How To Freeze Watermelon?

When eating watermelon, it is common to end up with more leftovers than other fruit. It’s possible to freeze a leftover watermelon, but what should you do with it?

Is there anything else you can do with the frozen watermelons? The answers were summed up in this post after we looked these up for you.

It is possible to freeze a watermelon in three easy steps. The instructions are simple to follow.

  • Prepare the watermelon.
  • Cool it until it hardens.
  • To further freeze it, transfer it to a container.

Depending on your preferences, watermelon can be frozen in several ways. 

They are usually cut into smaller pieces to make it quicker and more efficient to freeze.

Before they go bad, frozen watermelons can be used in several recipes. While freezing prolongs shelf life, use them at their freshest and you will get better tasting results.

Continue reading for more information on how to make watermelons last longer, how to use them when frozen, and how to freeze them.

The Best Way To Freeze Watermelons

The best way to freeze watermelon is to cut it in half. Watermelons are larger in appearance than other fruits.

It makes them more difficult to freeze since it would take longer, and they may take up too much freezer space.

There’s no doubt that watermelons would freeze well because of their 92 percent water content.

The freezing process is very straightforward. Below are some of the steps that are elaborated.

Preparing The Watermelon

The way you prepare watermelon depends on how you will be consuming it. It’s possible to freeze it whole, but it takes more time to freeze it completely.

Cutting it into slices or cubes is an efficient way to prepare it. It saves space by allowing the fruit to freeze quicker.

You can leave the watermelon’s rinds when you slice it, but cutting them off makes it easier to freeze and use.

It’s a good idea to separate the rinds if you’re planning on using them in different recipes. The seeds need to be removed in part of the preparation.

It makes them harder to take out when you leave them in the watermelon. It allows you to use the watermelons on the go, or simply add them to a recipe.

Flash-Freezing The Watermelon

Watermelons have a lot of water compared to other fruit. When they are brought to a freeze immediately, it could cause the slices to stick because it is easier to freeze them.

It’s important to flash freeze them before letting them freeze any further. If you want to freeze the watermelon, place it on a tray.

Leave enough space between the slices to prevent them from sticking to each other.

If you need to remove thinner slices, line the tray with wax paper or parchment paper. Leave them in the freezer for about 2 hours until they become firm.

Final Freezing The Watermelon

They need to be prepared for final freezing and storage after flash freezing. The slices should be taken to a freezer-safe container or bag.

You can add sugar to the container or bag to retain its sweet taste.

It’s a good idea to keep them in the freezer to extend their shelf life. You have the option to take them out whenever you need them.

What Can I Do With Frozen Watermelons?

You can make use of frozen watermelon in a lot of different ways. The fruit’s overall quality and flavor are preserved by freezing it.

Thawing slices or cubes might affect the texture, so they work better for recipes that don’t require them to be frozen.

The recipes you can make with frozen watermelons are listed below:


Easy Watermelon Smoothie

There is nothing wrong with a watermelon smoothie. Here’s how you can make a refreshing drink.

  • You should prepare frozen watermelon, fresh milk, sugar, and ice.
  • If you would like to add other fruits, we suggest using strawberries or bananas.
  • Start with the fruits, sugar, and milk, then add the rest of your ingredients into the blender.
  • If it’s necessary, you can add water to the mix.
  • You have to blend them until you have a smooth texture.
  • If you want to blend them again, add the ice.
  • The drink needs to be served in a glass.
  • It should be topped with more fruit slices.

Mini Watermelon Ice Pops

During the summer, ice pops are a fun treat to try. You can begin with the instructions below.

  • The frozen watermelon needs to be removed.
  • If it was frozen whole, you can slice it into wedges or cubes.
  • Take a popsicle stick and poke each slice with it.
  • Put the popsicles on the tray with the parchment paper.
  • Give them about an hour or two of refreezing to make them hold better.
  • They need to be popped out when they are serving.

If you have a popsicle mold, these steps can be followed:

  • Half a cup of water is all you need to blend the frozen watermelon.
  • Continue Blending until it becomes smooth.
  • If you need more water and sugar, you can do that.
  • The popsicle molds should be filled with the mix.
  • Take them out of the freezer until they are ready.

Refreshing Watermelon Sorbet

For a healthier ice cream option, consider making a watermelon sorbet.

