How Many Mugs Should I Have

It wouldn’t hurt to have more than enough mugs in your home; it is much better that way because you don’t want to run out of mugs when the need arises. I have come across this question many times “how many mugs should I have’’ that will depend on the number of people in your household and how regularly they use mugs.

Mugs and cups are daily essential kitchenware and if not taken care of, can wear out easily because of its constant use, therefore cups and mugs should be kept safe in your kitchen cabinet. In case you need 12 mugs sets for your large family, it will be much more affordable to have and can save you some money.


When it comes to purchasing mugs or cups, one of the most frequently asked questions is how many mugs should I have? This depends on the size of your family. In other words, the size of your family will help you know how many mugs or cups you need in your home.

how many mugs should I have - sets of 6 Royal doulton mugs

For instance, a newly wedded couple can comfortably use four mugs; two mugs for each person. When you start having children, it means you have to buy more. So, a family of four needs eight mugs; two mugs for each person.

A family of six needs about 24 mugs(sets of 6 that is 4 packs) or should have 24 mugs; two mugs for each person and guests or visitors could use others.

If you live alone, we recommend you go for a set of 4 Mugs or a single set of 6 Mugs. You could keep two for your personal use and the others for visitors or friends.

Sweese stackable Mug set Coffee Mugs for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

Like I said earlier, the size of your family will help you decide so that in the end you won’t have too many mugs sitting on your kitchen counter or cabinet.


Do you have too many coffee mugs at home? Are you tired of seeing lots of coffee mugs in your cabinet? Do you get discouraged each time you open your cabinet and see those coffee mugs glaring at you? If yes, then this article is for you.

Now the question is what do you do with many coffee mugs? There are lots of things you can do with coffee mugs especially when you have too many. Before deciding what to do with your coffee mugs, first of all take out the ones you and your family members will make use of at home.

You can do the following with coffee mugs:

  1. Give them as a gift to friends
  2. Use them to plant herbs
  3. Use them as measuring cups
  4. Reinvent your mugs by breaking and mosaicking
  5. Sell your old mugs and make some money
  6. Use them for storage
  7. Transform coffee mugs into DIY décor
  8. Upcycle your mugs into candle holders
  9. Use your old mug to keep your desk organized
  10. Upcycle an old mug into a bird feeder


Have you been thinking of how to store your vast collection of mugs so that they look neat and attractive? If yes, this is the right article for you because we will be discussing what to do with mug collection.

coffee mug display collection wall mounted shelf

Mugs come in different lovely colours and designs. They are used for drinking hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. They hold a larger amount of fluid than other types of cups and usually have handles.

Your mug collection can be used to decorate your house. You can do a DIY mug collection display shelve or turn mugs into art by using hanging mug rack.

Rustic wood coffee rack mug collection display

Displaying your mug collections in a DIY shelve or hanging mug rack brightens up your home and gives it an elegant and classy look. When next your friends come around, they won’t be able to take their eyes off your mug collection. They’ll just keep admiring.


There are a thousand and one ways to store coffee mugs, first, you should consider the size of your kitchen before creating your cabinet for mug storage, let me help you jog your mind on a few creative ways on how to store coffee mugs in the cabinet.


Life Unit Mug Holder Tree

This one is a wooden holder tree extremely sturdy and stable, make it easy for you to air dry your cups and mugs after washing.


Adjustable Mug Rack Coffee Mug Holder Under Cabinet

Easy to install, no need to drill, you can fix the cup holder well by adjusting the cup holder according to your cabinet size.


cabinet hook mug rack

These coffee mug holders are made of heavy duty iron material that cannot be easily bent. It can securely hold mug under cabinet.


First of all, let’s refresh our memory with the definition of a coffee cup. A coffee cup is a container that coffee and espresso -based drinks are served in.

Coffee cups are typically made of glazed ceramic and have a single handle for portability while the beverage is hot.

Ceramic construction allows a beverage to be drunk while hot, providing insulation to the beverage, and quickly washed with cold water without fear of breakage, compared to typical glassware.

A coffee cup may also be a disposable cup in which hot beverages, including coffee, can be contained. Disposable coffee cups may be made out of paper or polystyrene foam

A new alternative trend sees consumers purchasing reusable coffee cups instead of disposable cups as a more sustainable approach to coffee consumption becomes more popular.

