Best Paper Towels for the Money

In this article, I am going to list the best paper towels for the money putting into consideration the strongest, best paper towels without lint, recyclable, and paper towels that can be used as toilet paper.

The Paper towels are household material that has come a long way from the first time it was introduced to help prevent the spread of colds from cloth towels in restrooms in the 1970s, today it has evolved into a necessary multi-purpose material in our homes, cars, offices, etc.


  • Paper Towels are used in the cleaning of cast iron, you can easily wipe your pan to remove oil and food.
  • Wipe grease and gunk absorber.
  • It can keep your green and herbs fresh, they maintain a comfortable humidity level.
  • It can also act as an emergency coffee filter
  • Finally, it can remove crayon marks and other wax.



Papar towels have become a necessity nowadays. They serve different purposes and have various attributes making them unique in meeting our needs always. We have 4 types of paper towels namely; Pull roll, Multi-roll, S- fold and C-fold.

Some paper towels are more stronger and absorbent than others. A strong and absorbent paper towel that possesses qualities like; strength, durability, absorbency, usability, can repeatedly scrub a stain, useful for spills, hands, face, parts, tools, and equipment is the Brawny Brand of paper towel.

Brawny Professional affordable strong and absorbent best paper towels for the money

The Brawny paper towel is one of the best paper towels for the money. It is sustainable, have low-lint, soft and wipe-dry. It is a perfect match for quick clean of light oils and solvents, glass cleaning and small spills.

Another affordable paper towel that will match your budget is the Brawny Tear-A-Square Towel. What makes this Paper Towel the best paper towel for the money is because of the various options of sheets you have to use.

Brawny tear -A-square Paper towel, strong and absorbent for the money

The Brawny Tear -A-Square paper towel has 3 sheets; full sheet for large tasks like cleaning windows, big spills pr soaking up water. The half sheet is for everyday tasks. The quarter sheet is for smaller spills, snacks or during meals.

We highly recommend these paaper towels because they are strong, absorbent and durable, thy are also useful in cleaning kitchen counters, tough messes and bathrooms.

Save your money today by purchasing the Brawny Tear-A- Square paper towel because of its ability to save your paper towel usage.


Majority of paper towels are deisgned to be used once, they are made up of a plant material called cellulose which includes wood, cotton and other plants. These cellulose has the capacity to attract spills and water.

Hence they are soft used for drying hands, cleaning objects and absorbing Liquids. We have various brands of paper towels that are thick, soft and absorbent. Some of the best brands are listed below;

  • Georgia Paper Towel Brand
  • Best Kirkland Paper Towels for the Money
  • Best Viva Paper Towels for the Money
  • Sparkle Paper Towel
  • Bamboo Reusable Paper Towel
  • Bounty Paper towel that has the ability to absorb 2.5tsp of water which is 4 times more than orther paper towel brands.

Lets dive a little deeper into other “value for money paper towels” that will meet your cleaning and kitchen needs;


Kimberly Professional C-fold absorbent paper towel

The Kimberly paper towel is very absorbent and well worth the price. Do you own a restaurant? If yes, you could use them in the restroom. They are better than any other paper towel that I have found and they look classy. One towel is enough to completely dry your hands and they are soft.

The C- fold design is made especially for smart stacking and unfolding, and the built-in Absorbency Pockets (to soak up a lot of water fast) mean that one of the c-fold towels can typically get a drying job done.

This C-Fold Paper Towels are designed for single use general purpose cleaning and drying; the single ply design helps reduce waste. The built in, premium Absorbency Pockets mean that the commercial towels soak up water fast, so they get the drying job done right.


Georgia Pacific Brand of Paper Towel

Thick, absorbent 1-Ply embossed design is ideal for image-conscious office buildings, restaurants, lodging accommodations, and healthcare facilities.

This Georgia paper towel is one of the best brand of paper towel that we highly recommend that is worth your money because it works in most multifold, tri fold or combo-folded towel dispensers.

