Are Paper Towels Food Safe

Paper towels are very useful in our homes; People love to use them because they are easily disposed of after use. I do not know of an alternative that could be easily disposed of like paper towels. To answer your question are paper towels food safe, you would want to know of its process of manufacturing.

Most Paper towels contain harmful chemicals used in manufacturing (Chlorine and Formaldehyde.) which is harmful to the body. However, it is food grade. And in recent times Manufacturers now have the modern bleaching technique which makes paper towels food safe.

When getting a safety towel, pay attention to the manufacturer’s description to see if it is chlorine safe. To know more about the food-safe paper towel continue reading below.


Manufactures do not list all ingredients used in making Paper towels. However, the answer is yes, Most Paper towels have harmful chemicals in them. The good news is that there are companies that uses non-toxic ingredient in their manufacturing process. You should totally avoid paper towels with toxic ingredient like dyes, bleach. When you look out for this thing then you can be sure that your paper towel is safe for use.


We are still discussing on “are paper towels food safe”? A friend of mine visited and saw me using paper towels to dry my dishes. She stood and stared at me for some seconds and then asked “is it safe to dry dishes with paper towels?

I smiled at her and said “Yes”, it is safe”. Some People believe in air drying their dishes. It’s okay if you want to air-dry your dishes but studies have shown that dishes stored away while wet can become contaminated with bacteria.

Kitchen and Household Cleaning Towel

I want my family and me to live healthily that’s why I use paper towels to do my dishes. This is my routine. After washing, I dry my dishes with my kitchen towel, then I use paper towels and still allow it to air dry.

Bounty Paper towels

It is very safe to use paper towels to dry dishes. Just make sure the paper towel you are about to use has not been used to clean other surfaces.

Kindly use a New Paper towel whenever you want to dry your dishes. Another excellent feature of paper towel is that it’s neatly wrapped in Plastic. Whenever you are buying paper towels either online or in stores, paper towels are never seen open.

Paper towels are always wrapped. The wrap won’t allow dirt or dust to rest directly on the paper towel. The wrap protects the paper towel.


Kirkland paper towels ingredients are recycled paper and chips of wood. The size, quality and toughness of these towels are great. The rolls are big.

Kirkland Premium Paper Towels

Kirkland Paper towels can last for some weeks so you don’t need to always go to the store to buy. You won’t want to go back to other papers after using Kirkland paper towels.

This Perforated paper towel can be used to wipe hands, clean dishes, clean surfaces and you can place them as mats on the table. It’s durable, soft, safe with maximum absorbency.


Consumers and customers all around the world want their paper towels looking very bright and white. However, they fail to ask how paper towels are produced?

It’s a known fact that paper towels are made with wood-based pulp which is brown in its natural state. But, in order to get the desired whiteness, the paper towel finished product is achieved by going through a bleaching process.

The truth remains that since trees are composed of cellulose, sugar and Lignum, the purpose of the bleaching process helps to separate the wood fiber from the Lignum, this finally results to a strong, absorbent and sustainable paper towel.

The Bleaching process further brightens the fiber that gives the white appearance which the customer appreciates, secondly, the bleaching process softens the fiber of the paper towel material causing it to be comfortable on our skin.

Moreover, there is a Modern Bleaching technique which is Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching (ECF) which means chlorine dioxide bleaching adopted by the United nations Environmental program, European Commission and International Court of Justice.

This new bleaching technique and agent eliminates the formation of persistent, bio accumulative toxic substances. This feature makes paper towels safe, environmental and economic beneficial to man.

Finally, since Manufacturers pay attention to this strict policy, customers and consumers can buy paper towels with confidence and be sure of personal and environmental hygiene.


Yes, Paper towels are food safe because they are manufactured under the strict adherence to the Manufacturing Global Practice of Environmental and personal Hygiene Protocol adopted by European Commission (EU) and United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

The New Technique called Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching (ECF) Process employed during the Manufacturing of Paper towels make paper towels safe for humans and for cleaning purposes.

An excellent example of the Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching Paper Towel is the Kleenex Multifold Paper Towels. Does this answer the question “are paper towels food safe”?


We always recommend in general that you keep the bags of paper towels away from babies and Children. Apart from Bounty Paper towels, every other brand of paper towels will likely cause fire when used improperly in hot conventional ovens or microwave.

