Best Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough

I love hand mixers because they are very affordable yet efficient for cookie dough, A hand mixer is one kitchen tool that matches up to its expectations as it is flexible and easy to maintain, easy to clean, and will not take up much kitchen space. However, it has its disadvantages just as every kitchen appliance does.

In this regard, its power speed might not match up to that of a stand mixer but it gets the job done anyway. If you are having a hard time choosing the best hand mixers for cookie dough, here are a few tips to have in mind to get the top hand mixer that will suit your needs.

  1. Should be dishwasher safe
  2. Should be balanced weight
  3. Should be easy to use
  4. Should be detachable for easy cleanup
  5. Should have a good power speed preferably from 200 watts


best hand mixers for cookie dough

Below are the best hand mixers for cookie dough;

Octavo electric hand mixer for cookie dough

Aigostar 6-speed electric hand mixer

Lord eagle power handheld electric mixer for cookie dough

Lovimela 5 speed hand mixer

KitchenAid best hand mixers for cookie dough

Breville hand mixer

Cuisinart hand mixer

Krups electric hand mixer for cookie dough

Braun multi mix hand mixer

Naitesen electric 10-speed handheld mixer for cookie dough


Octavo best electric hand mixer for mixing cookies, whipping, brownies and dough batters
  1. Octavo electric hand mixer is equipped with a 300w motor which is very powerful
  2. Lightweight construct and ergonomic handle designed to provide a sturdy grip.
  3. Most of the attachments store neatly in a plastic storage base, so you won’t lose them to the depths of a drawer.
  4. All 4 accessories, including 2x traditional beaters, 2x dough hooks can meet all kinds of mixing and baking requirements.


Lovimela lightweight affordable hand mixer for whipping, mixing cookies, cakes and dough
  1. The stand it comes with is lovely, nice, and compact.
  2. It’s sturdy and won’t get knocked down easily.
  3. The holders for the beaters and hooks have a ventilation port at the bottom.
  4. The power cord is 3.5 feet long so that gives you plenty of cord to move around with on the countertop.


Aigostar 6 speed best electric hand mixer for cookie dough and baking cake
  1. This mixer is light and easy to hold, the vibration is very little so your hands won’t get tired.
  2. Good heat dissipation system designed for smooth operation and longer life.
  3. Designed with self-stand for storage convenience.
  4. Ergonomic handle and thumb-switch speed controls allow you one-handed operate the electric hand beaters.


Lord Eagle light electric hand mixer for baking cake and cookie dough
  1. This product is lightweight and easy to use.
  2. The attachments are easy to swap out and clean, and the overall design is very ergonomic.
  3. The power is very good. You can lower or turn the power upon the top of the mixer which goes from 0-5.
  4.  This product has 5-speed settings and also comes with an eject function which is quite handy.


5 Speed Ultra Power Electric hand mixer for cookie dough with beaters
  1. This hand mixer is very comfortable and easy to use.
  2. It has a storage base to keep the mixer and beaters in place.
  3. The storage base lets all parts store neatly for not to lose in your kitchen.
  4. Comes with multi-hole heating dissipation to make this hand mixer long-lasting for service life.


KitchenAid best hand mixer for cookie dough 2020

Just like Breville hand mixers, another popular kitchen equipment for baking is the KitchenAid hand mixer.

If you are 60 or 70 years of age and you are looking for a light hand mixer for cookie dough or other baking needs, I will gladly recommend the KitchenAid Hand Mixer.

The KitchenAid hand mixer is our top best hand mixers for cookie dough. You can make up to 200 cookies on a full charge. As the Lithium-Ion Battery can deliver optimal run time and performance.

Furthermore, the KitchenAid hand mixer enables you to cook and bake anywhere, anytime, however, and whatever you choose because of its powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The KitchenAid hand mixer can stand on its own and the 7 speed is perfect for stirring, mixing, whipping your favorite recipe.

Finally, the removable 8″ blending arm with a 4-point stainless steel blade design efficiently blends ingredients for smoothies, milkshakes, soups, hummus and so much more.


Breville hand mix Blender

The Breville brand is a very popular brand when it comes to kitchen and dining utensils, bakeware, and cookware equipment.

They are not left out if you are searching for the best hand mixers for cookie dough. Breville hand mixers has the ability to detect which attachment you are using for your baking, whisking cream or kneading dough and automatically recalibrates to the perfect speed.

The Breville best hand mixer for cookie dough is awesome as you will enjoy the quietness and the lower speeds, which keeps your mix from flying out of the bowl and making a mess.

One excellent feature of the Breville hand mixer is that it can be used by anyone not minding your age because it is light and not heavy, so don’t be scared if you have any arm weakness.

The 9 speeds plus boost to ensure precise speed for your mixing load while the ergonomic handle creates a natural hand position so mixing never feels like a chore.

