Tiny House Microwave

It is possible to live in a tiny house and still have all necessary appliance needed in a home, especially the kitchen appliances, this is one place you cannot bargain with, tiny house or not, because of technology there are now tiny home appliances that will fit perfectly well in a tiny house, one of such is the tiny house microwave.

It works perfectly well as the large ones. However, it is much better to know how much space you have left in your home so you plan for the right tiny house microwave with the right dimension that will fit in your kitchen.

tiny house microwave


Here are the top 5 tiny house Microwave oven that won’t take space in your tiny apartment;

  1. Mainstays 700W tiny house Microwave
  2. Nostalgia Retro Aqua Microwave for tiny house
  3. Tiny house Daewoo Microwave
  4. Magic Chef small Microwave
  5. SHARP Microwave Oven 1000W



Sharp microwave oven for home

The Sharp Microwave has an output watts of 1000. The Sharp microwave oven is perfect for use in the house and doesn’t occupy space.

The Sharp Microwave has an Oven capacity of 1.10 cu. Ft, it also has an easy to read LED plus cook button and 5 automatic menus.

Finally, this Sharp tiny house Microwave Oven has a turntable for even heat distribution.


Magic Chef tiny house Microwave Oven

The Magic chef Countertop tiny house Microwave has 8 quick-set menu buttons. You can easily prepare a snack or a meal with the Magic chef 0.9 cu. Ft Countertop Microwave oven.

The Magic chef small Microwave has a push-button for easy microwave Operation. Electronic control has an LED display.

This compact microwave offers 900 watts of power and 10 power levels along with 6 Auto Cook menus to help you quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of foods. Plus, the auto-defrost by time or weight eliminates the guesswork in determining defrosting time.

Finally, the inside cooking area of this small Magic chef Microwave measures about 12 inches by 12 inches and is about 9 inches tall. The turning plate is about 10 inches in diameter.




Nostalgia Aqua Microwave and toaster Bundle

Are you looking for that Microwave Oven that will quickly reheat and cook your food? Then we recommend the Portable Nostalgia Aqua tiny house Microwave.

The Nostalgia Small Microwave Oven has 12 pre programmed cooking settings, delay timer and express cooking provide options for the optimal heating of popular foods like popcorn, pizza, potatoes, veggies and more.

The easy to read digital clock lights up easily helping you to know the temperature as you cook. The rotating glass carousel helps cook the food evenly.

Finally, the Nostalgia Microwave Oven has a sleek chrome door handle, control panel that adds a unique style to the appliance. You can easily navigate the cooking settings with simple turn and push program dial.


Daewoo tiny house Microwave Oven

The Daewoo Microwave is a perfect tiny house Microwave Oven that has a dimension width of 10.75 inches, depth of 9.75 inches, and a height of 6.75 inches.

From its dimension above, you can see that the Daewoo Microwave is a small microwave, so worry less about space with the recessed turntable, designed to have more room than the average compact microwave.

The 700Watts Daewoo Microwave has 5 power levels and 5 auto-cook options to reheat and cook various foods.

This Mini Microwave has an exclusive Concave Reflex System (C.R.S) cooks your food faster and more evenly than a traditional microwave thereby saving energy in your tiny house.

Finally, the child lock safety function gives you peace of mind by keeping curious fingers at bay. Spend less time thawing with the 2-Way Defrost that defrosts your frozen foods by weight and time.



Mainstays Microwave

The Mainstays Microwave makes it easy to heat up leftovers or prepare a snack or meal in little time. The Mainstays Tiny house Microwave 700watts Oven is designed with 10 Power Levels to meet your needs.

The Mainstays small compact Microwave Oven is designed with 6 quick-set menu buttons as well as weight and time defrosting options while the LED display makes it easy to see how much time is left.

This top-of-the-line microwave is the perfect appliance to ensure that even when the things in your life get busy, you can still enjoy a hot meal in the comfort of your home.

The polished red exterior is sure to add a pop of color to your kitchen tiny space while maintaining a modern and cohesive aesthetic. The dimension of the small Mainstays Microwave is; 17.3″L x 13.4″W x 10.2 “H.

Whether you are a kitchen pro or cook just occasionally, the Mainstays tiny house Microwave ( 0.7 cu. ft. 700 Watt ) is essential you need to make meal prep easier and life in the kitchen go more smoothly.


The word ‘compact’ simply means something that is a small and conveniently shaped example of its kind.  A compact microwave simply means a microwave that is small and convenient.

It is the perfect microwave for small kitchen countertops or tiny houses. Compact microwave might be small, but it’s very useful because most of them offer pre-set programs to make cooking easier.