We always advice that you dont leave any wrinkled, irregular fold or bent out of shape paper towel in the oven becasue they can easily ignite and start a fire.

Never dry paper towels or dry flowers and herbs in a microwave oven or conventional oven.

Incase of fire, kindly put off the Microwave, call for help and use a fire Extinguisher. Always remeber that paper towels are made from wood so this makes them inflammable.

Regarding Microwave oven and Paper towels, we also advice you don’t use recycled paper, towels, napkins and waxed paper because they might contain metal flecks which may cause arcing or ignite.

Paper towels that contain nylon or nylon filaments should not be used together with the Microwave machine. Paper towels manufactured with plastic aren’t microwave safe, they are harmful. 

Generally, we advise you don’t use paper towels inside the Microwave, instead, you can use this Microwave safe cookware


We are still discussing on “are paper towels food safe?”. Let’s look closely at what are non-toxic paper towels; they are environmentally friendly, hygienic and natural paper towels that are safe for use for humans and the environment.

Non-toxic paper towels should meet the EPA Standard, FSC, Eco-friendly Certified and ECF (Elemental Chlorine free bleaching Process).

In addition, food safe towels should be strong, absorbent and versatile use in houses, churches and offices.

A very good example of the Non-toxic paper towel is the Kleenex Multi-fold Paper Towel.

The Kleenex Paper towel has an antibacterial coating that protects you making it healthy and hygiene’s food-safe paper towel.

In case you are looking for a perfect replacement for paper towels, I suggest you try the Organic Bamboo Paper Towel.

Are Paper towels food safe - seventh generation paper towels

This Organic Bamboo Towels is soft, reusable, Eco-friendly, sturdy and super absorbent napkins for all your kitchen needs.

Furthermore, this food-safe paper towel is excellent for cleaning, comfortable on the skin, and safe for use. Save your money and get this awesome eco-friendly kitchen safe towel.

This Organic Bamboo towel has a quick-dry tendency and long-term reusability. The Bamboo used to create the microfiber is taken from 100% cultivated crop making them food safe towels.

Another food-safe paper towel is the Seventh Generation Absorbent 100% Unbleached Recycled Paper towel that is a non-toxic paper towel.

This non-toxic Seventh Generation Paper Towel is a food safe towel as it is designed without the addition of Chlorine, dyes, inks or fragrance. The Seventh-Generation paper towel is strong, absorbent and absorbs spills quickly.

Furthermore, these Seventh-Generation white paper towels are made of 100% recycled paper with 50% minimum post-consumer recycled content. Recycled paper towels save energy, water, and trees and are 100% compostable.


Microfiber kitchen cleaning cloth

Paper towels are made with trees while ordinary towels are made from cotton plants. Paper towels are mostly used once, while you wash cloth towels and use them again and again until they wear out, then you use them as cleaning rags.

Trees take years to grow while cotton crops yield yearly. Towels are more money-saving in the long run.


I will answer this in two parts; first we have the Bleached and the Unbleached Pape towel. The Unbleached paper towels is better for the environment, saves toxins from the environment.

Secondly, the Unbleached paper towels are a little expensive compared to the bleached paper towels. A very good example of a good unbleached paper towel is the Seventh Generation Paper towel.

Here is the second part; we have the Multi-fold paper towel, C-fold Paper towel, Continuous roll, and Perforated Roll paper towel.

Scott Multifold Paper towel
Multi-fold Paper Towel

Multi-fold Paper Towels; The Multi-fold paper towels are a heavy use for high traffic areas like offices, bathrooms, schools, and businesses. They can be used together with a dispenser. The folding design makes it easy to be pulled out.

C-fold Paper Towels; The C-fold paper towels are designed to be used also in high traffic areas and meant to be used with a dispenser.

C-fold Paper Towel
C-Fold Paper Towel

Perforated Rolls; The Perforated paper towels rolls do not need a dispenser or hard edge as they are pre-perforated which allows them to tear off in various discreet sizes. They are the most popular towels for home and general kitchen use.

Perforated Paper Towel
Perforated Paper Towel

Continuous Roll; The Continuous Roll Paper towels are good for busy bathrooms, businesses, or industrial applications. They can be used with dispensers as well, designed with a hard edge that allows you to pull an unrolled portion of the towel out in order to easily tear it off. In conclusion, I hope I have answered the question “are paper towels food safe”?

Continuous Roll Paper Towels
Continuous Roll Paper Towels


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