Lead and Cadmium Free Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are essentially part of our daily lives because it used every day for drinking, one can hardly go a day without using drinking glasses, just as they say taking a lot of water is good for your general wellbeing however if your drinking glass is not lead free or cadmium free then it wouldn’t be a safe drinking glass.

In this article I am going to help suggest a few non- toxic drinking glasses for your everyday use. The drinking glasses will be cadmium and lead-free and you will have nothing to worry about. Quickly check below for safe drinking glasses that will meet your drinking needs.


We all know that nowadays, glass is more popular as it is used daily for various purposes like decoration and drinking. In the list of glassware’s are glass cups, glass water bottles, glass bowls and glass kitchenware.

In all of this, how do you identify if the glassware brand product contains lead or cadmium as not to damage your health. Let’s continue reading to find out:

The very first thing to do is to always check the Manufacturer’s package if it has a lead-free logo on its outer package. Most Lead and cadmium free logo package has a logo mark and contains potassium.

Lead and cadmium free drinking glasses are made into or from high grade handicrafts making them safe drinking glasses.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the heat resistance to high temperature, about 60 degrees centigrade. Lead and cadmium glasses can easily break in great temperature differences like from extreme heat and cold.

Look at the color; Lead-free glass products have better refraction than the traditional lead crystal glass, can be more perfect to show the refractive properties of glass. And we can have a test by water or lamp to check these 2 kinds glasses difference.

Listen to the sound; We can pick up a glass and tap it with your finger. Lead-free glass makes a crisp sound, while lead glass sounds dull. And we can see the clear distinction between glass goblet and glass cups. When we tap the cup, we can hear clearly the difference in sounds.

Tap It with a Metal Utensil. The easiest way to identify lead crystal is by tapping it gently with a knife—if it makes a drawn-out chiming sound, chances are that its lead crystal. Regular glass tends to make a duller, briefer sound when struck.

Remember that the greater the lead content, the longer the tone. If you compare 2 glasses that have the same size, the crystal glass is naturally heavier than the standard ones due to its lead content. ​Wet your finger and gently swipe it around the rim of a glass. If it makes a good sound, it is most likely crystal.


Let’s first of all understand what is Borosilicate glass. It is a type of glass that contains boron trioxide which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Generally, borosilicates are made up of B2O2, CaO, SiO2. This means it will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. Its durability has made it the glass of choice for high-end restaurants, laboratories, bars, and wineries.

Borosilicate can withstand the maximum thermal shock range of borosilicate is 170 degrees Celsius, which equals 340 degrees Fahrenheit. Soda-lime has a higher CTE and hence, can’t handle extreme heat changes.

Borosilicate glass is not toxic, it is used heavily in both cooking ware and in laboratory glass ware. The mixture of the chemicals in Borosilicate binds it tightly as a result of which it can withstand a much higher melting point making it lead and cadmium free.

Borosilicate is harder, stronger and more durable than soda-lime glass due to the low atomic mass of boron. If you look at the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, borosilicate stands second at 7.5 after diamond at 10.

If borosilicate glass falls on the floor, there are high chances that it won’t suffer any damages. What’s more, it is also scratch-resistant and looks good as new for years.


Let’s first of all know what kind of material Pyrex is, Pyrex is a type of glass and glass is an inert material. Is Pyrex glass lead free? Well, if Pyrex is a type of glass and glass does not leach anything into food then Pyrex is lead free.

Pyrex should have less than 0.1 part per millions of lead, so you can basically worry less about lead. But I’ll advise you focus more on the lid, if you are buying a bowl, be sure its BPA Free.


Pyrex is a trademarked brand name for a line of glass products.

Borosilicate glass is a type of low-thermal-expansion glass. It can withstand temperature changes without fracturing. Not all Pyrex is made from borosilicate glass: some products branded “Pyrex” are made from soda-lime glass.

So why do we call every glassware “Pyrex”? Well, sometimes a product is so successful that the brand name becomes a generic word that product. In business, a common noun name could become a generalized word.

Safety tip: Don’t assume glassware is made of borosilicate glass. Always look at the manufacturer’s guidebook for what the product is meant for. When in doubt, be cautious and avoid temperature extremes.