Meets the requirement of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative chain of custody standard: 100% SFI Certified Sourcing.

You can completely dry your hands with 1 of these towels because they are super absorbent. They open up to a nice big size if needed. You can’t go wrong with these for use in the kitchen, or to clean with or even in the garage. Even when wet they are sturdy and don’t rip easily.

They fit nicely and work with the dispensers and absorb water so you don’t have to use an excess amount. Perfect to keep germs down and guests love them!

They dry hands perfectly! They are large enough and quite absorbent!  A must-have during these times!! They are absorbent without breaking my budget.


Bounty best affordable paper towel for the money

Another budget friendly paper towel brand that is worth your money is the Bounty A-size paper towel that take care of your messes at home and in the kitchen. It is 2 times more absorbent and strong when wet so the job gets done quickly.

It has 12 Jumbo Rolls which equals to 26 Regular Rolls. You won’t be dissapointed with this brand of paper towel.


Kleenex Premiere folded Paper

Thinking of first class paper towels for your business? This top paper towel is of good value, budget friendly and meets your various needs like it fits in most universal folded towel dispenser, high quality, absorbent and multi-use.

It’s additional feature of having a patented fold that creates 2-ply thickness and eliminates tear and tabbing makes it one of the best paper towels for the money saving your guest and employees wasteage.

This product was made from wood that came from a certified managed forest. These white paper disposable hand towels feature exclusive absorbency pockets for better absorbency.

The Kleenex Brand guarantees these multifold paper towels will be cost-neutral (vs. C-Fold towels) as they are smartly designed paper towels.


We all know what paper towels are, they are made from paper and they are used in the kitchen, toilet, bedroom, sitting room e.t.c.

People want to know if paper towel is recyclable because recycling helps in balancing and sustaining the environment. It helps you save natural resources, energy and even money.

That’s what reduce, reuse and recycle does. Research shows that paper towels can’t be recycled because they are made with high percentage of recycled paper. Because of the short fibers in paper towels, it will be difficult to be woven into new products like other paper products.

You can get top paper towels that gives you good value for money on AMAZON.


Paper towel and hand towel have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer hand towels because it can be used for months or even years before it gets old. Hand towels can be washed , dried, ironed and kept in the kitchen drawer. They are also reusable.

Paper towels on the other hand are not really reusable. Even if you decide to rinse and keep it for reuse, you can’t use it more than twice.

Hand towels are cheaper than paper towels. So if you are a lover of paper towels, be ready to spend but I have carefully researched the best paper towels for the money within your budget as seen above.

However, if you want to save money, then invest in a pair of good hand towels. Paper towels are perfect for cleaning up bacteria-laden messes.

Perfect for cleaning feces, vomit, or urine. It is convenient because it gets thrown in the trash after use.


Which Brand of Paper Towels is the Strongest?

The Strongest brand of Paper towel is the Brawny D400 Disposable Cleaning Towel by GP PRO. It is designed with Double Recrepe (DRC) technology that provides strength with superior softness and absorbency. This is a great thick paper towel perfect for various cleaning like shops and even for painters.

Why is Bounty the Best Paper Towels?

Bounty brand is the best paper towel because it can easily soak up your mess real fast. The quality of the absorbent is very high.

Bounty paper towels can be used for a variety of cleaning like home cleaning, commercial, carpet, window, floor, janitorial and industrial cleaning. Bounty rolls are very strong, tough and like cotton cloth, commonly called the “quick picker”, they are affordable making them good value for money.

What is the Healthiest Toilet Paper?

The Healthiest Toilet Paper is the Cottonelle Ultra Clearance soft Toilet paper.
The Cottonelle Toilet Paper is 3 times stronger, 3 times thicker, and 2 times more absorbent than other toilet brands. Cottonelle healthy toilet paper is clog safe, sewer safe, septic safe as it is designed with plant-based fibers.

