What to Do If Chest Freezer Does Not Work After a Power Outage?

Even though power outages are a nuisance, they will sometimes cause your chest freezer not to work even after the power comes back.

When this happens, what action should you take to make sure your freezer works again, and that food doesn’t go bad?

We consulted the experts about what to do when there is a power failure.

The power control shutting off automatically, freezer outlet tripping, or the freezer just needing time to turn back on are some of the reasons your chest freezer could have stopped working. 

If you want your freezer to cool again, you should do these steps.

  • Check the chest freezer’s main circuit breaker.
  • Check the control panel.
  • Re-set the freezer GFCI outlet.
  • Give your freezer time to cool.
  • Inspect the freezer power cord.
  • Check for any failure of the freezer component.

After a power outage, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your food. Continue reading for more information on how to fix your chest freezer.

How Can I Troubleshoot My Chest Freezer After a Power Outage?

When the power comes back, turn on your chest freezer immediately.

You need to find out what the problem is and get your freezer to work as soon as possible because sometimes that doesn’t happen. There are some basic steps to follow.

Check The Freezer’s Control Panel

If you have a chest freezer that is connected to a control panel, there is a chance of a power outage. If the control panel is malfunctioning, turn it on.

Check The Chest Freezer’s Main Circuit Breaker

If your freezer doesn’t turn on after the power is back, then you need to check the circuit breaker and see if it went off.

There was a power outage that could have caused the circuit breaker to malfunction. If you find that it’s off, turn it back on so that your freezer doesn’t get cold again.

Give The Freezer Time to cool

When the power comes back but there are hardly any signs of cooling you should wait at least 15 minutes for the freezer to cool down.

Re-set The Freezer GFCI Outlet

If your freezer is connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter, you need to check it.

It could have tripped if the power went out. Press the reset button to let the power back into the freezer.

Failure Of A Freezer Component/Part

A part or component in your freezer may have been damaged if you don’t turn your freezer back on. If you don’t know which part it is, you can replace it.

Inspect The Freezer Power Cord

In rare instances, a power outage can cause damage to the power cord or plug because it could have shorted out. There will be a need to replace the cord or plug here.

Is It Possible for a Chest Freezer to Have a Reset Button?

Most chest freezers do not work that way. reset buttons are set back ON after a power outage.

How to Reset a Chest Freezer After a Power Outage?

To reset your chest freezer after a power failure, press the reset button and hold both Up and Down arrows at the same time as you plug back the outlet cord.

You can immobilize the control lock by pressing the alarm reset button and holding it for 3 seconds. The #1 setting will be displayed when the Up arrow is pressed three times.

Continue to press the Up arrow, and then apply the settings that you want.

Chest Freezer

Is It Possible for a Power Outage to Damage a Freezer?

When there is a power outage, the damage to your freezer usually takes place when the power comes back, which could be higher or lower than the normal amount.

It is highly unlikely that your chest freezer will get damaged because of a surge caused by a higher voltage. It will most likely be vulnerable when the power is off.

Heavy appliances, like your chest freezer, are more likely to be damaged if the voltage is lower than ideal.

This happens when the motor doesn’t get enough power to start, or when the wires are too hot.

What to Do with Your Freezer When There Is a Power Failure?

If you have a tight working schedule, storing a lot of food in your chest freezer will make it easier to plan your meals.

So, what do you do if the power goes out and you don’t know how long it will take to get it back?

As early as this situation, you need to start following these tips to save your food from going bad:

Stock Up Ice in Your Freezer

If the power has been out longer than usual, you can stock up on ice in your freezer.

If you have to open your freezer, you may be able to add a block of ice to prolong the life of your freezer.

It’s better to use ice blocks as they last longer than smaller pieces of ice. Dry ice is more efficient than normal ice, so it would be your best option.

Cover The Freezer With Blankets

It is possible to insulate your chest freezer by covering it with a few blankets. You don’t want the vent to be blocked when the power comes back, so make sure you don’t cover the vent.

Do Not Open Your Freezer

The warm air at the top comes from the cold air at the bottom of your chest freezer.

If you open the freezer door, you’ll get more warm air in, which will use up the cold air in the freezer to keep it cool.

It’s possible to cool your freezer between 48 to 72 hours without power by doing this.

How to Identify If the Chest Freezer Is Broken?

It’s expected that your freezer will work normally after power is back, but if it doesn’t, the following signs.

The Humming stops and Lights are out

The freezer will probably break down if the internal light does not turn back on when the electricity comes back, even if you flick the trip switch ON.

The compressor is most likely damaged if the lights turn back on after the gentle humming sound has stopped.

Chest Freezer

Warm Freezer

If the freezer is getting warm instead of cooling, the motor fan may have stopped working signaling that it is broken.

Knocking sounds

The motor shaft or compressor fly-wheel could be loose if your freezer produces sounds like banging, knocking, or clatter.

It could also mean that the fan in your freezer is malfunctioning. That is the reason that it is making a lot of noise.


If the power goes out for a while, you don’t need to worry as your freezer will work the same as it did before.

Power can come back as a surge or low voltage, posing a risk to your electrical appliances.

Low voltage is likely to cause serious damage to your freezer because it’s not a major risk to a heavy appliance like it.

Power failure doesn’t necessarily mean that the chest freezer isn’t working.

It’s possible to get it back to normal working conditions in a matter of minutes. It is important to identify when it is broken so that you can find a viable solution.

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