Can A Chest Freezer Work In A Cold Garage?

It’s a good idea to own a garage because it’s likely to house your chest freezer.

Like with any appliance, a chest freezer comes with some responsibility and that includes asking yourself how to best prepare your garage for one.

Carrying on reading will show you that the logistics are nothing to worry about, even though a chest freezer may seem like a troublesome investment.

Regardless of the model, a chest freezer works best in areas with a controlled temperature. 

If you store your chest freezer in a garage that is too hot, the machine will have to increase its efforts to keep your goods frozen to compensate. 

The chest freezer wouldn’t exhaust the heated garage compared to the cold garage.

There shouldn’t be any problems with chest freezers and their storage. You will get some helpful tips to turn your garage into a chest freezer-ready garage from this post.

There is no more second guessing about whether chest freezers are a good idea or not.

How To Protect Your Freezer In A Garage?

Getting to know your chest freezer is the first thing you have to do.

There are many types of chest freezers out there to choose from and to suit your specific needs, but you should know all about their modifications and uses.

The user manual is supposed to tell you everything you need to know about the machines, but sometimes there is too much information and it leaves you confused or frustrated.

It’s difficult to enjoy your appliance if you can’t set it up correctly. What are the first few things you need to do to make sure you have already?

Chest Freezer

Electricity Line

Have you ever experienced a short circuit in your appliance? This type of appliance demands a high resistance electrical line to support its high volume electrical current.

It may become a big problem if you don’t know that the garage can’t support the volume of the freezer.

At best, it increases your electricity bill, but at worst it can cause damage to the chest freezer.


A chest freezer is large and needs a lot of space. Some people think to store it outside the house because of that.

It should not be placed in a busy area where the machine can’t breathe. It is a grave mistake to store the freezer in any space without considering the space and humidity.

Chest freezers must have an area with a controlled temperature.

The effectiveness of the machine will be determined by where it is placed in your household.

Storage space is an equally important factor in protecting your chest freezer for outdoor use, like a garage or patio.

Appliance Thermometer

Food and drinks can be put away in chest freezers for a long time. They help with proper food handling by controlling temperatures.

Your best friend is the temperature, and that’s what it’s related to.

In the same way that an oven temperature is measured in the oven, a freezer temperature is also measured in the freezer.

This is an important factor that protects the chest freezer because of the temperature it has to maintain, not only to keep the food inside it frozen but also to continue working at peak level efficiency.

The space around it may have become too hot or too cold with the help of a thermometer.

When the machine loses its effort to raise its freezing temperature because of the already cold temperature in the garage, it will help you prevent overheating.

What Does “Garage-ready” Freezer Mean?

Some examples of garage-ready freezers can be found in the results of a search for chest freezers.

These are chest freezers that have been designed to resist humidity or cold temperatures. Storage in a garage is what they are modified to do.

Some people prefer to buy a garage-ready chest freezer when they want to store it in a place where the temperature can vary and there is a chance of extreme temperatures.

Shopping for a freezer that is garage-ready can get tiring. The top 5 garage-ready freezers are available on the market today.

  • GE Garage Ready Manual Defrost Chest Freezer
  • Frigidaire Chest Freezer
  • Maytag Chest Freezer
  • Midea Chest Freezer
  • Arctic King Chest Freezer
gE White Chest Freezer

Is It Possible To Plug A Chest Freezer Into An Extension Cord?

If you want to use an extension cord to plug in a chest freezer, be careful. Any heavy appliance for that is up for discussion.

Extension cords are the best way to plug in machines that need to be plugged in temporarily. A high electrical current is required for a chest freezer to work permanently.

Plugging and unplugging your chest freezer will affect its effectiveness in keeping the freezing temperature at the desired level.

A refrigerator or a chest freezer will usually need to be connected to the main electricity line to prevent short circuits, fire hazards, machine damage, and an increased electricity bill.

Extension cords are useful in a garage, but they are not pleasing to the eyes and you cannot hide them under the floor, above the ceilings, or through the walls.

These requirements are appropriate for permanent electrical lines. If need be, there are other ways to establish a safe electrical line with an extension cord.

This is where the grounded extension cord comes in, where the additional third wire offers some degree of safety.

It is not advisable to use extension cords with chest freezers, but there are available heavy-duty extension cords that can be considered.


Sometimes the chest freezers don’t fit inside the house. Some freezers can be stored in a garage, that’s good news.

Ensuring that your machine will work at its peak level of efficiency is an important measure to take because it is a heavy appliance that demands a high volume of electrical current.

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