  • The frozen watermelon, lime juice, water, and sweetened syrup need to be prepared.
  • The watermelons and lime juice should be put into the food processor.
  • Be careful with the blend you make, you can also use a blender.
  • The texture of the watermelon is smooth when blended.
  • Add a small amount of syrup, then blend.
  • You have to repeat this step until you achieve your preferred sweetness.
  • If it’s not too sweet, add a small amount of water to blend.
  • You have to keep repeating this until you get the consistency you want.
  • Serve in a bowl or cup after you’ve finished.

Iced Watermelon Juices

Adding a touch of watermelon ice cubes to your usual watermelon juice recipe will add a twist. It is possible to make them by following the steps.

  • The frozen watermelon, water, and ice mold should be prepared.
  • About 1/3 of the mold is left when the ice tray is filled with frozen watermelon.
  • It’s a good idea to not use all the watermelon.
  • Water must be added to the mold until the tray is full.
  • They must be stored in the freezer until they are completely hardened.
  • To make the watermelon smooth, blend the watermelon with sugar or syrup and water.
  • The watermelon ice cubes are great to serve with the juice.

On-The-Go Watermelon Bites

These watermelon bites are a cold snack that you can take on the go. The instructions should be followed as follows:

  • The watermelon cubes should be taken from the bag or freezer container.
  • Place the bowl of gelatin in a container.
  • Make sure to coat the watermelon cubes well after dipping them in the bowl one at a time.
  • After coating each watermelon cube, place it on a tray lined with paper.
  • The toothpick should be inserted into the watermelon cube.
  • The cubes should be kept in the freezer for 2 hours or so.
  • Before serving, allow them to sit for a few minutes.

What Happens When You Freeze A Whole Watermelon?

There are changes in the texture of watermelon when it is frozen. Cut watermelons will not freeze as well as Whole watermelons.

They have high water content, but also have a lot of air in them. When they are frozen, the water expands, but the air shrinks.

There is a chance that the inside of the watermelon isn’t frozen completely. You can expect it to change in texture, particularly softer.

You don’t have to worry about freezing a watermelon for preservation if you have a big freezer. But generally, it is not a good idea.


How Long Will A Frozen Watermelon Last?

Watermelons can last as long as a year if they are frozen. They can be kept fresh for weeks with proper storage.

They must be kept under the right conditions to make sure they won’t spoil quickly. Whole watermelons can be kept at room temperature for a week or 10 days.

If the temperature is stable and the humidity is low, you can leave them on the kitchen counter.

You can get the best quality if you consume them within a week or two after you buy them. The quality of watermelon can be retained for a few weeks if it is stored in the fridge.

If you keep them whole, you can use them for 2 to 3 weeks at most. The watermelon should stay fresh for up to 5 days after it is cut.

It will likely last between 10 months and a year if you want to freeze it. Watermelon that has been frozen is good for a long time.

You can count down the months from when you cut them to when you freeze them, but they shouldn’t exceed 12 months.

It is important to keep in mind that freezing can affect the texture of the fruit and cause it to gain a puree-like consistency.

How to Identify If Watermelon Has Gone Bad?

You can tell the condition of watermelon by looking for patches of mold, either in a greenish-blue, black, or white color. Some watermelons will not show on the exterior.

Check to see if it has dark spots, a slimy coating, or is growing something fuzzy. Some watermelons won’t show signs even if they are spoiled.

If this is the case, you should smell or taste the fruit. The watermelon is not safe to eat if there is a foul odor or sourness. It’s still good to use if there are no signs.

How Can I Store Watermelon For A Long Time?

It’s a popular way to store fruit for long periods. The time it takes for food to be spoiled is slowed down by the activity of the enzymes.

It works the same with watermelons as it does with any other food product. They can remain in storage for up to 5 times their original life span if they are frozen.

The extension of watermelon’s shelf life can be achieved by providing a proper storage temperature.

There should be no sudden changes to the freezing temperature once the watermelon is under freezing conditions. It is recommended that the fruit be frozen for up to 12 months.

It is like other fruit in that its quality decreases over time. It provides you with fresh flavors when you consume them before this period.


It’s possible to store watermelon leftovers for extended periods. You have to prepare the watermelons, flash freeze them, and prepare them for final storage in the process.

When they are cut rather than whole, they freeze better. When the watermelon is frozen, it goes into different recipes with retained freshness and quality.

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