Is Fiestaware Cadmium Free

The proverb ‘Health is wealth’ is not just a meaningless sentence. If you have good health, you have everything in life. People are always looking for ways to live a healthy life and that’s the reason why they tend to ask questions before purchasing any item.

It could be food, cookware, bakeware or Fiestaware, etc. They just want to be sure if the utensil they about to purchase is cadmium free. This brings us to our frequently asked question- Is Fiestaware cadmium free?

Fiestaware is cadmium free because they are made with cadmium-free glaze. Apart from being cadmium free, they are lead-free, made in the USA, and come with a 5-year guarantee against chipping.

Another exciting thing about Fiestaware is that all current fiesta dinnerware is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. With this, you can confidently purchase Fiestaware for your entire household; it is very safe.


According to all fiesta dinnerware produced for retail and foodservice markets has been lead-free since 1986, and the company also made its Fiestaware cadmium free. (They are made with cadmium-free glaze) the Fiestaware is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven-proof.


Now we know that Fiestaware is cadmium free, the other frequently asked question is –Is fiesta ware oven safe? Fiesta ware is oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Fiestaware can go from freezer to oven, oven to table, table to the dishwasher, and use in the microwave. It’s a very versatile product and helps you to be creative in the kitchen.

Fiesta dinnerware can go into the oven under 350 degrees, bakeware can reach 500 degrees while other pieces are temperature safe to 500 degrees.


Fiestaware comes in different beautiful and attractive colors, and the newest fiesta dinnerware colors or fiesta ware colors for2020 is Butterscotch. This vibrant shade of orangey-yellow is the 52nd color they have produced since the 1936 fiesta.

Poppy color fiesta 4 Piece Dinnerware set

Fiesta has 14 or 15 colors in its spectrum but for 2020, there are 15 signature fiesta colors. They are:  Ivory, Slate; Scarlet, Poppy; Butterscotch, Daffodil; Sunflower, Lemongrass; Shamrock, Meadow; Turquoise, Lapis; Cobalt, Mulberry; and White.

Mulberry Fiestaware 4 Piece Dinnerware sets

These colors add beauty, elegance and class to your kitchen and dining. Use these beautiful colors to spice up your dining table when next you are having a get together with friends and family.


Lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets are plates, bowls, dinner sets that are safe for use concerning food consumption. They are hygienic and produced under strict adherence to all food safety rules and guidelines.

Some brands of lead and cadmium free drinking sets include; Duralex, Libbey glassware, Luminarc lead and cadmium free drinking glasses, Simax glassware, Highball drinking glasses, Bormioli Rocco cadmium-free glasses, and La Rochere Napoleon lead and cadmium free glasses.

Below are the best lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets suitable for daily use;


Lead free Corelle dinnerware set, winter frost 18 Pieces

A very popular brand of a dinnerware set that is lead and cadmium free is the Corelle Winter frost dinnerware set. It is not every Corelle brand or set that has Lead in them, recent studies have shown that the White Frost Corelle dinnerware set are Lead and cadmium free.

Lead and cadmium Corelle winter frost white dinnerware set 38 Piece

The Corelle dinnerware set have triple layer strong glass, which is break and chip resistant, lightweight, and easily stackable for space saving.

They are Dishwasher safe, this nonporous Corelle and versatile dinnerware can be used in the microwave and oven. The Corelle glass is made in the USA.

Corelle dinner 6 Pack Winter frost Plates

They are Lightweight and easy to handle. Ultra hygienic and easy to clean. We highly recommend this Corelle winter frost dinnerware set for every American home.




Is Fiestaware Cadmium free - Fiestaware 4 piece cadmium free sets

This Fiestaware dinnerset is Made in the USA. It is well designed with a Vitrified Ceramic body that has a Lead-Free glaze.

It is also Dishwasher, Microwave, and Oven safe and comes with a 5-year chip resistance warranty. Fiestaware is sturdy, versatile, and pretty.

Great value for money, giftable, easy to clean and durable.


cadmium and lead free reusable bamboo dinnerware set

Save the Earth and the Planet with these Bamboo food-grade safe dinnerware set. They are made from 65% Bamboo fiber, they are also non-toxic and perfect use for indoors and outdoors activities like for BBQ.

Great for serving cold and hot dishes, these Bamboo resuable dinnerware sets are free from lead and cadmium. They are dishwasher safe and lightweight.

Melamine non-toxic dinnerware set

They are also BPA free. Enjoy your food with this Reusable Bamboo lead-free dinnerware sets.


Lead and cadmium free Euro ceramica dinnerware set

The Euro Ceramica Fez Collection dinnerware set is made up of the highest of stoneware that makes them durable and stunning.

The Euro Ceramica Fez Collection is completely lead and cadmium free dinnerware set, dishwasher safe and microwave safe; Kindly note that the ceramic may become warm in microwave, use under caution.

