How To Make Sure The Freezer Door Is Closed?

Have you ever opened your freezer, grabbed something, only to come back and find the door is agape?

You are concerned that the food will not be as cold as it should be because it didn’t shut properly.

We consulted the experts to explain what causes the freezer door to not shut properly, and how to fix the issue.

There are several reasons that your freezer door might refuse to close, among them being that the door is carrying too much weight, the hinges are loose or not aligned correctly, and the gasket is not sealed properly. 

You can make sure your freezer door is closed by doing one or more of the following.

  • Remove bulky and heavy items.
  • Level the feet of your freezer.
  • Tighten the hinges.
  • Replace the damaged hinges.
  • Rearrange the shelves.
  • Clean the gasket.
  • Re-attach the gasket.
  • Has the seal been replaced?
  • Re-magnetize the door.
  • Replace the door.

Continue reading to understand why your freezer door isn’t closing, and learn how to ensure it closes properly each time you open it.

How to Make My Freezer Door Stay Closed?

When you go back to get something else, it can be very frustrating because you found it ajar when you closed the freezer door.

The first thing you should do if your freezer door isn’t closing is to diagnose the problem.

Make sure that your freezer door stays shut after you open it to get food, by applying the recommended methods below.

Replace the Door

Your door might have been damaged so badly that you will never be able to open it again.

One can decide to buy a new fridge in such circumstances. It may be cheaper to replace an entire door than it is to buy a new fridge.

Freezer Door

Re-magnetize the Door

Magnetic power is sometimes used to close freezer models. If it doesn’t close properly, the magnetic power could have faded or it could have been lost with time.

If you want this repaired, call in a professional to re-magnetize the door.

Have the Seal Replaced

If your gasket is damaged or old, you can replace it with a new one to provide a good seal to your freezer.

As per the model of your freezer, you need to replace it with the correct one.

Carefully follow the instructions in your freezer manual, remove the old gasket, clean the grooves, and install the new gasket. Make sure it works well when you test it a few times.

Reattach the Gasket

A lot of opening and closing of the door will occur as your freezer gets older. This can cause it to fall apart. The door will remain gaping even if you try to close it many times.

You don’t have to buy a gasket. Use your manual to connect it correctly and firmly, and take precautions to use the recommended glue or glue as per your freezer model.

Clean the Gasket

The rubber seal runs all around the freezer door.

If you don’t pay attention to the gasket when cleaning the rest of the freezer, dirt and grime can build up until the door doesn’t close firmly.

To clean the entire rubber seal, damp a piece of cloth or sponge with water and wash it. If it has too much grease, you can use dish soap or white vinegar.

Rearrange the Shelves

Sometimes the door won’t close because the food is in a disorganized state inside the freezer. One tray may be filled with a lot of food while others are partially empty.

The full tray can cause food to be packed tightly until it touches the door, which can prevent it from closing properly. It is possible to solve this by distributing food evenly in all the trays.

Replace the Damaged Hinges

If the hinges have been damaged, the door might not close at all. It is possible that they could have been rusted.

If this is the case, you don’t have to replace the door or the entire freezer. Replacing the old hinges will give your door a new lease on life.

Tighten the Hinges

Your freezer will experience wear and tear as a result of being opened and closed many times per day. The hinges on the door can be damaged by this.

You don’t need to tighten your hinges if they are not that bad. The hinge at the top may be the only one that needs to be tightened because it experiences the most stress.

Check the hinges, including the ones at the bottom, to make sure they are working correctly. If they are loose, you need to tighten them until the door is right.

You should always check your freezer manual to make sure you follow the correct way to tighten the hinges.

Level the Feet of Your Freezer

The gasket on your door can not be sealed because the freezer is not leveled. Place a bubble on top of the freezer to check the levelness if you suspect the problem.

If you confirm it to be true, check what is causing it. It could be that you propped one or more feet up on something. You can simply take it out here.

It might be due to one or more of the feet being slightly higher than the rest. Since most freezers have legs made from large bolts, you can level the freezer by using a pair of pliers.

Keep checking until your freezer is completely level. Maybe the floor on which you have your freezer is not even.

You may have to move your freezer to a ground that even after you find this to be true.

Freezer Door

Remove Bulky and Heavy Items from the Door

If you put a lot of milk or other items in the freezer door, you could be in serious trouble. They can block the door from closing.

If this is the case, you should put them in a different part of the freezer.

The door may not align properly if heavy items are present. Some items should be moved to other parts of the freezer to reduce their weight.

How to Improve My Freezer Door Seal?

If your freezer door is not sealed properly, you can clean it with water and dishwashing soap.

When the vinyl on the gasket dries up, you can coat it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly using your fingers, especially in areas that have small air gaps.

If the air gaps are too large, you may have to replace the gasket, because petroleum jelly won’t fix the gaps.

Why Is My Freezer Door Keep Opening?

If you discover that your freezer door isn’t closing well, find out what the problem is and get it fixed as soon as possible.

One or more of the methods mentioned in numbers 1 to 10 can be used to find out why your door keeps opening and then repair it.

How to Fix a Freezer Compartment Door?

If you have too much frost in your freezer compartment, it can cause the door to not close.

If the compartment door is badly damaged or has a crack, use an FDA-approved glue to seal it, and follow the instructions on the freezer manual.


The first thing to do when your freezer door is not closing is to find out what is causing it, and then repair it as per your freezer manual so that it continues to serve you efficiently for longer.

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