It also offers sensor cooking; this measures the heat and humidity and adjusts cooking time and power level.

Compact microwave also has control type, child lock and timer function as features.

Compact AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa Voice Control

AMAZONBASICS MICROWAVE, SMALL, 0.7 CU. FT, 700W, WORKS WITH ALEXA is a good example of compact microwave. Below are details about this item:

  1. Compact size saves counter space, plus 10 power levels, a kitchen timer, a child lock, and a turntable.
  2. The sound of the microwave is not loud.
  3. There is a build-in light when the microwave door is open and a digital clock on the microwave.
  4. It can be used to defrost vegetables, make popcorn, cook potatoes, and reheat rice.


Generally, a small microwave oven should have an oven capacity of less than 1.0 cubic foot. The smallest microwave that I’ve seen had an oven capacity of 0.6 cubic feet. However, the most common size for a small microwave is from 0.6cubic feet to  0.9 cubic feet.

We always recommend that there are two factors to consider when you want to buy a small microwave they are; cubic feet and wattage.

When dealing with cubic feet, it can be easy to get lost trying to imagine what 0.7 cubic feet would actually look like in your tiny space.

We have to also note that these tiny or small microwavs vary in size, wattage and features. However, the common feature all tiny microwave have is that they fit your space as if they were specially designed for it.

As you have seen the dimension of a small microwave, I know you will agree with me that most of the 5 tiny house microwave mentioned above meet the criteria of a small microwave.

Let’s now see the best small microwave;


best small Toshiba Microwave Oven

The Toshiba Microwave 0.9 cubit feet 900watts Oven is pre-programmed for 6 popular foods like popcorn, pizza, potato and more.

The 900watts best small Toshiba Microwave comes with 10 Power settings, clock and kitchen timer. The Bright LED digital display makes it easy to read with it’s control panel.

The small Toshiba Microwave Oven also has a 10.6 inches glass turntables and a buzzer for the Microwave.

Finally, it is equipped with a power-saving eco mode, sound on/off option, and child safety lock. We also recommend this small Toshiba Microwave as a tiny house Microwave Oven.


There are many brands out there with small microwave dimensions specifically designed for small houses and kitchens. Like I mentioned earlier for a microwave to be considered small, it should be below 1.0 cubic feet. Below are a few of them;

1) Kenmore 70713 Countertop Microwave, 0.7 cu. ft, Stainless Steel, Dimension; 15.4 x 21.3 x 12.1 inches

2) Panasonic Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven 0.8 Cu. Ft. (Stainless Steel), Dimension; (HxWxD): 12-inch x 20-1/8-inch x 16-1/2-inch, Interior: 8-1/16-inch x 13-inch x 13-inch

3) GE Appliances JEM3072SHSS GE 0.7 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven, Dimension; 17.25 inch W X 10.12 inch H X 13 inch and Overall Width:17 1/4 inches

4) COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM Countertop Microwave Oven Capacity is 0. 7Cu.Ft/700W, Dimension; 17.3” x 13” x 10.2” (W*D*H), Internal dimensions: 12.05” x 11.97” x 8.11” (W*D*H)

5) BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven Capacity is 0.7 Cu. ft, Dimension; (W x D x H): 17. 3” x 13. 0” x 10. 2”

6) Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave Oven Capacity is 0.9 Cu. ft, Dimension; External dimension; 19.2 X 15.9 X 11.5, Internal dimension; 12.36 X 13.66 X 8.7


Most average microwave has a measurement of 1.4 to 1.7 cubic feet and this is okay for a regular home. A tiny house will need a much smaller appliance with smaller cubic feet of about 0.8, 0.7 or more.

A narrow microwave will fit well in a tiny house because it is designed for this purpose, sometimes they come with the complete features of the regular size microwave, still with a 0.8 or less cubic feet. Feel free to check out the narrow microwave suggestion below;

Best Narrow Comfee Microwave Oven


Generally, dorm rooms are very small. Dorm rooms are typically smaller than 130 square feet, and on average, they’re normally even smaller than that.

Dormitory rooms at colleges and universities usually average about 12-by-19 feet. That means students entering their freshman year at universities across the county have, on average, 228 square feet of living space.

Based on the tight space available to dorm rooms, you have to pay attention to any household Item or Kitchen appliance you plan to purchase.