It comes with Dinner plates, Salad plates, Bowls, Soup Bowls, Mugs. They are durable, designed with semi- transparent reactive glaze finish.

Inspire yourself with this beautifully spainish design dinnerware set today! Do not use in the Oven.


Best lead and cadmium free Tuxton dinnerware set, chip resistant, freezer and oven safe

The Tuxton Dinner Plates comes in as the best lead and cadmium free dinnerwate sets with thermal shock and low permeability.

The Tuxton Home products have been used and tested in restaurants. They are Microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe. The Tuxton home dinner plates Passes ca prop 65 and all U.S FDA requirements for lead and cadmium exposure.

Designed for heavy/ double duty use; Can go from freezer to oven to table. The colors won’t fade, designed to stack easily creating space in the kitchen, food safe and chip – resistant durabilty.

We highly recommend this Tuxton Home Lead and Cadmium Free Dinnerware set.


Sweese Porcelain White Round Dinner Plates

The Sweese Porcelain dinner plates are stackable, doesn’t take up lots of spaces. They are easy to clean as you can easily wash them with soap and hot water o place them into the dishwasher. These dinner plates have a lip all around the edge to prevent food runaway.

They are MICROWAVE, OVEN AND FREEZER Safe. These Sweese plates are made of durable porcelain, a type of premium LEAD-FREE and NON-TOXIC ceramic, chip-resistant and more sturdy than stoneware.

These classic and generous dinner plates look stylish and fantastic on the table and the white color fits all decorations and is a timeless classic. The creation of Sweese ensures you get what you pay for.


Now about vintage fiestaware, lets go back to 1936 to know first the original colors of the vintgae fiestaware. The Original colors for the vintage fiestaware includes; red, cobalt blue, light green, yellow and old ivory.

However, it is wise to note that Red isn’t the only color of the vintage ceramic glaze fiestaware that is radioactive. You can also detect radiaoactivity from other colors, including ivory.

To this note, We do not recommend using old fiestaware vintage sets because they might contain uranium oxide and might pose a risk to your health. Another reason we don’t recommend vintage fiestaware sets is because Fiesta dinnerware made from 1936-1972 may be radioactive.

Finally, the FDA( Food and Drug Administration), began enforcing the production of lead-free dinnerware sets 40 years ago, that is to say, that any dinnerware sets or vintage Fiestaware manufactured prior before that time might contain lead or another harmful chemical that might be detrimental to your health.


Yes, according to fiesta is fully oven/microwave/dishwasher/freezer safe. A typical temperature for fiesta dinnerware should be around 350 degrees while bakeware can reach 500 degrees however does not recommend placing it under the direct flame.


Fiestaware is very colorful kitchenware and is hard to resist before 1972 fiesta ware used to contain toxic radioactive substances like lead, cadmium, and uranium oxide. However, in recent years fiesta ware products have become lead and cadmium free, none of the modern dishes are radioactive. ( SOURCE;


As I stated below in the well detailed account of Fiestaware information that Fiesta commenced commercial sales of colored dinnerware in 1936. Most colored ceramics made prior to World War II, including Fiesta Ware, contained uranium oxide.

In 1943, manufacturers stopped using the ingredient because the uranium was used for weapons.  The Old Fiesta dinnerware was made using radioactive glazes. While the red pottery is noted for its especially high radioactivity, other colors emit radiation.

Some of the glazes used in Fiesta Ware contain uranium oxide. Although several colors of glazes contain the ingredient, the red dinnerware is best known for its radioactivity

That being said, scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory who measured radiation from the dishes found that a standard 7″ “radioactive red” plate (not its official Fiesta name) will expose you to gamma radiation if you’re in the same room as the plate, beta radiation if you touch the plate, and alpha radiation if you eat acidic foods off the plate.

The exact radioactivity is difficult to measure since so many factors play into your exposure, but you’re looking at 3-10 mR/hr.

The estimated daily human limit rate is only 2 mR/hr. In case you’ve wondered just how much uranium that is, researchers estimate a single red plate contains approximately 4.5 grams of uranium or 20% uranium, by weight.

Apart from the above method, an easy way to check or identify radioactivity in the red fiestaware is to use a Nuclear Radiation Detector Electronics Appliance, this will give you the amount of radiation.

In 1969 the entire Fiestaware line was discontinued, and in its place the company produced what was known as Fiesta Ironstone. The latter, which was only manufactured in Fiesta red (aka Mango Red), didn’t last long. It was discontinued in 1973.  

This was the end of Fiesta red.  Years later, in 1986, a new line of Fiestaware was introduced but without the red color.

