Where to Buy Meat Online in Nigeria

Finding a meat shop in Nigeria isn’t a challenge at all, as they can be found on every market across Nigeria. However, you may need help on where to buy meat online in Nigeria. Buying meat in Nigeria has become easy, convenient and it will save you time, energy and money. You can place order online for your beef and have them delivered to your door step. Your meat delivery will be properly package and delivery to you on time.


The best Online market hub on where to buy meat online in Nigeria is the MEAT STORE

Meat Store provides you with the best vendors that place a premium on hygiene. Stay at the comfort of your home and get your meat delivered to you hassle-free.

Kindly follow these simple steps below on how to buy meat online in Nigeria;

Click this Link – MEAT STORE

Create an account; with your email and password

Locate an affordable meat vendor on the MEAT STORE website

Pay securely

Receive your meat order in no time


People are always eager to know what is the benefit of ordering meat or where to buy meat online in Nigeria. I have cleared your doubt that the best place to buy meat and food items online is the MEAT STORE.

At the MEAT STORE, you will get value for your money, sometimes customers are skeptical because of the size of the beef or goat meat if it truly matches with the size of the market they are used to.

Beef is one of the most common meat with regards to every Nigerian home which is eaten daily, used for cooking rice, stew, soup, salad etc.

where to buy meat online in Nigeria - 1kg of beef

The price of a Kilo of beef in Nigeria ranges from N1, 500 to N 2,600 (Naira) depending on the Prime cuts of the beef meat. For example, we have;

1Kg Cow Abodi                      –                      Price is N1,700 (Naira)

1Kg Cow Leg                           –                      Price is N2,200 (Naira)

1Kg Cow Liver                         –                       Price is N2,000 (Naira)

1Kg Cow mixed Assorted       –                       Price is N1,900 (Naira)

1kg Cow Roundabout            –                       Price is N1,700 (Naira)

1kg Cow Shaki                        –                       Price is N2,200 (Naira)

1kg Cow Tail                           –                       Price is N2,200 (Naira)

1kg Cow Meat                        –                       Price is N1, 800 (Naira)

1kg Cow Tozo                         –                       Price is N2,200 (Naira)

The good thing about MeatStore is that you are privileged to see a variety of meat shop owners with various prices for you to choose from and make an informed decision.

MeatStore easily delivers your order as soon as payment is made. For now, MeatStore offers its meat delivery services online to Port Harcourt and Enugu ONLY.

However, don’t be worried as plans are in place to come to your city, you can also place an order for meat or order food groceries for a loved one that Lives in Port Harcourt or Enugu, Nigeria.



MeatStore Nigeria has instituted itself as a destination for fresh, hygienic, quality, and readily available assorted meats, foods, and groceries, satisfying the increasingly complex Nigerian consumers’ needs.

MeatStore is an integrated multi-vendor online marketplace, enabling meat, food, and grocery vendors to reach Nigeria’s vast and ever-growing consumer market.

The platform enables food vendors and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly. We offer you fresh meat, seafood, and grocery products that are healthy and prepared under the most hygienic conditions, and quality is never compromised.

Get your order as scheduled by our trained delivery personnel. You can get the best price of the product of your choice by choosing from a variety of vendors.

It is our priority to give the best shopping experience ever.


Do you feel tired of going to the market to buy meat from a butcher? If yes is your answer, then worry no more because MEAT STORE is here to assist you by taking your orders and delivering them to your doorstep.

With the recent things happening in our world today especially in the health sector, people are very concerned about living healthy. Living healthy does not only mean eating healthy. It also means that you have be meticulous about what goes into your body.

Now let’s talk about ordering fresh meat from a fresh meat shop. The sentence fresh meat shop is self-explanatory. It simply means a shop that sells fresh meat.

MEAT STORE is an online meat shop that delivers fresh meat that is edible and ethically sourced from farms that practice sustainability thereby improving your health and overall well-being.

You can order/buy meat online like beef, chicken, goat meat, etc. Buying meat online is convenient, stress-free; you get a huge variety of options from MEAT STORE and get meat at an affordable price. All you have to do is order online.


At MeatStore, we don’t only sell Meat, we also provide all kinds of food products like BBQ Pack, Beverage, Crab, Deli, Grocery, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Processed Food, Sausage, shrimp, and Fish.

Order fish online in Nigeria from meatstore

Ordering fish is as easy as ABC from the MeatStore, as we have verified vendors ready to serve you always.  The List of fish available on the MeatStore that you can Order are numerous, examples of fish you can order online are; Croacker Fish sold in Per Kg, Cat Fish, Cartoon of Croacker fish medium-size or Big Size, Baracuda.

Other types of fish to order online are; dry stocked fish, mullet frozen fish, Mangala, Mackerel, Hake fish, fresh Ice fish, Grilled dry fish, Scumba, Tilapia and the very popular Nigeria crayfish (Nembe crayfish).

Order Crayfish Online in Nigeria

Now, that you know where to buy meat online in Nigeria and how to buy meat online, kindly place an order now!



Apart from showing you where to buy meat online in Nigeria, let’s also discuss the Pork Meat Market in Nigeria.

In case you are not a fan of either beef meat or cow meat, there is pork meat readily available for you.

Pork Meat Order Online in Nigeria

Pork is the culinary name for the meat of a domestic pig. It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig husbandry dating back to 5000 BC. Pork is eaten both freshly cooked and preserved.

Are you looking for where to easily get your pork meat delivered to you with ease, then the MeatStore is readily at your disposal. At the MeatStore, we have variety of pork availbale like; Brisket, Pork Belly, Pork Boneless and Pork Under.

These Pork Meat Market online store in Nigeria at the MeatStore is carefully cultured under strict hygiene. Your wellness and safety are our Priority. Just the same you easily order for your meat, you do the same with the pork meat from MeatStore.


Goat meat can be found in Every Nigerian market because of its high demand. It is served in homes, restaurants, and during festive season its demand is tripled. It is known that goat meat is eaten by a large number of Nigerians, so if they see a more convenient way to buy goat meat online, they will not hesitate.

You can evolve from your traditional way of buying meat in the market to buying goat meat online. Finally, where to buy meat online in Nigeria, is just a click away, share this article with your friends and family!

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