Foodsaver Bags Max Temperature

We all want to eat healthy and get the best nutrient and flavor from our food. One method of cooking to help us achieve this is sous vide cooking.

Depending on the vacuum sealer bag you decide to use, one very good example of a vacuum sealing bag is the foodsaver vacuum bag. It is essential you know the foodsaver bags max temperature so you don’t ruin your food recipe.

Foodsaver vacuum sealing bags are completely airtight and prevents floating during sous vide cooking. The Multilayer construction of the foodsaver bags resist tearing and punctures while cooking.

Foodsaver vacuum sealer bags are specifically designed to withstand boiling temperatures and are safe to use. BPA free, versatile enough to go straight from the freezer to a hot water bath with no separate defrost required.

They are also a microwave, freezer, and refrigerator safe. Make your food stay fresh 5 times longer than conventional storage methods!


When it comes to sous vide cooking and oven safe vacuum bags, we have to know that not all vacuum seal bags can withstand very high temperatures.

We have numerous vacuum seal bags available today and have various strength and design thickness. There are different types of vacuum seal bags and all operate under different max temperatures.

Nutri-lock vacuum sealer bags work with foodsaver bags and perfect for sous vide

For example we have the Preservation vacuum seal bags and they are mainly used for preserving food. They can withstand temperatures between 55 degrees Celsius – 70 degrees Celsius.

Second on the list is the Vacuum seal cooking bags. Vacuum seal cooking bags are made of different materials. They are perfect for long-term cooking and can withstand temperatures ranging from 70 degrees Celsius – 120 degrees Celsius. Some of these cooking vacuum seal bags can stand up to 225 degrees Celsius.

weston vacuum sealer bags compatible with foodsaver bags and ziploc bags

Finally, we have the retractile vacuum seal bags. The Retractile bags are very good for long term cooking and can withstand temperatures ranging from 70 degrees Celsius to 99 degrees Celsius.

We always recommend when it comes to foodsaver bags max temperature you should pay attention to the maximum temperature these vacuum seal bags can handle apart from the other qualities like thickness and data from the Manufacturer.

Two good examples of foodsaver vacuum sealer bags for sous vide and can withstand circulating water baths that are usually between 131ºF and 185ºF and therefore well under boiling temperatures are ;

Weston 8-by-12-Inch Vacuum-Sealer Food Bags, 100 Count

Nutri-Lock Vacuum Sealer Bags Work with Foodsaver and Perfect for Sous Vide.


foodsaver bags max temperature

Foodsaver recommends that the max temperature for their foodsaver vacuum sealer bags should not be over 170 degrees (76.7 Celsius).

They also recommend that their foodsaver bags can withstand simmering but that is just for thawing out frozen food, not for cooking sous vide. They recommended 160 degrees or less and 10 hours max.

For example, for comfit duck legs sous vide, foodsaver vacuum sealer bags can last up to 75 degree Celsius (167 degree Fahrenheit) for 12 hours. This can be achieved using foodsaver rolls, doing a double seal at each end helps.

ordinary zipper bags vs. foodsaver heat seal bags

It is also worthy to note that most vacuum seal bags for sous vide are made of Polyethylene plastic and these polyethylene plastic will start to soften at about 195 degrees Fahrenheit (90.6 degrees Celsius).

foodsaver table for food preservation and safety

If you put them in boiling water around 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius), they will melt. However, most sous vide cooking temperatures are below 190 degrees Fahrenheit (87.8 degrees Celsius).


According to vacuum-sealed bags have been designed for boiling purposes and its 100% safe. There are reports that thousands of chefs in restaurants have used the method for years. They are phthalate-free are made of only materials approved by the FDA for food storage. Please ensure that the cooking pot is large enough and has plenty of water.


The Oven safe vacuum bags are specially designed for food; they are designed to properly store a different kind of food; one good feature of the vacuum bags is that are taste-neutral.

The oven safe cooking bags are microwave safe and do not stick to food or meat when heated. Heat seal Oven safe bags are made from food-safe high-temperature film and are does well too in freezers.

Finally, the oven safe vacuum bags is tear-resistant, boil proof, and heat resistant. This is why you can comfortably store food without worry.


Here are the 3 best oven safe vacuum seal bags you can trust for your cooking needs. These 3 oven safe vacuum seal bags are all manufactured in the USA. They are all oven safe vac bags;

  1. Cryovac oven ease resealable double zipper gallon freezer bags
  2. Foodsaver bags oven safe
  3. Reynolds kitchens large oven safe vacuum seal bags


Cryovac oven safe vacuum seal and freezer bags

The Cryovac resealable double freezer bags are perfect for keeping your food fresh, clean, and delicious. The Double zipper ensures a tight seal, easy access, and 2.5 mils in thickness.

