How Long Will Tofu Last Inside The Freezer?

Tofu is an excellent alternative to meat. You might want to stock up on this healthy and versatile plant-based food, but you might be concerned that it won’t do well in the freezer.

We asked expert cooks what they thought about this and here’s what they came up with.

Tofu doesn’t freeze very well. You can keep it in the freezer for up to 6 months if you store it well. You can be sure that it will retain its flavor during that period. 

Tofu’s texture is better after it’s been frozen making it the perfect ingredient for plant-based recipes.

We will show you how to properly store, thaw, and cook tofu with the tips from the experts.

It’s a good idea to have it on hand to make your best-loved tofu dishes and serve them to your friends and family.

How long can you freeze tofu?

Different kinds of tofu can be found. There are many types of silken, including firm, medium, ferment, and shredded.

Dressings and sauces can be made with the smooth silken type.

Tofu can be cut into smaller sizes to be used in dishes such as Mapo Tofu, tofu scramble, and the simple yet delicious fried garlic, salt, and pepper tofu nuggets.

Tofu can be frozen fairly well if you choose the right variety. It is not expected that the silken type will harden. When it thaws, it will have a very soft texture.

Tofu magic happens when it is frozen, which is why expert cooks love freezing the regular and firm varieties.

Tofu can be kept fresh for up to 6 months. Tofu can come out better after it is frozen. When you freeze them, they are more porous and ready to absorb all the flavors in your sauces.

Their chewier texture makes them the perfect healthier alternative to meat. You can cook them, bake, or grill them. Tofu kebabs, or grilled vegetables?


Is it possible for frozen tofu to go bad?

Tofu can be stored in the freezer for months and years, according to some. It is expected that its condition will get worse as time goes on.

If you want to get the best quality, consume your tofu within 6 months. Tofu might still be safe to eat, but its texture and flavor might not be the same after this period.

It’s a good idea to check the texture and smell of your tofu to make sure you’re not eating expired tofu. It’s a good idea to discard it if it’s slimy and has a sour smell.

If it seems off to you, you should trust your senses and not worry about having an upset stomach.

How Can I Keep Tofu Fresh for a Longer Time?

Tofu has a lot of health benefits and it is a shame to let it go to waste. Don’t worry, with proper storage, you can keep it fresh for longer.

Tofu stir fry or teriyaki can be enjoyed any time of the day. There are two ways to prolong the shelf life of tofu.

It will be good for up to 5 days if you store it in the fridge. It will stay fresh for up to six months in the freezer.


Storing tofu in the fridge

  • If you want to fill a container with water, get a container with a lid.
  • The tofu should be submerged in the water.
  • Make sure the container is tightly covered.
  • Plastic wrap can also be used to cover it.
  • The water should be changed now and then to keep tofu fresh.
  • It is recommended to consume within 3 to 5 days.

Storing tofu in the freezer

  • Tofu should be removed from its packaging.
  • Take out the water it came with.
  • The tofu press can be used to remove water from your tofu.
  • If you want to soak up the excess water, you can put a paper towel on top of your tofu.
  • The tofu should be sliced into cubes.
  • It will be easier for you to remove the portion that you need for cooking.
  • The cubes should be tightly covered with plastic wrap.
  • It’s best to put it inside a freezer-safe container.
  • Before storing it in the freezer, you should label it with the content and date.

How Can I Defrost Tofu?

If you want to cook tofu dishes such as spicy tofu lettuce wraps and vegan tofu breakfast burritos, you should thaw your tofu in one of the safe ways.

You can thaw it in the fridge, cold water, or microwave.

Thawing tofu in the fridge

The easiest and safest way to thaw tofu is by using this method:

  • If you put tofu on a plate, don’t remove it from its packaging.
  • It should be inside the fridge for at least 6 to 12 hours.
  • Attach the knife to the tofu to make sure it has not frozen completely.

Thawing tofu in a bowl of cold water

The amount of time it would take to thaw tofu using this method depends on its size. A block of tofu can take a couple of hours to thaw and a cube of tofu can take a few minutes to thaw.

  • The bowl should be filled with cold water.
  • Tofu should be immersed in the water.
  • You need to make sure it’s inside a sealed bag.
  • It’s a good idea to change the water every half-hour to make sure your tofu doesn’t get stuck.

Thawing tofu in the microwave

The easiest way to thaw tofu is through this method:

  • The tofu needs to be taken off the packaging.
  • You can put a paper towel on top of a microwave-safe dish.
  • At the center of the microwave is where to put it.
  • Check for doneness by piercing with a knife after 1 minute of defrosting.
  • It should be able to pass through without a hitch.

If your microwave does not have a defrost setting, you should use low power. Make sure you turn the dish every 30 seconds if the center table doesn’t rotate.

Is It Possible to Cook Frozen Tofu?

You’ll be happy to hear that you can cook this recipe using frozen tofu. Place it in a pot of warm water. For about twenty to twenty-five minutes, cook.

Tofu is firm, plump, and ready to absorb lots of flavors after this important step. Tofu can be put in a pan and saute lightly once it’s done.

If you want to use it as an ingredient for other dishes that already have their sauce, you can toss it there and it will soak up all the goodness.


Tofu is good to have in your freezer so that you can always prepare healthy and tasty dishes. It is a great alternative to meat and will carry all the flavors of your sauces and seasonings.

They have a great shelf life in the freezer. The same quality that we’ve come to love in tofu can be found there for 6 months.

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