When searching for the perfect glassware brands for your household, go for a lead free glassware brand. A lead free glass does not contain lead and this makes it very safe.

Do you know that glass is one of the safest material for items that come in contact with food? Glass does not leach hormone disrupting chemicals, cadmium and lead.

Using glass to drink, cook or serve food gives you the assurance that you are eating healthy. Lead free glassware brands are also known as non-toxic drinking glasses or safe drinking glasses.

Please stay away from lead and cadmium drinking glasses because it could lead to lead Poisoning. Lead Poisoning is a Buildup of lead in the body and this can cause developmental delays, behavioral issues and   cognitive problems in teens and children.

Too much exposure to cadmium can cause bone damage in adults. Exposure to both can lead to kidney disease and high blood pressure in adults.

With this been said, I have carefully selected the best lead and cadmium free drinking glasses below, while examples of lead free glassware brands are: Pyrex glassware, Borosilicate glassware, Anchor Hocking glass storage containers with lid, Duralex glassware brand, Bormioli Rocco, La Rochere glassware, Highball Drinking glassware brand and the Rolf Glass Compass Rose Glassware Collection etc.


Lead and cadmium free Bormioli Rocco drinking glasses

Our first pick for the best lead and cadmium free drinking glasses is the Bormioli Rocco glassware brand. These Cocktail cups are crafted with the traditional martini glasses design, sporting a modern twist. Update your glassware collection and impress your guests with a set of exquisite martini cups on display.

For Every Occasion, just what you need to complement your home bar, party, or formal dinner. Bring any event up a notch with bar glasses that are contemporary yet traditional. Makes an awesome Christmas, Holiday, gift for wine enthusiasts, appreciators of beauty, or aspiring bartenders.

Quality non toxic drinking glass by Bormioli
Lead free safe drinking glass

The Cocktail safe drinking and non-toxic glasses are large enough for any and every drink. Perfect for Whiskey, gin, scotch, vodka, brand, water, juice, and of course martinis. One set you’ll get to use every day.

A modern touch to a traditional drinking glass, the stems are short and wide for added stability. The bottom is weighted, and the cup is designed for a comfortable grip. Crafted of Italian, lead-free glass it is bound to last for years to come.

Bormioli drinking glass, suitable for all kinds of occasions.
Bormioli Brand drinking glasses, suitable for all occasions.

Each glass has a capacity of 8 ½ oz. Glasses are entirely dishwasher safe for easy and efficient cleaning. Dimensions: Height 4 ¼ “Top width 3 ½ “.


La Rochere Tumblers lead free drinking glasses

The La Rochere Napoleon brand is a leading lead and cadmium free drinking glasses that bring a touch of France to your table with La Rochere Glassware, handmade in France. This signature La Rochere glass collection sets a joyful table.

A pressure seam is sometimes visible, which is the mark left by opening the mold in which the glass is pressed. It is the characteristic of pressed machine glass and symbolizes its heritage and makes each item a true piece of French glass history.

The lovely bees and modern silhouette make this glass ware set perfect for entertaining or every day. French glasses with the iconic Napoleon Bee. 4″ H – 3.25″ W.

This Classic drinkware set is 6(10 Oz) clear tumblers that show the Embossed Napoleon l’Abeille, the French bee. These traditional French water glasses compliment any table. These glass tumblers will add class to any everyday or special occasion beverage.

French made, every day special drink glasses, easy to hold with a solid base. Fired at high temperature, exceptional quality glass, is crystal clear, durable, and free of lead and cadmium. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

This Dinnerware and Drinkware is styled with French elegance and made by highly skilled artisans for exceptional clarity, strength, and durability.


Highball crystal clear  Drinking glasses

This is the perfect showpiece for your home! If you are known to friends and family as the specialist of spirits or beverage expert, then this set will have the compliments pouring in.
The superior design will retain its exquisite detailing with no chipping or fading for years to come.

Don’t worry about our glassware breaking from cleaning. Our sturdy construction and heavy base keep our glasses from fracturing. Feel confident knowing this set of glasses are dishwasher safe will not scratch or get cloudy in the wash.