You can use the Breville hand mixer to make meringue in a very short time using the double whisks. It is easy to operate, just move the wheel forward to increase the speed.

The Breville hand mixer has a pause button too so that you can add more sugar to your egg whites and then just press the pause button again to start at the speed you were at.


Krups electric hand mixer for mixing ingredients for your cake, beating eggs for omelets or whipping up your cream.

The Krups hand mixer has a 10 speed settings, turbo boost for an excellent burst of power for your cookie dough. The Krups hand mixer comes with a stainless steel accessories, 2 silicon coated beaters, 2 dough hooks and a whisk.

You can also easily adjust the speed setting with a simple slide. Keep a track of tour mixing time with the inbuilt count-up timer pause function.

The Krups hand mixer has a quiet operation. Hand wash recommended and has a compact case included for easy storage.

Krups hand mixer makes preparation easy and saves you time in the kitchen. It comes with dough hooks which help you to mix dough without the hassle of hand kneading.


Braun Multimix Hand Mixer
Do you want a hand mixer that has adequate power as well as a controllable slow speed? Then the Braun multimix hand blender is for you. The Braun multimix hand mixer has a 350 Watt motor and a rotating dial to control speed from a slow speed to Turbo.

A safety feature is incorporated so that if mixing blades are not inserted properly, or, not inserted, the on switch will not move to the on position.

Another feature is that the Braun multimix hand mixer can be set aside on its base with the blades in a horizontal position when a brief pause in mixing is required. This is a very nice, German Engineered best hand mixer for cookie dough.

Apart from the controlled speed, another reason you need this mixer is because of the beaters, they are slightly longer than some and they have a guard that keeps food from getting up inside of the mixer.
Most beaters of other hand mixers won't reach the bottom of a peanut butter jar, this can cause a very messy job when you mix it. However, the Braun hand mixer’s beaters and dough hooks reaches the bottom, and the guard keeps the peanut butter out.

Excellent Quiet mixer that actually mixes the dough and does not sling food all over my kitchen. The Braun hand mixer has a completely sealed system, so nothing gets inside the housing, and dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easy.

Attachments for every task multi-whisk, both whisk and beater in one, creates volume for light, airy mixtures.

The sturdy dough hooks are perfect for homemade bread and pizza. Comfortable control and ergonomic, super-soft grip keep you comfortably in control. This Braun HM5100 mixes like nobody’s business and is easy to use, clean up & store.


There are various types of hand mixers and they all have different speed control. We have the 5 speed, 6 speed, 7 speed, and also the 10-speed hand mixers. Below are the two top 10-speed digital hand mixers for cookie dough;     


10 Speed Salton Digital hand Mixer for cookie dough and other baking recipes

The Salton 10 Speed digital hand mixer has a powerful 200 watts motor that can handle a variety of mixes from kneading dough, mixing cookie dough, beat egg whites, and whip cream with ease. Lumps used to fight now disappear easily.

The Salton 10 speed hand mixer has a convenient flat heel to rest the mixer on the counter between mixing tasks. The 10 speed settings also includes chrome beaters and dough hooks.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable handle that enables you reach control to increase and decrease speeds while mixing.

The timer function is nice and it’s one of the few mixers we recommend that won’t get flour all over the place on low.

It stores easily (the cord wraps around it into grooves in the handle) and cleans like a dream unlike my large mixer with its nooks and crannies.


Naitesen Electric 10 speed hand mixer for all baking recipe

The Naitesen 10 Speed hand mixer is a very powerful 600W hand mixer with a turbo that provides an efficient solution to any baking recipe.

The professional motor made of premium pure copper can prolong the service life 1.5 times than ordinary motors. Super powerful, super high efficiency, specially designed for professional cooks, saving mixing time.

The Naitesen electric handheld mixer is one of the best mixers for cookie dough because it comes with storage base for the countertop, 2 dough hooks and 2 beaters place on the base, easy to dry to prevent rust, prolong the working life. Lightweight and ergonomic handle easy to grip.

The food-grade stainless steel hooks and beaters clean easily and proved by SGS. Perfect for kitchen mixing, cooking or baking, easily beat eggs, whip cream, and best hand mixer for mashed potatoes. One Button Eject Design for you to remove the attachments quickly (Adjust the speed to 0 to remove).

The body of the mixer is plastic and metal and light enough so your hand and arm won’t get tired. To get to speeds 6 through 10 you have to slide the Speed Conversion button to the right.

I like that you can wind the power cord around a groove at the bottom of the mixer so it’s out of the way. Another nice feature is the plastic base that can hold the mixer and the beaters.
Overall, this is a great small hand compact powerful mixer we highly recommend!


I am going to highlight two different Cuisinart hand mixers.

