Can You Freeze an Apple Pie?

At any time of the year, homemade apple pie is a go-to dessert. It isn’t always possible to bake through to the end in one session.

You may have leftover apple pie and wondering what to do with it.

Is it possible to freeze an apple pie before baking? We have done in-depth research to help you make this determination.

It’s possible to freeze an apple pie before or after baking it. You can keep it fresh for up to six months if you store it in the freezer.

The details around freezing an apple pie are explored further.

If you want to learn more about whether it is better to freeze an apple pie before or after baking, packaging tips for freezing an apple pie, how to thaw an apple pie, and so on, please keep reading.

Which Is Better to Freeze an Apple Pie: Before or After Baking?

If you want to bake an apple pie, it is better to freeze it before baking it. Apple pies that are frozen before baking have a richer fruit flavor than pies that are frozen after baking.

To keep the apple juices from soaking the lower crust during freezing, you should freeze the pie filling and the crust separately.

When it is sliced, a soggy crust loses its structural value. The apple pie will bake more evenly if it’s frozen before it’s baked.

An apple pie with a vibrant taste comes from a well-baked crust and apple filling. The evenly baked crust tastes better when compared to the unevenly baked one.

If you freeze an apple pie before baking, you’ll save energy since you’ll only need to heat the oven once, instead of twice.

Best Way to Freeze an Apple Pie

It’s possible to freeze baked apple pie before it degrades and you can enjoy it later. Some of the steps you can take to freeze your apple pie have been outlined.

  • If you want to prevent the apple pie from soaking the crust in the freezer, make sure the pie cools completely. The pie can be left at room temperature for a day or two to keep it cooler in the center.
  • The apple pie must be wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. The entire pie needs to be completely sealed. It is possible to wrap it twice to make sure it is adequately protected from freezer burn. It’s possible to put the wrapped pie in a freezer bag to add more protection.
  • If you want to eat the pie before it rots or when the quality has not begun to decline, add a name and date to the package before it is frozen. When writing the name and date, use a permanent marker to make sure the information is not erased during freezing.

The steps to freezing the unbaked apple pie are similar to the steps to freezing the baked apple pie.

While the pie is uncut, we recommend that you freeze it to make sure the filling remains inside the pie.

Apple Pie

Is It Possible That Frozen Apples Can Be Used to Make Pie?

There are frozen apples that you can use to make pie. The efficiency of the frozen apples in making pie is determined by how well the apples hold up in freezing.

You would like the apples to retain their firm texture. Appropriate preservation methods should be applied when apples are frozen.

You shouldn’t freeze apples since they need to be thawed first before being sliced. The firm texture of Thawed apples is lost when they go mushy.

They will not give you the best quality of apple pie. The quality of the apples degrades with time like any other farm produce.

If you want your apples to retain their beneficial quality, you should process them immediately after harvest.

How to Defrost a Frozen Apple Pie?

If you want to thaw a frozen apple pie, you can remove it from the freezer the night before and allow it to thaw at room temperature.

If you bake the pie before freezing it, you will be able to serve it without the need to thaw it. During the defrosting, make sure that the pie is still covered.

If you want to cook the pie again, you can thaw it in the fridge for several hours and then cook it in the oven until it is warm all the way through.

Before putting the pie in the oven, it is a good idea to remove the wrapping.

If your frozen apple pie is not baked, you can leave it overnight at room temperature so that it will thaw out naturally.

After removing the wrapping and baking the pie, you can make slits in the top crust if you didn’t make them before.

If you want to eliminate the chance of your pie becoming soggy during the defrosting process, we recommend baking your pie directly from the freezer.

Apple Pie

How Long Is It Possible to Cook a Frozen Apple Pie?

A frozen apple pie takes more time to bake compared to a freshly prepared pie.

The amount of time taken to cook a frozen apple pie depends on whether the pie was baked or unbaked before it was frozen.

If you reheated your pie after baking it, it would take about 25 minutes to get it back to its original state.

If you didn’t bake your apple pie before freezing it, you can bake it at 450 F for about 20 minutes and then reduce the heat to about 350 F and bake until the top crust is brown.

Baking will take around 30 minutes. 50 minutes to an hour is how long the process will take. It is possible to cover the top of your pie with foil to prevent it from being too brown.


As we talked about, you can freeze an apple pie. It’s best to freeze it before baking because you can do it before and after.

It is possible to preserve those flavors for a longer period. Enjoy your delicious apple pie, most of all.

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