This set of four tumbler style glasses are stylish, sturdy and durable for daily use or for any special event for any type of drink. The water glasses set are lead and cadmium free, crystal-clear and will allow you to appreciate the texture and flavors of your favorite fruit juices or other beverages – 6″ inch Tall – 3″ inch Top – 2.25″ inch Bottom – 16 oz.

Glass for beer, water and cocktail drink

These modern highball glass cups feature exquisite clarity, perfect for formal entertainment while also being the glassware of choice for casual dining at parties, weddings and other ceremonies. This glass set is perfect for any drinks – Water, juice, wine, martinis, you name it.

As a special bonus, we also Included 4x sleek, angled, reusable 8” stainless steel drinking straws – total length of 10.5 inches – BPA free, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and they are FDA approved, plastic-free, dishwasher safe, and reusable.


Attractive heavy base tall beer glasses

The Highball drinking glasses lead and cadmium free glassware brands are sturdy for a well-balanced setting, Layers beautifully with a variety of dinnerware and table settings.

Durable 10-piece drinkware set is perfect for casual or formal use, Ideal for beer, cocktails or as an everyday glass. Highballs measures 6-1/4 inches high x 3-1/2 inch opening and takes in 16 ounces.

Features a classic clear design with a weighted sham for extra stability. Innovative glassmaking techniques produce perfectly smooth rims and edges.

Dishwasher safe for your convenience. 1-year satisfaction guarantees If they are damaged in any way upon arrival, we will send you a replacement set free of charge.

Lead and cadmium free drinking glass for water, beer and cocktail

Feel safe serving beverages to loved ones in this lead-free drinkware set. No worries about harmful chemicals and substances leaching into your drinks here.

Their balanced weight and shape make them pleasant to hold, and their heavy base gives them stability. Plus, their wide top make refilling simple so you can keep up with the fun.

These drinking glasses are extremely easy to clean. Just wash each glass by hand with soap and warm water or safely place them in the dishwasher.


Lead free Rolf Whiskey glass set of 4

The Rolf glass compass brand is among the leading lead and cadmium free drinking glasses. This classic rock tumbler glass features a thick base for stability and sleek straight sides making them comfortable to hold and drink from. This etched tumbler glass measures 4 1/8 inches H by 3 3/8 inches D.

Each whiskey glass is crafted of a lead-free non-toxic drinking glass in the USA. Deeply sand-engraved in the USA, holds 14 ounces making these drinking glasses ideal for serving soda, juice, cocktails, and whiskey. and it is dishwasher safe.


Duralex glass clear Tumblers 12 Piece Set, lead free glassware

The Duralex glass is very hygienic. It is non-porous and does not absorb liquids, colors, or flavors. It is a safe drinking nontoxic glassware that can also withstand sudden thermal shock from -4 F to 212 F.

It is made up of shattered resistant tempered glass, is 2.5 times more resistant to breakage and chipping than normal glass. Dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave safe. Products maintain its original look for years. Made in France.

This Set includes 12 glasses: 6 x 12oz. (360ml.) and 6 x 16 3/4oz. (500ml.) glasses. Picardie clear Duralex glasses are proven for their outstanding durability, stack ability and overall strength. The mechanical and thermal resisting properties are considerably increased compared to other ordinary glassware products.

It is the perfect weight, functional yet stylish and feels extremely comfortable in the hand. Since 1939, when Duralex invented the glass tempering process, the name Duralex has been associated with resilient glassware, thanks to their proprietary tempering process.

Finally, the Duralex lead and cadmium free drinking glasses have a unique shape, sensual curves that fit perfectly in the hand, its facets that ideally catch the light, it’s hemmed lips that blossom out, make this glass a timeless star that nevertheless remains so simple.


Simax Borosilicate Glassware double walled insulated mugs lead and cadmium free

This Borosilicate glassware brand is among lead and cadmium free drinking glasses because of its heat and the cold-proof temperature is up to up to 572° F and down to -40° F, you don’t need to worry about the Borosilicate glass cracking or exploding from your hot tea or coffee.

In addition, this lab grad glass has a high shock resistance to avoid extreme temperature changes. It is Large, with easy grip handle that makes this mug easy and comfortable to hold.