These can include bamboo cups, americano cups made from polypropylene as well as other organic materials such as starch and paper pulp.

Below are some ideas on what to do with coffee cups;

  1. Use your coffee cup as a desktop basketball when you are done with your coffee drink
  2. Use your coffee cup as a mini garden
  3. If your desk if covered with pencils and pens, use a coffee cup as a pencil holder.
  4. If you are an Art Lover, use a bunch of coffee cups to make a sculpture or just stack them up into a castle or fort, use them to make a coffee cup pyramid.
  5. Make poker chips by cutting off the bottom of the coffee cup. It is useful when you lost one or two for a game at home.
  6. You could also use the recycled coffee cup as a mini recycle bin for post-it notes and other recyclables.
  7. Organize ponytail ties, hair bows, bobby pins, and clips.
  8. Make them into decorative candles or candle holders.
  9. Organize your makeup. You could use them to hold lipstick, eyeliner, and makeup brushes.
  10. Organize the craft room. They can hold pins, buttons, scissors, paintbrushes, etc
  11. Toothbrush holder.


Above, I have answered the question of; “how many mugs should I have”? Now, that you are aware of the number of mugs you could owe, Let’s talk generally about what a Mug is?

First, a Mug is an informal vessel for drinking coffee or tea, as opposed to a china tea cup or a demitasse espresso cup. A Mug is also a large deep cup with straight sides and a handle, used for hot drinks.

Generally, a Mug could be said to be a Large Cup, typically cylindrical with a handle and used without a saucer. A drinking cup, usually cylindrical in shape, having a handle, and often of a heavy substance, as earthenware. 

The types of Mugs we have are;

insulated travel mug with handle and Lid, Dishwasher safe
Insulated Travel Mug with Handle and Lid- Dishwasher safe

Travel Mugs

Trendy coffee and tea mug
The Lake Is My Happy Place Trendy Coffee & Tea Gift Mug Cup

Trendy Mugs

Unique mug
Unique Mug – Clay in Motion Hand-warmer Mug

Unique Mugs

Soup Mug
Uncommon Clay 18oz Mug for Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Soup, Cereal, Ice Cream Handmade in the USA 

Soup Mugs

Double Walled Anti-scalding with Coasters Insulated Espresso Cups Cappuccino Clear Mugs
Double Walled Anti-scalding with Coasters Insulated Espresso Cups Cappuccino Clear Mugs

Espresso Mugs

Eco friendly Mug - Lightweight & Eco-Friendly | Traditional Wooden Cup
überleben Dursten Kuksa | Wood Camp Mug | Lightweight & Eco-Friendly | Traditional Wooden Cup

Eco-Friendly Mugs

coffee mug sets with spoons
Coffee Café Americano 8Piece 14 Ounce Mug Set with Spoons

Mugs with Spoons

Novelty Coffee Mug
Don’t Speak! Funny Coffee Mug – 13 oz Glass – Cool Novelty Birthday Gift for Men, Women, Husband or Wife 

Novelty Mugs

Below, I will share with you how to store your mugs;


Everyone wants their kitchen and Dining to be free from so many mugs, plates, and other kitchen Appliances. There are times you declutter your home and Kitchen, especially when moving into a new home or you want to give out your excess mugs as a gift to others.

In any way, we all want a well-organized kitchen, Cabinet and Dining. At times, we might run out of ideas on how to properly store our mugs. Another beautiful thing about mugs is that they can be decorated as an Art in our homes giving them another sense of use.

Below are best 18 creative ways to store mugs;

  1. Wire Spool Mug Rack
  2. Hand-lettered Wall Sign with Storage Hooks
  3. Industrial Countertop Mug Organizer
  4. Wall-mounted Pipes with Mug Hooks and Storage Caddies
  5. Mug Cubby Shelves
  6. Reclaimed Wood Mug Hanger with Rustic Hook
  7. A-frame Mug Shelves
  8. Decorative Under-cupboard Mounted Mug Hanger
  9. Oversized Rustic Wall Rack for Mugs
  10. Wineglass and Coffee Mug Storage
  11. Country-style Wire Storage Crates and Mug Hanger
  12. Mini-pallet Coffee Mug Rack
  13. Minimalist White Mug Storage Shelves
  14. Cupboard-shelf Mounted Mug Hanger
  15. Brushed-nickel Mug Hanger
  16. Wall-mounted Dish Rack
  17. Add under-shelf hooks
  18. Try a wire basket


Rustic coat rack wall shelf with hook

One of the best ways to Organize your coffee mugs is by hanging them. It is a decorative method of showing off your most favorite mugs. The most popular way of hanging coffee mugs is using a stainless-steel rail under the cabinet.