You can easily write on the Cryovac resealable double zipper freezer bag for easy identification. The Cryovac freezer bags are made in the USA, BPA Free, and its Kosher Certified.

The Cryovac oven safe vacuum seal bags help prevent food waste and freezer burn. These high-quality oven safe vacuum bags are also perfect for snacks and Lunch.


foodsaver oven safe vacuum bags

Foodsaver bags oven safe is perfect for storing raw and cooked food. It is also freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and boil safe.

The foodsaver bags oven safe cooking bags are versatile for kitchen use like; picnic, camping, and picnics; hunting and fishing; pantry storage; storing leftovers; sous vide cooking; and more.

The foodsaver bags oven safe can resist tear and puncture, the durable multilayer material of the foodsaver bags oven safe cooking bag can handle food with exposed bones and shell.

One important fact about the foodsaver bags is that the sealing strip found in FoodSaver vacuum sealers heats to a precise temperature that works specifically with FoodSaver bag material, ensuring you get a secure airtight seal.

It is also a BPA-free multilayer design, constructed of a durable yet pliable material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors.


Reynolds oven safe vacuum seal bags

Reynolds oven safe vacuum seal bags make meals easily. These oven safe vacuum bags maintain natural juices while cooking to help make sure your meats and vegetables stay moist, tender, and delicious.

You can also easily clean up this Reynolds oven safe vacuum seal bag like your favorite baking sheet for vegetable or baking pan. Clean up your roasting bags to prevent stuck-on food.

Furthermore, the Reynolds oven safe vacuum seal bag can heat, keep food safe, and help seal in moisture. They are also BPA free and oven safe. Easily roast a chicken or ham with this oven safe bag.

These oven bags are oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Does not exceed 400 degrees.


Vacuum seal cooking bags come in various sizes and are designed for use in the oven, microwave and grill.

Vacuum seal bags are perfect for freezing and preserving meat, reduces waste, cooking meat, cooking vegetables, herbs and oils with moisture instead of dry heat.

This cooking style mentioned above is made possible by the use of vacuum seal bags. These Vacuum seal cooking bags are made of polyethylene with an outer layer of nylon for additional rigidity and strength.

Example of a good vacuum sealer bag is the Foodsaver bag. Foodsaver bags are BPA free, making your food free from chemicals and can be used in the microwave for preheating and preserving your food.

Vacuum seal cooking bags helps provide optimal heat transfer, Vacuum seal cooking bags are water tight which makes chilling of packaged and cooked food easy. Vacuum seal cooking bags containing liquids can be frozen flat to optimum storage space.

Cooking with a vacuum seal bag helps to preserve the nutrient of the food. The aroma and flavors are also preserved. Reduce the environment for bacteria to thrive by using a vacuum seal cooking bag.

Examples of the best vacuum seal cooking bags are below:


Embossed foodsaver vacuum seal cooking bags

This premium vacuum seal bag is an alternative to the popular foodsaver bag. It is also an affordable vacuum seal cooking bag. Perfect for a variety of foods and household items.

This Embossed vacuum seal cooking bag is made with food safe material, it is BPA free for food storage, freezer, safe for microwave and sous vide vacuum cooking.

This particular vacuum seal cooking bag can work perfectly with all vacuum sealer machines. Easy to use seal bag, eliminates freezer burn and dehydration.

Vacuum sealer machine for foodsaver bags

Finally, this embossed vacuum seal bag has the capacity to remove air which increases the suction for maximum freshness of your food.

We highly recommend this embossed vacuum seal bags today!


BPA free foodsaver vacuum sealer bags

Foodsaver cooking seal bags are known for preserving the freshness of your food for weeks and not days. Foodsaver bags are airtight, durable, and lock in the flavor of the food easily.

One unique feature of the foodsaver vacuum seal cooking bag is that it is easily customizable; you have the chance to cut the roll to whatever length you want to avoid waste.

Foodsaver vacuum bags are also BPA free, safe for storing raw and cooked food. Foodsaver seal bags are also freezer, refrigerator, and microwave and boil safe.

Perfect for camping trips, hunting, fishing, picnics, storing leftovers, and for sous vide cooking. The sealing strip in foodsaver vacuum sealers heats to a precise temperature that works specifically with foodsaver bag material, ensuring you get a secure airtight seal.


Vacuum sealer bags are great for cooking and come in various sizes. Vacuum sealing also helps maintain the product quality and size.

For example, in meat items such as steaks, the blood can’t leak out and the meat doesn’t dry out so the product weight is maintained. Vacuum sealer bags for food can extend its life by three to five times.

It is also good to note here that various vacuum sealer bags can withstand different temperatures.  Vacuum sealer bags can easily mold into the item of the food or take the shape of the food you are cooking or preserving making them perfect for sous vide cooking.

