Best Cutting Board for Japanese Knives

There are numerous kitchen and household equipment or tools that are seen in every home. Part of this Kitchen item is the cutting board and Kitchen knife. They come in handy daily.

This article is about the best cutting board for Japanese knives as not every chopping board might be suitable for every kind of Knife.

A cutting board is also known as a chopping board that is used for cutting and preparing food.  The Kitchen cutting boards are mainly made up of wood, plastic, glass, marble, and leather.

As they exist serrated knives, fillet knives for fish, paring knives, boning knives, mincing knives, etc.

Don’t damage your kitchen knives, keep them safe, sharp, and durable. Rightly use the recommended cutting boards for your knives today!


best cutting board for Japanese knives

There is hardly any home without a cutting or chopping board because we all need food and everyone is involved with cooking daily or weekly depending on your schedule and budget.

However, we have to note here that Japanese knives are known for durability, sharpness and extreme toughness.  Most Japanese knives are thinner, harder steel that keep their edge for longer and make up an excellent attribute for a perfect kitchen knife.

It is a well-known fact that Japanese are famous for making the very best chisels, wood planes, saws, swords and knives throughout the ages.

Below are the 10 best cutting board for Japanese knives and reviews;

1) Hinoki Cutting Board for Japanese Steel knives

2) Japanese Style Soft Rubber Cutting Board

3) Hinoki one Piece Cutting Board for Japanese knives

4) Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Japanese Natural Wooden Cutting Board for Japanese knives

5) Best Hinoki wood cutting board for Japanese Knives  


Hinoki cutting board for Japanese Knife

The Hinoki cutting board for Japanese knives is one of the most popular cutting boards available on the market. It is made in Korea, very hygienic and clean.

The Shape is mostly rectangular and made up of very hardwood that is durable and can withstand sharp Japanese knives.

The Hinoki cutting board comes in various names and designs.

They include;

The Yoshihiro Hinoki cutting board,

Koradition natural cutting board for Japanese knife,

Miyabi hinoki cutting board and the

Single piece hinoki cutting board, which are reviewed later in this article.

The Hinoki cutting board above is one of the best cutting board for Japanese knives as it is made up of Natural one-piece Hinoki Cypress wood. The Hinoki best cutting board isn’t glued it is a one-piece sanded Hinoki wood specially designed for Japanese Knives.

The Hinoki cutting board is very light and a pleasure to cut on. If you have a Japanese Knife, I recommend you get this best cutting board for Japanese knives as they keep your knives very sharp.

Finally, the dimension of the Hinoki 2 cutting board is; 15.7 x 7.9 x 1.1 inch and 18.5 x 10.6 x 1.1 inch. These boards are perfect for keeping knives sharp since they are soft and give when you cut on them.


best hinoki cutting board for Japanese shun knife

The Handcrafted Japanese shun classic set and Hinoki cutting board is our overall best cutting board for Japanese knives.

This meticulously Hinoki classic chopping board comes with the classical 5.5 inch Santoku Knife that is perfect for all your kitchen and cooking needs. Both the classic Japanese knife and cutting board is ideal for preparing vegetables, fruits, herbs and more.

Both items (Japanese Sankotu knife and cutting board are designed with comfort and performance in mind, cleanly cutting even the finest herbs with precision.

As always, the Popular Hinoki Japanese cutting board is known for its beauty and fragrance. This soft cutting board will help preserve the fine edges of your Shun cutlery.

An ideal gift for weddings, special occasions, the Shun herb set, and the best chopping board will be treasured by newlyweds, Moms, dads, chefs, students, hosts, entertainers, cooks, and more.


Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Japanese wooden cutting board for Knives

The Yoshihiro cutting board is an excellent board for use with knives that have hard and brittle edges. Do you really need a board that is compatible with Japanese Knives? Then, I recommend the Yoshihiro cutting boards for Japanese knives.

The Yoshihiro cutting board is simply AMAZING! It is a light cutting and chopping board that is used for maintaining harder steels to avoid chipping. It also has the real smell of the pure Hinoki Cypress cutting board.

The Yoshihiro chopping board is made from Hinoki Cypress Wood specifically designed to minimize stress on your hand and impact on the blade, resulting in better edge retention and a longer lifespan for your knives, making it a good choice as one of the best cutting board for Japanese knives.

The walnut rim provides extra resistance to twisting and warping, and it’s easy to stand design allows for much quicker drying.

Finally, the Yoshihiro cutting board is Anti-Bacterial, has High Durability and is proudly made in Japan.


Kiso Hinoki cutting board for Japanese Knives

The Kiso Hinoki cutting board is a 100% authentic Japanese Cypress cutting board suitable for all Japanese Knives. It is made up of Superior softwood and it’s gentle on the best Japanese premium knives as;

Shun Japanese classic knife

Global Japanese knife

The Kiso Hinoki cutting board is made both for chefs and families. The cutting board is carefully crafted to naturally resist mold and bacteria growth as it is rich in phytoncide compounds.

In addition, the Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) cutting board material is highly recommended by none other than famed blade smith Bob Kramer.

As a softwood, hinoki is much gentler on the knife-edge than a traditional wood board such as maple, cherry, or walnut. This helps to keep the blade edge and requires less knife maintenance over time when using a hinoki cutting board.

For maintenance purposes, we recommend using mineral oil with Hinoki to help preserve the wood and prevent stains and warping. We also suggest you dunk in water prior to use.