Best Midea mini compact refrigerator for dorm room
An example of a Mini Refrigerator for dorm room – Midea

An example of a home appliance that is of necessity is the refrigerator and the microwave oven. We recommend you get a microwave of 0.6 cubic feet to 0.7 cubic feet for this won’t take any space in your dorm room. An example of a mini microwave for your dorm room is below;


Just before we highlight the features of the mini Kenmore Microwave Oven, there are other mini microwave ovens that are still perfect for your dorm rooms. They are;

Farberware Classic 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700-Watt mini Microwave Oven for dorm

COMFEE’ Countertop min Microwave Oven, 0.7cu.ft, 700W

Emerson .7 cu. Ft, 700 Watts, Mini Microwave Oven

Danby 0.7 cu. Ft. Mini Microwave Oven for Dorm Room

Kenmore mini microwave oven for dorm room

The Kenmore mini countertop Microwave Oven has a cubit feet of 0.7 and is regarded as the perfect microwave for college dorm rooms, small office kitchens, and apartments.

The Mini Kenmore Microwave Oven comes with a 6 Auto-Cook preset programs, you can take the guess work out of heating your favorite foods, like pizza, potatoes, popcorn, frozen vegetables, soup, fresh vegetables.

Frozen foods can be defrosted quickly with the Time/Weight defrost setting. Easy to read touch pad display panel is illuminated with LED lighting and features a clock function.

Finally, the removable glass turntable is included to make sure your frozen foods, leftovers, and popcorn are cooked evenly throughout, and measures 9.96″ in diameter.

The Kenmore Mini Microwave can also serve as a tiny house Microwave Oven because of its size and dimension.


Queen size mattress for bedroom

A standard bedroom size in the United State is 11 feet by 12 feet (132 feet) and it is large enough to contain a queen-size bed.

While the average size of a master bedroom was much larger, measuring 14 feet by 16 feet.

The minimum size in floor space of a SINGLE bedroom is 7.0 square metres or 75.35 square feet and the room must have a minimum width of 2.15 metres or 7 feet 1 inch.

Therefore we will recommend a Microwave capacity of between 0.9 cu. Ft – 1. 7 cubic feet to be used in your bedroom. There will still be space available for other household items.

Below is an example of the best mini microwave Oven for Bedroom;


Black + Decker mini microwave for Bedroom

The Black + Decker mini microwave oven for the bedroom has  Pre-programmed buttons for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage, and dinner plate

The Push-button door release for easy access. The 1000 Watts mini microwave has 10 power settings, a clock and kitchen timer, 30 Seconds Express Cooking.

It also comes with a Large LED digital display, easy-to-read control panel, child safety lock, interior light, removable 12.4” glass turntable.

The dimension of this mini Black + Decker Microwave Oven for Bedroom is (W x D x H): 20.4” x 16.9” x 12.4”, Internal dimensions: 13.82” x 15.98” x 9.80” (W x D x H).

This mini microwave oven is especially easy to use. It has low noise and easy operation. It helps time, the heating is very fast. Easy to clean up with a microfiber towel.


The whirlpool mini microwave is a small rounded back, square shape microwave which fits very nice in a corner. It is a tiny house microwave.

If you stay in a tiny house or you have a small countertop, then the whirlpool mini microwave is a must have. It has the following buttons: cancel, cook power; defrost, minus and plus; timer and clock, popcorn; reheat and start.

Best Whirlpool mini countertop tiny house Microwave Oven

The WHIRLPOOL SILVER COUNTERTOP MICROWAVE OVEN 0.5 CU.FT is our favourite mini microwave. Below are details about this item:

  1. Fits easily into corners to maximize counter space.
  2. This microwave can fit in a full 11’’ dinner plate. It has a glass turntable that is larger than those in standard comparable microwaves.
  3. The tap touch controls are easy to use as they are to clean.
  4. With 10 variable power levels, this microwave lets you quickly and easily tailors your cooking to the task at hand.


Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide which type of microwave to buy especially if your family is small.

There are different types of microwaves on the market. There are the ones for small families, big families, small countertops, tiny houses etc. People with small families frequently ask this question ‘which microwave is best for small family’?

Best Toshiba smart Microwave Oven for small family

The microwave best for small family is TOSHIBA EM131A5C-SS MICROWAVE OVEN WITH SMART SENSOR, EASY CLEAN INTERIOR, ECO MODE ABD SOUND ON/OFF, 1.2 CU.FT, STAINLESS STEEL. Below are details about this item:

  1. Stylish stainless steel with the easy-to-clean interior, with external dimension (width): 20.517.112.8 inches, with an internal dimension (width): 13.07159.5 inches.
  2. Equipped with power-saving eco mode, sound on/off option, and child safety lock.
  3. 1100 watts with 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer.
  4. Bright digital display, easy-to-read control panel, interior light, and 12.4 inches glass turntable.

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