igloo insulated half(1/2) gallon jug

The igloo ½ gallon water jug has a Cool Riser Technology that improves cooling performance by minimizing surface contact and allowing under cooler airflow. Fully insulated, keeping contents cold for extended time periods.


Are Coleman beverage coolers BPA free? This is one big question in the heart of those who have decided to purchase Coleman beverage cooler or insulated water jug.

best insulated water jug - Thermoflask insulated water bottle

 An insulated water jug helps you stay refreshed and hydrated for an active lifestyle. Soups and other hot liquids stay heated for hours while cold beverages keep cool throughout the day. The best-insulated water jug is THERMO FLASK DOUBLE STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED WATER BOTTLE.

This ThermoFlask keeps beverages ice-cold for 24hours and hot for up to 12 hours with double-wall and vacuum insulation.

It’s BPA free, won’t transfer flavours, sweat and won’t rust.

The water bottle comes with two lids; an innovative leak-proof chug lid and a newly improved straw lid that has been enhanced for better flow

This insulated water bottle is a convenient size that fits in most cup holders, backpack pockets, and in your hand when adventure calls.


Most people are concerned about their health so whenever they go online to purchase a cooler like the Coleman cooler, they always ask this question. Are Coleman beverage coolers BPA free? It’s important you do your findings before purchasing any cooler. Doing your findings will guide and help you choose the right cooler that is BPA free.

Thermos sideline water jug cooler

Like we always say, water is life. Water keeps you hydrated therefore it’s important to have a water jug like THERMOS SIDELINE 64 OUNCE WATER JUG (CHARCOAL) by your side. Keeping it by your side will serve as a reminder for you to always take water because drinking water helps to replenish fluids lost throughout the day.


BPA free and the double wall foam insulated bottle maximizes cold temperature retention

It will keep your chilled beverage or water cold for up to 12 hours.

The bottle features a push button lid with a locking latch for secure transport.

Once the push bottle is engaged, the lid pops open to reveal a hygienic hard spout.


With Coleman as my heading, I already know the question on your mind. Are Coleman beverage coolers BPA free? None of Coleman’s insulated coolers or jugs contain BPA.

Coleman Jug 1 Gallon Insulated Cooler

With that been said, let’s take a look at a good example of the Coleman 1-gallon jug. COLEMAN JUG 1-GALLON INSULATED JUG is great for sporting events, tailgating, picnics, BBQs, and more. It’s an excellent jug because:

It features a flip-top spout for easy, no -leak slipping and pouring.

The jug’s wide-mouth, twist-on cap makes it convenient to fill and clean.

The sturdy bail handle allows for comfortable carrying.

Keeps water cool all day.


BPA free coolers are becoming more popular because everyone wants to live a healthy life. I recently purchase Coleman beverage cooler for my son for football. He was so excited so he decided to take to school the next day.

When he came home, he said ‘’Mum, are Coleman beverage coolers BPA free’’? I was surprised and excited that my son wants to live healthy. So I took my time and answered his question.

The ½ gallon thermos is a fully insulated water and beverage cooler which keeps water and beverages cold throughout your workout, game or event.

Half (1/2) gallon Igloo Insulated Sport Jug

An example is IGLOO PERFORMANCE ½ GALLON INSULATED SPORTS JUG. It’s a great jug because:

It has a flip cap which works much better with no licks.

Cleans up easily in the dishwasher.

Comfort grip handle with non-slip texture for ease of transport.

Sturdy swing-up handle for easy carrying.

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