Where to Put a Microwave in a Kitchen?

Many of us might have a microwave oven at home, but it may not be in the most ideal place.

Microwaves are useful for heating up food quickly and easily, but they can also be extremely loud.

For example, you could consider installing a microwave on the other side of your kitchen island, or above your kitchen cabinets.

Why You Need a Microwave Oven in The Kitchen?

A microwave oven is a vitally important appliance in any kitchen because it can speed up the cooking process by heating up food quickly.

Not only can microwaves be used to cook food, but they can also be used to defrost and reheat food.

Some people also use microwaves to heat up water or milk for tea or coffee. Many people would rather have one or more microwaves in the kitchen for convenience.

Where to Put a Microwave in a Kitchen?

Certainly, an important factor to think about and take into consideration, but not the only one that could affect your decision.

To be able to clearly understand why you want or should have microwave ovens in certain locations over others requires taking these factors into account properly:

Cooking Appliances: Having appliances closest together might help you cook more frequently when each has different cooking features that work together well with one another such as bakeware and ovens, or blenders with griddles.

Having them farther away may help you cook when your food is done. 

So that it can be taken out sooner such as having a grill right next to the microwave in the kitchen island area since many take over an hour to finish cooking foods on some kinds of the grill but not others depending on what type of basting or liquid adds flavor directly onto meat and vegetables without being necessary for baking items either. 

Decorating Features: Having the microwave ovens in a corner for example might be good enough to line up your pots and pans giving you more room to display or store dishes, bakeware, and other cooking items on racks.

However, if this is not enough then placing them out of sight at multiple angles from each other may help make more high-quality use of your kitchen area living space with separate spaces that can hold various appliances while still being able to cook the foods for your family. 

Kitchen Island: Having all of the placement options I present above can be hard to obtain, especially if you only have a small kitchen and don’t want to utilize every aspect of it as fully available space without taking up too much unnecessary elbow room. 

In other words, making sure that there are enough unused spaces around everything so they roll around easily while being stored slightly off-center by placing mats or coasters under pots and pans in one area while having the coffee maker and all of its related appliances stand out but still at an angle to be seen. 

The Functionality: One other possible feature may be hiding food, therefore an extra storage area that can showcase all of those wonderful variety recipes you spend so much of your time looking through and planning a meal by. 

Cabinets and Drawers: Which Side Do You Put A Microwave On?

Which way do you put a microwave on your cabinets? It depends on where you put the other appliances in your kitchen.

It is best to face a way that will let you open and close all of your cabinets easily if possible.

You might be able to turn around things better this way but just beware of making loud noises with vibration or watching out for how hot the microwave oven gets when there are other objects nearby.

Kitchen Countertop: Putting A Microwave On The Floor

Do not put a microwave on the countertop because this can prevent you from opening and closing the cabinet easily. If possible, it is best to put microwaves on their side rather than standing them up against your cabinets.

If you have an island in your kitchen with space for only one appliance, then it may be better to put it out of sight behind or above that item instead of not using an appliance at all.

If you do have the option to put it in another location, choose one that is out of sight if possible. 

Another benefit of putting a microwave on an island or other surface is that you may be able to stack some things above your appliances so they don’t interfere with your workspace between counter spaces easier and more easily moveable than being next to each other well.

Wrap Up

To put a microwave in a kitchen, you have to consider the type of kitchen and the size of the microwave. You can also get it installed on your wall or shelf.

Microwaves are not very expensive, so you can choose where to put them in your house according to your convenience. If you want more information about microwaves, check out our blog post on microwaves.

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