9 speed Cuisinart hand mixer for various baking recipe

The first Cuisinart hand mixer is a 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case. It has a 220watts motor.

3 low start speed to prevent ingredients from splattering. This Cuisinart hand mixer includes beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, and spatula.

8 Speed Cuisinart hand mixer with blending attachment

While the second Cuisinart hand mixer is a 250watts, 8 speed setting with blending attachments. It has a smooth start feature and eliminates splattering.

It has an easy to use speed control and beater eject lever. Perfect for right or left-hand use. The beaters are easy to clean as it is designed to prevent ingredients from clogging up the beaters.

The Cuisinart 8 speed, 250 watts hand mixer also Includes balloon whisk, dough hooks and canvas storage pouch.

If you want a top hand mixer for cookie dough and that could do all sorts of mixing jobs then I would recommend the Cuisinart best hand mixers for cookie dough.

The blending attachment is something beyond your expectation and has made the Cuisinart 8 speed mixer stand out. Try out making a chestnut purée using the blending shaft and the texture will be quite satisfactory.

The power of the Cuisinart hand mixer machine is stronger yet the noise is lower compared to other hand mixers. Beware not to overbeat your egg white since it really gets the job done pretty soon.

It is lightweight, powerful, and what a great idea for storing the beaters!! You don’t have to dig for them in my drawer anymore!!!

Making cookie dough with the Cuisinart hand mixer machine is superb. Easily mashed potatoes beat eggs and make whipped cream. It’s GREAT!!!!


Wattage simply means how much power goes into your mixer not how much comes out. A lower wattage mixer often means that the gears inside your hand mixer are of higher quality, so they need LESS wattage to operate.

Professional bakers recommend that the best wattage for hand mixers should be from 200 to 350 watts.  

Let’s also note here that wattage isn’t the best indicator of hand mixer power. Wattage doesn’t take into account energy-efficient motors.’ Different range of wattages all has excellent performances.


Whipping Cream, bread dough, cookie batters. All this can be achieved by an efficient hand mixer. According to these hand mixers are capable of doing the job just like stand mixers would do.

  1. Cuisinart Power Advantage HM-50; This one starts with five speeds and can start slowly without spattering and then rev it up to whipping speed. It is a bit noisy but easy to use and clean.

2. KitchenAid Architect KHM7210 7-Speed; This hand mixer has enough speed power to fold chocolate chips into stiff cookie dough and it good for scrambling eggs.

3. KitchenAid KHM926; This one comes with a dough hook, whish, and liquid blender rods for soups and smoothies. It is flexible to use and less noisy than other hand mixers.

4. KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed KHM512; The wire beaters are easy to clean and it takes a bit longer to whip heavy cream compared to its brand mates.

5. Toastess Delfino DLHM-564; Does well at whipping heavy cream, it a bit harder to clean because of its center post. It comes with a dough hook which is good for bread and comes with a high power 16 speed.



  • As the name suggests, a hand blender is great for blending and puréeing foods. 
  • While hand mixers are meant for other jobs like mixing cake batter or kneading dough.
  • It is your cooking style and recipe that determines which will be suitable for you.


  • Below are the following features you should look out for when choosing a hand mixer;
  • 1)      Comfort and Base of the hand mixer
  • 2)      Speed and Wattage of the Hand mixer
  • 3)      Type of Beater
  • 4)      Locking Powerheads
  • 5)      Stability
  • 6)      The weight of the hand mixer
  • 7)      Price of the hand mixer
  • 8)      Spinning direction of the Beaters


  • It all depends on what you want and your budget. KitchenAid hand mixers and Cuisinart hand mixers are perfect for cookie dough, mashing potatoes, and other baking needs.                             
  • Kindly refer to the explanation above to see the various features of the KitchenAid and Cuisinart hand mixers.


  • The Best Quiet hand mixer is the KitchenAid 7 Speed hand mixer.  The 7 Speed KitchenAid hand mixer can stir, mix, and whip all of your favorite recipes – from slow stir for chunky ingredients, to medium for creaming butter & sugar, and high speed to whip egg whites and heavy creams.
  • The soft-start feature brings the beaters up to the selected speed gradually to help prevent ingredients from splattering.


  • The best budget hand mixer is the KitchenRun Electric 5 speed 250Watts handheld mixer that has an easy reject button, storage case, beaters, and dough hooks.
  • The KitchenRun best budget hand mixer for cookie dough can start at a slow speed and effectively prevents messes and splatters.
  • Perfect and not limited to basic mixing, beating, and creaming, like cookies, whipping cream or egg whites, cake batter, mashed potatoes, pizza dough and etc.
  • Perfect for any work of dough or liquid, egg white beating, or other baking materials. Attachments are dishwasher safe.

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