The Safe Cottonelle toilet paper doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, dyes, hypoallergenic and they are also Paraben-free. It is the best toilet paper in the market, soft, strong, gently clean, and a great product for the butt. Finally, they are biodegradable making them healthy to man and environmentally friendly.

What are the Best Paper Towels for the Money?

The Best Paper Towel for the money is the Brawny Tear -A-Square Paper Towel. It is the best Paper towel because it is made from Premium White Paper Towel. Brawny Paper Towels are strong, absorbent, and durable.

They are perfect for both a tough mess and small everyday cleanups. Another reason they are regarded as the best paper towel is that it has 3 different sheets sizes all in the same roll, saving you money. Every sheet has the same strength and ability as the whole. They are affordable and will meet your budget.

How much should you pay for Paper Towels?

A Premium quality Paper towel should start from $18 to $100. However, it all depends on what your cleaning needs are, size, and frequency of cleaning.

For example, the Georgia Pacific paper towel starts from $23, Pacific Blue Paper Towel is $26, Amazon Basic Paper Towel ranges from $36 to $59, Kleenex Paper towel ranges from $16, $22, $61, Scott Essential Paper Towel is $39, Kimberly Clark Paper Towel is $71, Sparkle Paper Towel is $52, Brawny Paper Towel is $23, Tork Premium Xpress is $38 and Reusable Bamboo starts from $24.


Lint is composed of tiny bits of fabris fibers that are shed from the edges of our garments. Fabrics that are made up of natural fibers like cotton and wool generate moe lint than others.

The towels or fabric become thin over time with the presence of heavy lint. We have 3 different types of lint that exist, they are dryer lint, navel and Pocket lint.

Most times, when you use paper towels to clean your hands, wipe your face or other surfaces, it leaves residues of “little white substances “ giving you stress. However, it is good to mention here that most lint free materials exist in hand towels and wipes category.

They are useful for cleaning faces, nails, and other sensitive parts of the body, an example is the best paper towel affordable Aturmon Facial Cleansing Tissue, Organic Cotton Tissue, Suit for Adult & Baby’s Skin Care, Made of 100% Natural Cotton, lint-free.

Other forms of lint-free material are the Kimberly Clark wipes that won’t scratch delicate surfaces and they wipe surfaces clean without leaving residue.

These Single-ply Kimwipes EX-L wipes are made of finely textured tissue.  The Wipes are dispensed individually to reduce waste while minimizing lint, static buildup, and contamination. Low-lint critical task wipes are absorbent, soft, and nonabrasive.

Lastly, lint-free wipes or materials are great for cleaning of glasses, a very good example is the CRL Lint-free glass wipes.  This lint free product has an absorbing power you need in a lighter weight material that’s reinforced with a nylon scrim for extra strength.

Finally, CRL Lint-Free Glass Wipes have no adhesives or binders so they leave nothing behind except clean, lint-free surfaces. Besides glass, they are ideal for your most demanding shop clean up tasks.



People always want to know if they can flush paper towels down the toilet after use or if they run out of toilet papers. It is not advisable to flush paper towels becasue they are not biodegradable.

Paper Towels are not designed to brake down when it comes in to contact with water and therefore will help clog the drainage systems causing expensive home plumbing problems and you will exert pressure on the sewage if you do so.

Wet baby wipes tend to be more of a “woven” fiber and really don’t break down before getting coated in “gunk” and basically plaster themselves to the walls of the pipework.

Don’t buy Cheap waxy feeling store brand paper towels because they eventually plug things up and require a drain auger/snake to remove. Same goes for those blue shop type paper towels.

Wipes, napkins, hand towels, and rags are not alternatives either and shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet because of their nature and composition. We highly recommend you stick with toilet papers; they are safe and healthy for your bum.

Finally, after the use of the paper towel, kindly dispose of in the trash. Toilet paper is moderately soft, mainly used when going to the toilet. Qualified toilet paper does not cause harm to the human body.

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