How Can I Remove A Beko Freezer Drawer Front?

Proper cleaning is necessary to ensure the lifespan of your freezer. The freezer drawer front is fragile and you need to remove it to fully clean it.

Do you have any idea how to safely remove it? We have done our research to make sure that you don’t break the front of the freezer drawer.

The step-by-step guide shows you how to properly detach it.

The steps to safely remove a Beko freezer drawer front are listed below.

  • The freezer drawer should be looked at carefully. 
  • Gaps or pegs can be found by locating them. 
  • To gently help part the clip, use a flathead screwdriver, a kitchen scraper, a scraper blade, or an old credit card. 
  • Take the flathead screwdriver or any other tool of choice and put it in the gap. 
  • Work along the edge from one side to the other, opening the gap even more. 
  • When you hear a popping sound, continue doing the procedure on the side part. 
  • Pull the front of the drawer away from the body.

By the time you’re done, you should be able to remove your freezer drawer on your own.

Continue reading if you still have some questions and are not confident with the whole process. How to remove freezer drawers for Bosch, SubZero, and Whirlpool will be discussed.

Removing A Beko Freezer Drawer Front

Unplug the power cord from the main outlet when you remove your freezer drawer front to make sure it’s safe and to conserve electricity.

If you want to avoid pitch points, place your hands and feet away from the freezer drawer’s bottom part. The needed tools should be prepared before the event.

You can look for flathead tools that are sturdy enough to do the job, such as a flathead screwdriver, an old credit card, and a scraper blade.

You can use a pair of gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges. Plastic Freezer drawers can become brittle during cold weather.

It might be difficult to separate the drawer front from the drawer body because they can crack easily.

Before moving on to the steps listed below, you should make sure that the plastic is warm. If you place the freezer drawer outside, it will sit in the sunlight and warm it up.

The reason for warming the freezer drawer first is to make the plastic less likely to crack.

If you’re in a hurry, you can pour some warm water into the freezer drawer to make sure it’s warm enough to proceed with these steps.

Locate Any Gaps In The Drawer

It is easier to detach the drawer front from the body if you know where the gaps or pegs are. You can easily and safely remove the freezer front with the help of the pegs and gaps.

Use A Flathead Screwdriver

If you don’t have a flathead screwdriver, a kitchen scraper, a scraper blade, or an old credit card, you can gently help part the clip by using something else.

The recommended tools are not the ones you should be using.

If you don’t have any of the items mentioned, you can use any of the tools that you can see fit. It’s important that it’s sturdy and can fit in the gaps and pegs.

Beko Freezer

Put The Flathead Screwdriver On The Gap

It’s important that you only use gentle force with the screwdriver to prevent cracks. The plastic might be broken when the tool is forced into the gaps.

Work Along The Edges

You have to open the gap over and over again. Since the gaps and pegs are located at the bottom of the drawer, you should start there.

It is risky to start on the sides since they are securely attached to the freezer body.

Continue Procedure On The Side Part

When you disengage the bottom part of the freezer front from the body, it’s time to start doing the sides. The sides must be followed the same way as the sides.

The sides are going to have some gaps. You should begin from there until you hear a popping sound. The pegs that connect the freezer front and the body give off a popping sound.

Pull Off The Front Away From The Drawer’s Body

The front is taken away from the body in the final step. You will have to remove the freezer front from the body to clean it.

How Can I Remove the Bosch Freezer Drawer?

Lifting the freezer drawer up and out is all it takes to make the process easy for the bottom drawer. The steps for the top freezer drawer are listed here.

  • Pull out the top freezer drawer as far as you can.
  • Lift the front of the freezer drawer by carefully pulling out the clips on both sides.
  • Pull out the freezer drawer.

How Can I Remove the Bosch Freezer Drawer?

Built-In 4250000 Refrigerator

  • The white portion of the freezer drawer has tabs in the front corner.
  • To remove the clear drawers, press the tabs once located.

For Built-In 36F And Side-By-Side Models

  • The drawer needs to be extended forward to its full extent.
  • Pull the two clips on the opposite sides of the upper basket.
  • Then lift the freezer drawer out.

For Built-In 36S, 42S, 42SID, 42SD, 48S, 48SD And 48SID Models

  • The drawer needs to be raised to disengage.
  • Pull through the opening in the door liner to detach the drawer.

How To Remove The Bottom Drawer On A Whirlpool Freezer?

  • Lift the bin after you open the freezer drawer.
  • To depress the retaining tabs, you must use a large flathead screwdriver.
  • Pull out the entire drawer assembly first.

Is It Possible To Replace Freezer Drawers?

It is possible to replace your freezer drawers. There are online resources available for different refrigerator brands.

The tools needed to replace freezer drawers are included in the instructions.

Should you need to replace the old refrigerator, you can buy a freezer drawer or any part of it at the appliance store. Most of the parts are available on the internet.

Freezer drawer replacement can be done on your own.

Beko Freezer

How To Organize My Freezer Without Drawers?

There are some clever ways to organize your freezer without using drawers.

  • You can use divided freezer bins. These freezer bins are easy to clean and give you more space to store more goods inside your fridge. Their aesthetic contribution to the overall look of your freezer is not mentioned.
  • A storage bag made of Silicon is not just a smart alternative, it’s also an environmental-friendly one that can hold ready-made food and smoothies. Make sure that the Silicon you use is FDA approved and free of harmful substances.
  • It is possible to organize your freezer without the need for drawers with the use of freezer bags.


It’s easy to remove a Beko freezer front if you have the necessary tools at home. It is important to note the precautions before moving forward with the project.

Gaps and pegs can be found on the freezer drawer front. Carefully detach the tool from the gaps and make sure the tool is securely fit.

The work should be done from the edge of the bottom to the sides.

You have been able to remove the freezer front from its body if you hear a popping sound from the detached pegs.

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