Can You Melt Wax in the Microwave?

If you are the kind of person who likes to make candles, there is nothing like a homemade candle.

Having control over the shape, smell, and color are some of the benefits of making candles at home. It might get you wondering if you can use the microwave to melt the wax.

It is possible to melt wax in the microwave, but it is not the best approach. We will teach you the safest way to do that, along with other options for melting wax.


What Happens When You Microwave Wax?

When you microwave it, the wax will start melting.

Microwaving wax can catch on fire and cause other damage if it reaches a temperature of more than 80 degrees Celsius.

If you are going to microwave wax, you must use a thermometer.

Materials Used To Melt Wax in the Microwave

It is not possible to toss your wax in an old jar and stick it in the microwave, keeping your fingers crossed it will melt.

You need to gather the following materials to safely microwave wax:

You are ready to start melting wax in the microwave after gathering and putting on the proper gear.


You know the answer to the question, can you melt wax in the microwave? Let’s explore the steps you’ll need to complete to do it.

Step 1:

To prevent a fire, use a microwave-safe container to put your wax in. Many people are surprised that there are so many microwave-safe items.

Since you are dealing with wax, choosing a more robust container is the best solution. The ideal containers for microwaving wax can be found here.

  • Heat Proof glass
  • Ceramic
  • Corning Ware

It is a good idea to freeze the wax before using a tool to get it out of the original container.

Step 2:

The easiest way to melt wax safely in the microwave is by heating it slowly. You should heat it at a rate of one minute at a time.

Remove the wax from the microwave and check to make sure it’s fine. It isn’t likely that the wax will have melted enough to stir.

It is important to check the temperature as you don’t want the wax to go above 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3:

If you get a feel for how the wax responds to your microwave, you can heat it for anywhere from one to two minutes at a time, based on your judgment.

How hot of a setting your microwave is on, the original temperature of the wax and altitude are some of the factors that can influence how quickly wax will melt.

If you live in a mountainous area, you might need to microwave your wax for a bit longer than people living at lower altitudes.

If you want to know the progress of your wax melting, you have to take it out every one to two minutes, stir it, and check its temperature.

Step 4:

The wax will become a liquid state once it reaches its melting temperature. Remove it from the microwave and allow it to sit on the counter to cool off in the container it is in.

You probably have a special jar that you want to use for making your candle, so doing so might feel counterproductive.

It is necessary to allow the wax temperature to fall to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) before adding fragrance or color.

As the hot wax cools, it will contract and trap the scent, diminishing it.

Safety Tips

It is important to keep the following safety tips in mind before melting wax in the microwave for the first time.

  • Make sure the wax is kept to a minimum temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Don’t leave the microwave unattended.
  • You should wear eye protection to prevent damage from splatters.
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt and use oven mitts.

When melting wax in the microwave, it’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher near you. Water on a wax fire is dangerous, even though it might sound extreme.

Water helps spread a wax fire, not extinguish it. If you can’t get to a fire extinguisher, the next best thing to do is to blow out a small fire with a lid.

Is It Possible To Melt Wax in the Microwave in a Glass Jar?

If you want to melt wax in the microwave, most glass jars are safe. If the glassware has a “microwave-safe” label, this is the best way to determine this.

If you don’t see anything indicating that the glass jar is microwave-safe, then it’s best to not use it. Pyrex is an excellent example of a glass jar that is safe for microwaving.

Safest Way to Melt Wax

The safest way to melt wax is by using a double boiler which gradually heats the wax. You can watch the process of melting from start to finish in a microwave.

It is possible to check the wax’s temperature without having to remove the wax from the microwave, which will prevent wax splatterings.

Wax melters are an excellent tool for melting wax, as they are designed to not overheat it.



It’s possible to melt wax in the microwave, but it’s important to follow some basic safety procedures.

Many people prefer melting wax in the microwave because it is a quicker and easier method than using a double boiler.

Taking it slowly is one of the best practices for melting wax in the microwave.

It would be better to microwave wax in small amounts rather than allow it to run for a long period.

You can prevent the fires and the wax from splashing by doing that. Now that you know how to melt wax in the microwave, you can get started on your candle-making adventure.

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