This mug can be kept in the freezer and enjoy icy cold beer any time. It is a great safe drinking and non-toxic drinking glass that is perfect for parties, holding dinners or any celebration that calls for a deliciously refreshing glass of beer- like finishing your spring cleaning or finally fixing that drippy sink.

The Borosilicate glass is doubled walled to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for a long time. You can enjoy your drinks cold or hot without having to get up every few minutes to add ice or stick your drink in the microwave.

At the same time, the outer layer of this insulated mug stays cool to the touch, so you do not have to worry about burning or freezing your fingers as you sip your beverages. And, the double layer design means your icy cold drinks won’t sweat and leave a wet mess all over your house or apartment.

Shock Resistant Borosilicate that is lead and cadmium free drinking Glass

These versatile glasses can be used for so much more than just drinking. Heat resistant borosilicate glass makes them the perfect choice to show off your fancy layered coffees and jewel colored teas.

Works great for hot cider, marshmallow topped hot chocolates, frothed cappuccinos, and cold drinks like root beer floats, cocktails, wines, juices, iced tea, lemonade, and good ol’ water, too. Store in the freezer and enjoy and icy cold drink whenever inspiration strikes!

These glass mugs are manufactured in the Czech Republic(Europe), so you can rest assured that you will receive a quality product that will last for years. Simax glassware does not absorb odors or flavors, and you do not need to worry about nasty chemicals making their way into your food.

Microwave and dishwasher safe for added convenience. Made from cadmium and lead-free recycled glass. Includes four (4) 16.9 oz. capacity mugs.


Pyrex storage dish

This Pyrex glassware brand is lead-free, safe and non-toxic for your daily use.

The Pyrex Storage 4-Cup Round Dish has red plastic lids (Pack of 2 Containers) Microwave, Dishwasher and Oven Safe.

They have handy glass durable storage. Lids fit tight, you could use them all the time for leftovers. Go ahead and microwave and oven heat with them, minus the lids. I highly recommend this good product. I prefer glass over plastic, hands-down.


Luminarc Lead and Cadmium free drinking glasses

The Luminarc glassware is Lead and cadmium free drinking glasses made up of crystal clear technology making it a safe drinking glass that is lead-free. This non-toxic drinking glass is durable and scratch-resistant.

Great for everyday use, dishwasher safe and volume is 12 Oz/350ml.

This gorgeous set of 4 glasses will make a great addition to your drink-ware collection, it also features a unique sophisticated design and nice capacity, which makes this set a great gift for someone you love. Enjoy your drink in style!



It is sad to know that such a beautiful piece of cookware contains lead; Am talking about Vintage Pyrex, it contains an unsafe level of lead and it is harmful to the body. You should know that every time you make use of vintage Pyrex cookware there is a chance it could contaminate your food.


Vintage Pyrex is Popular for many reasons, apart from it beautiful designs it is much more durable than regular glass cookware, also vintage Pyrex reminds us of those beautiful meal time with friends and family.


Absolutely Yes, Libbey drinking glassware is Lead-free. Libbey lead-free glassware has a nice weight, thick bottom, smooth indentations on the glasses make it a pleasure to hold.

They are also dishwasher safe, durable, easy to clean up. They are versatile enough for juices, water, beer, cocktails, soda, and any other thing you want to use the drinking glass to achieve.

Examples of Libbey lead-free glassware are Libbey Blue Ribbon Impressions 16 – Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set and Libbey Preston 16-Piece Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set.


Duralex glasses are lead and cadmium free the reason is that Duralex is 2.5 times more resistant to breakage, sudden thermal shock, and chipping than normal glass. Duralex lead-free glass is very hygienic, it is non-porous and does not absorb liquids, colors, or flavors.

Duralex is manufactured to withstand sudden temperature extremes from -4°F to 212°F and is suitable for hot or cold liquids.

Duralex tableware & glassware are lead and cadmium-free and extremely durable for everyday use. Duralex also abides by the strictest European & American food safety standards & complies with California’s Prop 65.

Examples of two Duralex lead and cadmium-free drinking glasses are Duralex CC1/18 Made In France Picardie 18-Piece Clear Drinking Glasses & Tumbler Set and Duralex 1027SR06SB/6 Glass Tumbler, 8.75 oz, Blue.

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