Coffee Hanging Mug Barnyard Design Organizer Rack

You could also use a hook and place them in an empty space in your house or still yet under the cabinet. This way you save space within your kitchen and Dining area.

Whenever it comes to hanging coffee mugs, be creative. Hang your coffee mugs on vertical spaces by installing a hook on a wooden board that will hold the mugs.

Large Bamboo Mug Rack wall mounted coffee cup Organizer

Thirdly, another way of hanging coffee mugs is by using a PEG BOARD. With the Peg Board, you can put your mugs in place with hooks.

Coffee Mug Rack Large Organizers and Storage Mug Holder

With peg board, you can arrange your mugs in tons of different ways—maybe even tell a story, about your experiences or travels—until you find a look that works for you.

3 Tier Kitchen Coffee Mug Holder Organizer

Lastly, never underestimate yourself when it comes to hanging coffee mugs, you could try out this DIY coffee Bar hanging Mug cabinet.


It’s quite difficult to talk about how many mugs you should have, without talking about dinnerware sets. Dinnerware sets are common use in every home and Kitchen.

Dinnerware sets come in various brands, shapes, and sets.  Some dinnerware sets are without mugs and cups while some dinnerware sets are square in shape.

Before deciding the number of Dinnerware sets you should have, decide on the versatile nature of the dinnerware set, can it be microwaved? What about dishwasher safe, lead, or cadmium free dinnerware set like Corelle?

We recommend that for every home, a six to sixteen place settings dinner sets is a good number. As you’ll be using these often, you’ll have plenty of dishes to use while some are in the dishwasher.

Secondly, you could also go for 8-12 settings dinnerware sets which means 32-72 pieces. So when you see a 16-piece set, you’ll need to register for 2-3 sets.

Corelle Winter Frost Dinnerware Set - 38 Piece
Corelle Winter Frost White Dinnerware Set (38-Piece, Service for 12)

We would recommend having eight to 12 five-piece place settings dinnerware sets to ensure you have enough dinnerware for general use and entertaining.

If you’re buying two sets – one for every day and another for formal use – you might choose four to six casual place settings dinnerware sets and up to 12 formal place settings.

For a family of four, we recommend you get a set of four dinnerware sets including dishes and drinking glasses.

Finally, how many dinnerware sets to have depends on you and your lifestyle. If you don’t have enough space and you live alone, kindly get 2 sets of dinnerware sets, it will be enough for you.


Hardly there is any home that is without a Plate. Plates are used daily for serving food. It is one of the most used Kitchens and Dining utensils.

Are you just starting a family? Is your family large? Or do you want to gift a plate to a newlywed? Whatever the case might be, we all want to get the right sets of plates that can suit all occasions.

For example, if your dining has from 4 to 6 chairs, we recommend you need a set of 10 to 12 sets of Plates. This is recommended because there will more plates available for guests.

Do you live alone, I would recommend 6 sets of dishes 2 of which serve 12 people. If you’re serving a full meal, buffet style, we suggest ordering 1.75 times as many plates as you have guests.

This will allow people to go up for seconds and leave room for mishaps or last-minute guests. So, for a guest list of 25, you’ll need 44 plates. For a guest list of 50, you’ll need 88 plates.

Dessert plates are a little bit tricky because the type of food that you’re serving might change this number. But, as a general rule, we advise getting 1.25 plates per guest.


I live with my husband and three teenage boys and we all love taking coffee. We used to have five mugs; one mug for each person but I decided to purchase extra mugs.

I did this because sometimes we take coffee or hot chocolate drink twice in day and my kids sometimes use our mugs (my husband and i) when they’ve used theirs and feel kind of lazy to wash them. They still wash them anyways.

So, when people ask me questions like how many mugs do you have? I tell them ten. I have ten mugs; two mugs for each person. When I got the extra mugs, my kids were very happy and my husband appreciated me too.

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