1936 – 1943  Fiesta red was produced using natural uranium

1959 – 1969 Fiesta red Fiestaware was produced using depleted uranium

1969 – 1973 Fiesta red Fiesta Ironstone was produced using depleted uranium

It is worth noting that the use of uranium to produce a red ceramic glaze was not limited to Fiestaware. Almost any antique ceramic with a deep orange/red color is likely to be radioactive.

However, Homer Laughlin, the maker of Fiesta, resumed using the red glaze in the 1950s, using depleted uranium. The use of depleted uranium oxide ceased in 1972.

Fiesta Ware manufactured after this date is not radioactive. Fiesta dinnerware made from 1936-1972 may be radioactive.

You can buy modern Fiesta ceramic dishes in just about any color of the rainbow, though the modern colors won’t match the old colors. None of the dishes contain lead or uranium. None of the modern dishes are radioactive. ( SOURCES; and


Fiesta dinnerware made from 1936-1972 may be radioactive. You can buy modern Fiesta ceramic dishes in just about any color of the rainbow, though the modern colors won’t match the old colors. None of the dishes contain lead or uranium. None of the modern dishes are radioactive.


Fiestaware products are designed to handle or accomodate the food, hotel, consumer professional industry hence their versatility.

Yes, you can use Fiestaware in the microwave as they are fully oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

Fiestaware dinnerware sets are also known for going from the freezer to oven, from the oven to the table, from the table to the dishwasher and generally for smooth use in the microwave.

Furthermore, fiesta today is frequently tested by federally licensed independent laboratories and is lead free, microwave/dishwasher safe, oven proof and made in the USA.


When we talk about the best dinnerware sets for every American home, think about Fiestaware sets.

Fiestaware dinnerware sets come in various colors, bowls, vintage patterns, Bakeware sets, canisters, crocks, countertop accessories, cups, mugs, saucers, teapots, vases, pitchers, plates, and servers. etc.

Fiestaware classic dinnerware set Shamrock

Fiesta simply means a ceramic glazed dinnerware, this ceramic glazed dinnerware is manufactured by Homer Laughlin China Company of Newell, West Virginia.

The Original fiesta was a semi-vitreous ware, it’s original shape and glazes were first designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead. 

Fiestaware is known for its color, affordability, design, durable construction, lead, and cadmium free qualities making them “the most collected brand of china in the United States” by the New York Times in 2002.

Turquoise fiesta classic dinnerware set

Fiesta was introduced at the annual Pottery and Glass Exhibit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in January 1936.

At introduction, the Fiesta line of dinnerware comprised some 37 different pieces, including such occasional pieces as candle holders in two designs, a bud vase, and an ash tray.

A set of seven nested mixing bowls ranged in size, from the smallest at five inches in diameter up to a nearly twelve-inch diameter.

Bistro color fiesta shamrock dinnerware set

The original five colors were Red, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Green and Ivory. Turquoise was added early in 1937. The shapes of FIESTA were created in an Art Deco style with concentric circles highlighting the bright colors.

In the years up to 1940, the line was expanded by the production of more new items. At its most numerous, the Fiesta line comprised approximately 64 different items, including flower  vases in three sizes, divided plates.

Water tumblers, carafes, teapots,  in two sizes, five part relish trays, and large chop plates in fifteen-inch and thirteen-inch diameters.

Scarlet color fiesta 5 Piece Dinnerware set

The first six colors were produced through the 1930’s and 40’s until a change in fashion direction dictated a change to a softer palette of pastel colors at the beginning of the 1950’s.

By the late ’60s, earth tones were in vogue and the dinnerware industry turned in that direction. The popularity of these colors proved to be short-lived and sales began to fall. At the end of 1972, FIESTA was retired after 37 years of production.

The retired dinnerware line soon became popular with collectors, especially those who had childhood memories of this brightly colored dinnerware.

Mulberry Fiestaware 4 Piece Dinnerware sets

As years passed, the value of the original FIESTA colors and pieces grew as more people became avid collectors.

In 1985, officials of Bloomingdale’s, the prestigious retailer in New York City, approached Homer Laughlin about reproducing a dinnerware line from the past.

Soon the two companies agreed that FIESTA had the greatest chance for commercial success. In early 1986, Bloomingdale’s introduced a new line of FIESTA with a new color palette and with improvements to the body and glaze.

Homer Laughlin was the country’s leading producer of restaurant china and it was determined that the new FIESTA should be made of the same durable, restaurant- quality china body as the company’s other products.

The ceramic glaze would be lead-free, a comparatively new innovation in the china industry.

Poppy color fiesta 4 Piece Dinnerware set

This new version of FIESTA was an instant success and a new generation of consumers became converts to FIESTA’s popularity.

Over the next twenty years, new colors have been introduced and FIESTA has become a trendsetter of color for the housewares industry.

Today, The Fiesta Tableware Company introduces one new color each year and FIESTA has become the leading dinnerware brand in casual tabletop, as well as a consistent leader in bridal registries across America.

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