Below are the various vacuum sealer bags;

  1. Embossed vacuum bags; Heat resistant pouches that can withstand sous vide cooking up to 90°C. Great for storing food.
  2. Boilable Vacuum sealer bag; great for sous vide cooking, steaming, microwaving, or boiling food.
  3. Compostable Vacuum bag; strong enough to stand up to sous vide cooking up to 85 degrees and are also at home with ambient, chilled, or frozen storage. Compatible with a chamber vacuum packing machine.
  4. Food storage vacuum bag; perfect for everyday ambient, chilled and frozen storage, and compatible with a chamber vacuum packing machine.
  5. Zipper Vacuum Sealer Bags – high-quality bags for sous vide cooking, they can also be steam cooked, microwaved, or boiled in a pan. They’re the perfect solution for frequently used food items, to store shredded cheese or bacon and keep fresher longer in the refrigerator.
  6. Stasher Silicone Reusable Bags –No vacuum packer required, our reusable bags just seal and go. Suitable for cooking and storing.

Finally, when working with vacuum sealer bags, some food types need to be stored in an airless environment, usually in airtight packaging to reduce the growth of microorganisms. When vacuum sealing, most of the bacteria is expelled from the bag as the air is removed, providing a very safe and hygienic method of storage.


Sous vide simply means “cooking under vacuum”. To achieve this, we employ the use of a vacuum seal bag for sous vide cooking.

Sous vide is a cooking technique in which food is heated at a consistent temperature in a water bath or pot probably under low temperature.  That is why it is paramount to know foodsaver bags max temperature so as to get the best result out of the vacuum seal bags.

Sous vide cooking allows you control the temperature of your cooking thereby predicting the result of your cooking.

In traditional cooking method, heat flows from the burner to the cooking pan and into our food. For example, when cooking food in an oven, the air in the oven and in the metal of the pan is hotter than you want your food to be, you have to take it off the food from the heat at the right time.

If you take off the food too early, it becomes undercooked, take off your food late, it becomes overcooked. But in cooking with water which is sous vide, you can monitor the temperature to the exact point you want it.

Sous vide cooking leaves your food looking fresh and preserving nutrients and flavors. Let’s see some best bags for sous vide below;


best vacuum seal bag for sous vide

These sous vide bag is made of BPA-free PE material, can be used in a microwave oven and normal cooking, non-toxic and harmless.

You can easily store your foods with this sous vide bag. Foods like dry food, specialty meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Sealing your food with this sous vide bag is simple and convenient. It also has a double-layer zipper that can be opened and closed many times and can be reused.

Best sous vide bag for vacuum preservation, keep your food delicious, airtight, refrigerate and recycle.


Geasky sous vide vacuum sealer bags

This sous vide sealer bag is eco-friendly, easily reusable, perfect for food storage. It can also be used as a freezer bag at home, work, and travel and sandwich bag.

The Geasky sous vide sealer bag is 100% leak-proof, BPA free, approved for food safety. It is also safe for microwaves and cooking at high temperatures.

Use these sous vide seal bags with great confidence as you can vacuum seal for a long time. This particular sou vide bag is reinforced with double zipper bags for sous vide cooking and food storage.

Keep your food fresh 5 times longer with this food vacuum seal bags. Perfect for camping, picnics, outdoors, and fishing.

Finally, these sous vide bag is easy to use and maintain. You can easily clean this vacuum food storage bag with vinegar, dish soap, and warm water, store it in a clean dry place before use again.


Livbetter vacuum sealer bags and vacuum seal storage bags for sous vide

Keep your food longer with this vacuum sealer bags. They are specially designed with a 7 layer construction on each side.

Protect your food from freezer burns, extend the shelf life of your food up to 5 times longer. These sous vide bag is airtight and will lock in the taste of your food easily.

These high-quality sous vide vacuum sealing bags are BPA free, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals.

The vacuum storage bags come with a handy white space to write on the bag to label and date what’s inside. Ideal to use as food storage bags, freezer bags, meal preps, or as sous vide bags.

Finally, these pre-cut vacuum sealer bags are freezer and microwave safe.


Yes! You can reheat food in vacuum sealed bags. Here is an easy step to reheat your food in a vacuum sealed bag;

STEP 1: Boil water in a cooking pot or pan on gas or induction stove top.

STEP 2: Take out your vacuum sealed bag out of the refrigerator.

STEP 3: If the food in the vacuum sealed bag is frozen, kindly defrost it first.

STEP 4: Simmer the food in the vacuum sealed bag and make sure the bag doesn’t stick to the bottom.

STEP 5: Leave it for approximately 25 – 30 minutes or the internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

STEP 6: Take it out and enjoy

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