How Can I Thaw Ground Turkey Fast?

A ground turkey is an excellent source of calories. It can be used in many different types of recipes.

How do you thaw it quickly so you can use it for a great dinner recipe that you have in the back of your mind?

We turned to our meat experts for their advice and here’s what they came up with.

If you want to thaw your ground turkey quickly and safely, there are two ways to do it.

  • It’s possible to put it in the microwave and then use the defrost settings. It should be done in less than two minutes. 
  • A bowl of cold water can be used to submerge your ground turkey. Use the 1 pound to 1 hour rule for this and make sure you change the water every half hour.

Continue reading if you want to learn the safe ways to thaw your ground turkey so that you can use it to make a delicious dinner for your family.

We will tell you if you can cook it frozen and how to store ground turkey in your freezer so you can be sure of its freshness for a long time.

Is It Possible to Quickly Defrost Ground Turkey?

When someone is about to get hangry, we all have those moments where we need to fix something for dinner fast.

You can thaw ground turkey quickly with the help of the microwave, so having it in the freezer is a big help.

Transfer your frozen turkey to a microwave-safe dish and use the defrost setting after removing its packaging.

If you don’t have a unit that comes with this function, you can set the power to thaw your meat to 50%. It will be ready for cooking in less than two minutes.

Ground Turkey

Is It a Good Idea to Microwave Ground Turkey?

If you want to thaw your meat and poultry, you can use the microwave. There are specific instructions in your owner’s manual regarding the thawing process.

The main concern here is that you have to cook your turkey immediately after you thaw it.

Thawing it in the microwave has exposed it to extreme heat, and the outer portions might have already been partially cooked.

This is considered a danger zone for your food because it is prone to bacterial growth which could cause diseases.

How Can I Defrost Ground Turkey in Water?

If you have a few hours to spare before cooking time, meat experts recommend that you use the cold water technique because it will thaw your ground turkey more evenly.

Make sure your meat is in a sealed bag so that the water doesn’t get into it.

Change the water every half-hour so that it thaws continuously when it’s submerged in a bowl of cold water.

How Long Does a Frozen Ground Turkey Take to Thaw?

Depending on the method you use to thaw your ground turkey, the amount of time it will take will depend on its size.

It will take 12 to 24 hours to thaw your meat in the fridge, where it’s the safest. It would take about an hour for every pound of frozen turkey to be thawed using the cold water method.

It will only take a few minutes when you use the microwave. The general rule is one minute for every pound of ground meat that you thaw.

Ground Turkey

Safest Way to Thaw Ground Turkey

Transferring your ground turkey to the fridge is the safest way to thaw it, even if it isn’t the fastest way to thaw it.

The temperature can be kept to 40 degrees or lower to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. You won’t be in a hurry to cook it after it thaws because of this.

It will stay safe in the fridge for up to 2 days after being defrosted, giving you more time to plan the perfect dish for your family.

Is It Possible to Thaw Frozen Ground Turkey in Hot Water?

This is something that you should never do. It’s not a good idea to thaw your frozen meat and poultry in hot or warm water.

The temperature is good for the growth of harmful bacteria and increases the risk of food poisoning.

The three safe ways to thaw your turkey are in the fridge, cold water, and microwave. You can cook it in the freezer if there is no more time left.

How Long Can Frozen Ground Turkey Last?

You shouldn’t thaw your ground turkey on the counter, like any other meat or poultry. The room temperature can range from 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

You might end up with an upset stomach or worse if you don’t eat ground turkey because of this.

If you have a ground turkey that is sitting out for more than 2 hours, it is best to throw it away.

Is It Possible to Cook Ground Turkey from Frozen?

Even if you can’t wait until your ground turkey is completely thawed, it is safe to cook it even from its frozen state.

Do expect your cooking time to take longer, usually by 50%.

Make sure you wait until you reach the proper internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before serving it because you can cook it on your stovetop or oven.

Ground Turkey

How Can I Store Ground Turkey in the Freezer?

If you plan on stocking up on this healthy meat, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll keep their best quality in cold storage for up to 4 months.

The ground turkey needs to be fresh or at least a day past its sell-by date. You can keep it in its original packaging or separate it according to the amount of meat you need for cooking.

Wrap the ground turkey in foil and put it in a freezer-safe container. Before putting it in the freezer, make sure the container has a label on it.

It’s a good idea to have ground turkey in your freezer. You can thaw it, cook it from the freezer, and have a delicious meal ready in no time.

There are a lot of delicious recipes you can make with it such as spaghetti, sloppy joes, pesto meatballs, cheese meatballs, taco bowls, pan-seared dumplings, and turkey burgers, and the list goes on and on.

Yeah, it sounds amazing. Turkey isn’t just a dish you serve during special occasions, it can also make ordinary days a lot more special!


You can thaw your turkey in the microwave for a couple of minutes or place it in a bowl of cold water for an hour so that it will be ready for cooking.

You can use it as a healthy alternative to ground beef and enjoy the mild flavor that goes well with almost everything.

Not only can you enjoy turkey on Thanksgiving, but you can also enjoy it at any time of the year.

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