How To Defrost A Bottom-Freezer Drawer?

Excess humidity can be caused by malfunctioning freezers that have drain lines that are not functioning.

The ice can build up at the bottom of the freezer drawer because the water stays in the appliance. How can you change the temperature of the freezer drawer?

We have gathered the information for your convenience after looking into the question.

The steps to thaw the bottom drawer of the freezer can be found here.

  • Turn off the freezer.
  • The removal of the bottom compartment might be hampered if the top drawer is not removed.
  • Remove the drawer from the freezer.
  • Remove the drawer and place a bowl with hot water in it.
  • Allow the temperature to get too hot.
  • The drawer and other parts need to be put into the freezer.

Some freezer models have unique features that can help defrost their bottom freezer drawers faster than the average model.

To help you thaw the ice from the freezers, we’ve researched them and given you the steps to do it. The answers to other questions about the bottom freezer drawers can be found here.

Defrosting a Bottom Freezer Drawer

It’s important to follow the appropriate steps to thaw a bottom freezer drawer. You should hurry with this task because taking it slow can increase the rate of spoilage for your foods.

If you messily do some of the steps, you might increase the risks of harm to the freezer and yourself. The steps to thaw a bottom freezer drawer are listed here.

Turn Off the Power

You should always remember that you are dealing with electrical equipment. Near live electricity, water near it can be dangerous.

It is necessary to turn off the power from the freezer or the flow of electricity to the appliance completely.

Remove the Top Drawer

If you want to remove the top drawer, you have to look for black tabs near the runners. If you want to avoid scratching the ceiling and walls of the freezer, make sure to be gentle.

Remove the Bottom Drawer

The drawer at the bottom of the freezer needs to be removed. The railing that secures the drawer may need to be removed from some models.

It’s a good idea to read your owner’s manual to learn how to remove this part.

Bottom-Freezer Drawer

Place a Bowl with Hot Water in the Removed Drawer

Take out the bottom freezer drawer and place a bowl of hot water in it.

Allow the Hot Temperature to Melt the Ice

The reasonably hot temperature should cause the ice in the drawer to melt. It is possible to remove ice from the drawer’s walls with a wooden spoon or blunt tool.

Use a clean cloth to dry the compartment after removing the melted ice from the drawer.

Return the Removed Parts

If you want to return the railing, line it up with its track. Push one side towards you, and then push the other side back.

You should hear a clicking or snapping sound when you hear the part is secure. The process should be the same on the other side of the part.

The power to the appliance should be restored after the drawer is returned to the freezer.

How Can I Defrost a Samsung Bottom Drawer Freezer?

The Force Defrost feature is found in many of the freezers.

The steps to force a defrost operation on their bottom drawer freezers are the same as below for many SAMSUNG models.

  • The buttons for the Energy Saver and Power Cool can be pressed at the same time.
  • The built-in display will shut off if the buttons are held for more than 12 seconds.
  • The freezer will be forced to enter forced freeze mode 2 if the Power Cool button is pressed again.
  • To make the appliance run the forced defrost mode 5 protocol, you need to press the same button two more times.

This operation may affect the entire appliance, not just the bottom drawer.

To avoid ruining the appliance and ruining the food inside, it is advisable to consult the instruction manual before putting it into Forced Defrost mode.

How To Force Defrost A Whirlpool Bottom Freezer?

The steps that make up the Force Defrost feature in a bottom freezer are different from those found in other models. Those are the steps.

  • Wait until the built-in display shuts off before holding the door.
  • Press the minus sign on the freezer door three times within 10 seconds.
  • The display should show the letters FD if you open the door and switch on the door switch.
  • Press the minus sign if you want to confirm the operation.

If you want to switch between long and short Force Defrost cycles, you can press the plus (+) symbol.

If the bottom freezer has a lot of ice, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a longer-than-average defrost cycle.

How Long Will It Take to Defrost a Freezer Drawer?

Depending on the method used, the time it takes for the freezer drawer to thaw depends on it.

The ice should start to melt within a few minutes if you leave it to melt at a room temperature of 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ice can start melting at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). If you pour boiling water over the ice in the freezer drawer, it will thaw quicker.

When pouring hot water over a frozen surface, do take precautions because it can damage the material.

It is possible that the freezer drawer can break. It can take about 20 minutes to thaw the ice build-up in a freezer model with Force Defrost features.

Fastest Way To Defrost A Freezer Compartment Drawer

If you want to quickly thaw the freezer compartment, you can use boiling water on the ice. It can be the fastest way to thaw your freezer drawer, but that method can be risky.

You can thaw the freezer compartment drawer by placing a plastic or ceramic bowl with boiling water in it.

If you place the drawer outside to thaw at room temperature, the steam will help melt the ice quicker.

Then, use a wooden spoon or a deicing agent to remove ice from the ceiling and walls of the freezer compartment drawer.

Bottom-Freezer Drawer

How Can I Fix Ice in the Bottom of a Freezer?

Ice build-up at the bottom of the freezer can cause a problem with the appliance.

The inside of the freezer can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can lead to food being spoiled.

There are some steps you can take to fix the ice in your freezer.

  • The freezer may be unplugged from the wall outlet or the power may be cut to the appliance.
  • Remove the affected bins and shelves from the freezer by emptying the food items from it.
  • Under the freezer’s light bulb, ground wires should be disconnected.
  • Carefully removing the rear panel of the freezer will expose the coil.
  • If you want to remove ice, set the handheld hair dryer to the lowest setting.

The tray or bin should be prepared to catch the water that forms after melting the ice. 2 cups of hot water and a small amount of baking soda are all that is needed.

The remaining ice will flow through the drain line if this solution is used. The flow of power to the freezer should be returned once everything is finished.

If you don’t do this process quickly, you will increase the rate of spoilage of your food.


To thaw the bottom drawer of your freezer, start by removing the appliance from the mains. The top drawer might be blocking the removal of the bottom compartment.

Place a bowl of hot water in the freezer drawer to melt the ice. After the ice is gone, put the drawer and other parts in the freezer.

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