Slim and medium affordable Boumbi Hinoki cutting board for Japanese knives

This best slim affordable Hinoki cutting board for Japanese knives is made from the natural forest of Kumamoto in Japan.

This medium sized cutting board for Japanese knife is carefully fried in a vacuum chamber at a low temperature with a high frequency that prevents the wood from potential split and losing inherent properties such as strength or aroma.

Furthermore, the Boumbi hinoki best affordable cutting board for Japanese knives is made from joined pieces to avoid splitting and deformation.

The Soft grain of Hinoki wood makes cutting that won’t dull your knives, and you can handle it easily because it is very slim and lightweight.

The slim affordable Boumbi Hinoki cutting board will bring cleanness and comfort to your kitchen. Do you eagerly need precise cutting? Then this cutting board is highly recommended.

Finally, this affordable Boumbi Hinoki chopping board can’t be contaminated by other food for several months.  I recommend this product for the professional chefs, perfect for shift home and office.


Miyabi Hinoki cutting board for Japanese Knives

The Miyabi brand is highly valued in Japanese culture because of its elegance, purity, and grace. This Japanese wooden cutting board can cut meat, vegetables, and other foods in style like slicing your meat into small bits before pouring it into the pureeing meat blender.

As stated above, Hinoki Cypress Japanese wooden cutting board is silky-smooth, lightweight, resilient, and durable. The Miyabi Hinoki Japanese cutting board ensures that your Miyabi Knives stay sharp always.

All MIYABI Japanese chopping or cutting boards are made from a single piece of wood from the periphery of the trunk – no glue is used.

This Hinoki wood is incredibly easy to lift, one side is completely flat and the other side has a little channel round the edge for catching meat juices.


Japanese professional Rubber cutting board

Cutting boards do not only exist in wood or bamboo. Cutting boards also exist in rubber. Rubber Japanese cutting boards can significantly reduce knife and board maintenance while being easy to clean.

The Japanese rubber cutting board is made up of synthetic material that provides a firm cutting surface that heavily resists knife cuts, scars, odors and water. Generally, the Japanese rubber cutting board has a damage proof surface.

Do you own a Premium knife, German knife or Japanese knife? If yes, get this best soft rubber cutting board for your Knives.

Japanese rubber cutting board is food safe, requires only soap and hot water for fast cleaning. These rubber chopping boards are made from nitrile butadiene rubber, a synthesized compound that provides excellent wear and scratch resistance to ensure a super long life to the cutting board.

Rubber cutting boards are considered a high quality surface by Professional or home chefs due to the softness of the rubber material and it has an extremely low wear on Knives.

This is the best small Japanese rubber cutting board and it is widely used by professional chefs to ensure a finely honed edge. Perform all standard kitchen tasks from prepping vegetables to cutting meats with this Premium Japanese rubber cutting board for Japanese Knives.


Gingko wood chopping Board for Japanese knives

We can’t talk about the 10 best cutting board for Japanese Knives without mentioning the Gingko cutting board. Gingko cutting board has very good toughness, no warping, no cracking, no deformation, slight maintenance, and has the same quality in 30 years.

The Gingko Peeled natural cutting board has a contour pier that does not hurt the knife and it is easy to clean. The Gingko cutting board does not absorb water and has strong resistance.


Hasegawa cutting board

The Hasegawa cutting board is a Polyethylene Cutting Board and also called “karugaru”. The country of Origin is Japan. It comes in wood core construction and plastic cutting board. Generally, the Hasegawa cutting board is very light.


Aomori Hiba Cutting Board

The Aomori Hiba wood cutting board is a perfect chopping board that is carefully designed under strict food standards.

They are safe from glue, of compact size and easy to use for cutting food items. Here is the dimension of the Aomori Hiba Cutting board; Length 240 x Width 350 x Thickness 25(mm).


As I stated above, there are various brands of Japanese Premium knives. One of these carefully designed brands is the Wusthof Knife. Most Japanese Knives do come with a knife block set. Here is the best knife block set under $500.

Wusthof knives cutting boards are deal for chopping, dicing, mincing, peeling and slicing fruits, meats and vegetables.

Wusthof classis high steel knife with cutting board

The Wusthof knives cutting board are proudly stamped with the Wusthof Logo. It also has a Full tang, Bolster/finger guard, and Triple riveted ergonomic handle.

The Edge Technology of the Wusthof Knife makes each side sharper by 14 degrees, doubling sharpness retention and the Sharp pointed paring tip blade makes it easy to peel and slice fruits and vegetables.

The best cutting board for Wusthof Classic knives includes;

High Carbon Steel Hollow Edge 7 Inch Santoku Knife with Wusthof Bar Board

Wusthof Classic 5″ Hollow Edge Santoku Knife with Cutting Board

Wusthof Classic High Carbon Steel 6 Inch Cook’s and 3.5 Inch Paring Knife Set with Wusthof Bar Board

Wusthof Classic High Carbon Steel 8 Inch Cook’s Knife with Free Wusthof Bar Board


One of the most popular questions being asked on Reedit is which cutting board is the best cutting board for Japanese knives? As stated above, the best cutting board for Japanese Knives is the Hinoki Cutting Board that comes with the classical 5.5-inch Santoku Knife.


I have carefully selected the best cutting boards available on the market to enable you easily make an informed decision on the best chopping board to purchase.

The cutting boards highlighted in this article ranges from $200 to $25. Depending on your budget and kitchen needs, there is a perfect cutting board that will gladly fit your bills.

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