Can You Use A Meat Grinder To Grind Grains?

The easiest way to get ground meat at home is by using a meat grinder, but that isn’t the best way to ground grains.

It is different when it comes to milling grains as the seeds of the grains are more difficult and may take a lot of work to turn into flour.

The answer is yes, but it’s important to know that not all meat grinders can mill grains fine enough. 

Certain conditions must be fulfilled for a meat grinder to be used to mill grains. 

It takes a lot of work to get that smooth feel you desire but with the right attachments in place, you can do that.

To get better results, you need to constantly pass the grain through the grinder several times. The manual grinder is the most common one used for this purpose.

The Manual Grinder

This grinder is built in such a way that it can be used for an extended period, unlike electric grinders that are prone to overheating.

Another easy and convenient way to grind grains at home is with a food processor or blender, but the grains have to be moist for them to be properly grounded.

The motor can be damaged if the grains are grounded continuously for a long period.

This might ruin your machines and make them useless, so make sure to think this through when using one.

If you want to be on the safer side, I recommend that you get a grinder that is specially designed for grounding grains.

With a few adjustments, you can be sure of a perfect, grounded grain, if you purchase a manual grinder.

Meat Grinder

Can I Use a Meat Grinder To Crack Corn?

The usefulness of a meat grinder is more than just grinding meat, it can also be used for other purposes such as cracked corn or grains.

A meat grinder is an excellent way to prepare a delicious meal for your pets. For a meat grinder to work effectively, the grain needs to be dried and free of moisture.

If you notice that the grain you intend to ground with your grinder is wet, the best way to do this is to put them in an open space for several days.

Sun-drying them will help reduce the amount of water in them and make them less likely to stick to your grinder.

To get a smooth and well-grounded grain, you will need to adjust the grinder to suit your needs.

Some people prefer to feed their pets crushed grains, while others prefer to ground them smoothly.

If you want to make fine flour with your grinder, make sure to pass them several times. It is possible to ground corn using a grain mill.

You can find a lot of manually operated grain mills in the market for a few bucks.

When I visited my granny who lives in the village, I used to use a hand-cranked, cast-iron Corona that was made in Columbia.

I got a cup of meal from a small cup after a few minutes of grounding. Grounding grains requires a lot of work and only a few people are willing to do it.

I would suggest that you get yourself an electric-powered grain Miller if you are like my girlfriend who doesn’t like using manually operated machines.

You will not have to stress yourself as everything will be done automatically with the push of one or several buttons.

It is better to grind your grains yourself than it is to buy them at the market.

Is It Cheaper To Grind Your Flour?

When you can just get an already grounded one from the market, why should you waste your time grinding your flour?

Aside from the fact that it will help them save money, there are a lot of other reasons people do that. You can learn why it is cheaper to grind your flour than buy it already grounded.

Grinding Your Grain Is Cheaper

There is something about buying and grinding that a lot of people don’t realize. You will often be charged for the services that are rendered.

It makes sense to do the grinding yourself and save some money. Are you sure that you think so?

Freshly Ground Grain Is Healthier

When a grain is opened up, the protective covering is no longer there, so it’s easier for them to lose some of its nutritive value, depending on how long the grain has been grounded.

You can’t tell how long it has been since you ground your grain, but this isn’t the same as at the grocery store.

Freshly Ground Grain Tastes Better

One thing about flour is that it doesn’t only lose its nutritive value once it’s getting older, but also loses its taste as well.

If you have ever tasted wheat bread that has been freshly grounded, then you can attest to this claim.

Those made from fresh ground wheat will taste better than those that have been around for a long time.

Is Grinding Your Own Flour Worth It?

It is worth it because it will help you to save money which you can use to settle other pressing issues and it will also allow you to savor the enormous benefits loaded in it.

Is Grinding Your Own Flour Healthy?

You already know what the answer to this question is. Forget about what has been written on the nylon packaging of the flour.

The reason for this is that freshly ground flour doesn’t have the same nutrition value as the ones at your grocery store.

Grains that are pre-milled go through a lot of processing which strips some of the vitamins and minerals from them.

The amount of time spent on processing combined with the amount of exposure they go through can result in a further reduction of this nutrient.


How To Crush Grain Without A Mill?

If you don’t have a mill, there are a variety of ways to crush grain.

One way I have found to be effective is to put the grain in a zip lock bag, lay it flat on a flat surface, and then roll a pin on it until you get the results you want.

If you put the grains inside a plastic bag and hit them with a hard object, it will take a lot of time.

If you want to ground a larger amount of grains, then you should get a grain grinder instead of using a small number of grains.


The only way to ground grains with a meat grinder is if you have a few grain mill attachments.

The meat grinder can be transformed by this attachment, making them suitable for many purposes.

The quality of the grain you get from a meat grinder can’t be compared to what a grain mill will give you.

You should invest in a quality grain grinder to save your meat grinder from stress.

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