Waffle Maker for Induction Hob

A waffle maker for induction hob is a utensil or appliance used to cook waffles. It usually consists of two hinged metal plates, molded to create the honeycomb pattern found on waffles.

The iron is heated and either batter or dough is placed between the plates, which are then closed to bake a breakfast delicacy with a sweet dessert flavor, very similar to pancakes but lighter and sweeter. The appearance is much harder to achieve than a pancake, hence the waffle iron.


Waffle maker for induction hob

This is a bake-ware that can be used on the induction hob. Traditional waffle irons are attached to tongs with wooden handles and are held over an open flame, or set on a stove.

Most Modern waffle irons are self – contained tabletop electrical appliances, heated by an electric heating element, controlled by an internal thermostat. There are also two variants of the electric iron: one with removable plates and one with non – removable plates. Professional waffle makers are usually made of cast iron whereas domestic models are often Teflon coated.

A waffle maker is a utensil or appliance used to cook waffles. It usually consists of two hinged metal plates, molded to create the honeycomb pattern found on waffles. The iron is heated and either batter or dough is placed between the plates, which are then closed to bake a breakfast delicacy with a sweet dessert flavor, very similar to pancakes but lighter and sweeter.

Waffle maker for induction and gas stove and hobs

Many have a light that goes off when the iron is at the set temperature. Most modern waffle irons – particularly cast aluminum ones are coated with a non – stick coating to prevent the waffles from sticking to them. Cast iron waffle makers are usually not coated and require seasoning like a cast – iron frying pan. Modern waffle iron makers offer a large variety of choices.

Some waffle irons can make a very thin waffle, capable of making waffle cones or pizzella.




  1. Style of Waffle: For Starters, you should probably figure out which style of waffle you’ ll like to make. There are two types of waffles:
  2. The Traditional More thing style of waffles: If you like the thickness of an Eggo or other stores – bought waffles, this may be the way to go.
  3. Belgian waffles: Belgians waffles are much thicker, which allows for a crisp outside and a light, fluffy inside.
  4. The shape of the Waffle: Once again, depending on your personal preference, the shape of a waffle can make or break your breakfast. While Circle and Square waffle irons are typically the most popular waffle irons and most people would have one of these two shapes, waffle irons can also come in heart shapes, stars, animals and practically any other shape you can think of.
  5. The shape of Waffle: Much like the shape, the waffle iron you choose will also change the size of the waffle you are able to make. Many Circular waffle irons will make four small, triangular waffle pieces. While, on the other hand, some square waffle irons will produce four larger squares. Depending on how much you typically eat or what size of waffle you prefer, you may need to choose a different shape of your waffle iron to better suit your needs.
  6. Non – Stick: Most Waffle irons on the market come with a non-stick coating so your waffles can easily pop right off while you’ re cooking. However, it’s always best to check before purchasing just to make sure. Because of all of the crevices and crannies of a waffle iron, cleaning one can be a nightmare. There’s nothing worse than going to use a waffle iron, only to find last week’s batter lining the inside. So, the best way to avoid this is to purchase a non – stick waffle iron.
  7. Adjustable Heat: One extremely helpful feature that most waffle irons nowadays come stocked with is the ability to adjust the heat of the waffle iron to chose how brown and crispy you want your waffle to be. Whether the waffle iron you are looking at has a slider, knob, button or possibly even touch screen to adjust the heat of your waffle iron, it’s a win in the book of waffles. This way, you can discover exactly how you like your waffles.


While you might not think of it, the world of waffle makers can be quite vast with a number of different types of waffle makers to choose from. Because there are so many different types of waffles themselves from Belgian to heart-shaped waffles, the devices used to create them are also quite unique. Here are just a few popular types and what they offer as a waffle maker. Below are various waffle maker for induction hob:


Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker for induction hob, Stainless Steel/Red

Cusiinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

These are sometimes referred to as an American waffle. They have a distinctly round shape commonly found with cast iron waffle maker varieties. Many people prefer the round shape of non – Belgian waffle makers as they resemble the ready-made varieties found in stores and are usually thinner as well.


All-Clad Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 2-Square, Silver

All clad stainless steel Belgian Maker

Arguably, the most popular type of machine, the Belgian waffle maker cooks a square waffle which can be quite thick. A Belgian waffle vs regular waffle generally ranges from 1 to 1 ½ in thickness, and they have a crispy outside and a fluffy inside.


Dash DMW001HR Mini Heart Maker Waffle for induction hob, Iron Shaped Goodness, Red

Mini Heart Shaped waffle Maker for Induction hob

Shaped waffle makers have become a big novelty item in recent years, with everything from hearts to star-shaped waffle makers being available. Heart-shaped waffles are the traditional shape of waffle from Scandinavia but they’ re also extra enticing for kids too.

Holstein Housewares Heart Waffle Maker – Red

Holstein Heart Waffle Maker


Cuisinart -Slice Belgian Waffle Maker for induction hob, 1 Piece, Silver

 cuisinart belgian Waffle maker for induction hob, silver colour

The square is the most popular shape along with the circle and the waffles are usually then cut into four smaller pieces. Belgian waffles are this shape; however, it is possible to get a square waffle that isn’t as thick as the European type.


Oster Titanium-Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker

Dura - ceramic flip waffle maker - induction hob

These are a great alternative to Teflon coating; waffle makers and many people believe the ceramic waffle maker is easier to clean and imparts less flavor on the waffle maker. Another added bonus is that ceramic is free from harmful chemicals which can sometimes be found in kitchenware.


Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker for induction hob with Removable Plates

Hamilton beach waffle maker for induction hob

A waffle flip is a maker that is capable of flipping around once the batter is poured in and is intended to spread the batter over the grill for even cooking. Some people prefer this style to the traditional waffle press as it makes less mess and ensures that there is no uncooked batter in the finished product.



Although some people might swear by their favorite dinner or restaurant to create the best–tasting waffles, with the newest range of waffle makers you can create something just as good or better at home. Here are a few ways you can benefit from having your own waffle maker in your kitchen.


A study last year found that the average American spends more on eating out each week than they do on groceries for their own kitchen.

Say you had one meal per week at a restaurant, the cost of the entire bill would be enough to purchase the best home waffle maker product on the market. As waffle makers can last for many years, you’d be effectively saving hundreds of dollars with just one device.


When you get a craving for waffles, you’ll likely head to your favorite diner or restaurant to get a fix. However, if you have a waffle maker that can get you the perfect combination of fluffy and crispy waffles, you can whip them up in under 5 minutes.

Compared to getting the family ready and heading out to a restaurant, this can save phenomenal time. Waffle makers also prepare an easy and mess-free breakfast option to save you time in the morning.


If you order your waffles at a restaurant, you’re pretty much stuck with how they make their batter and what toppings are listed on the menu.

However, having our own quality waffle maker gives you the freedom to make the batter the way you like it and select any topping you enjoy. This is particularly handy for families as you’ll be able to create a waffle to suit everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements.


Another benefit of being able to customize your waffles is that you can choose to make them so much healthier. There are plenty of waffles recipes available now that are low fat, low sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free, and any other requirements you might have. Not only that, but you can top them with fresh fruit and homemade toppings for a more nutritious option for your kids.


Having a waffle maker at home isn’t only a great appliance to make breakfast with, they can be even more versatile than you think. There are countless ways to turn your waffles into a savory treat fit for eating at launch or dinner and it’s all possible with just one product.

All of these are great reasons why you should invest in a waffle maker for your home but the most obvious benefit is the taste. With the newest range of waffle makers available, that can create a restaurant-quality waffle and all of the variations you can try might find yourself eating them around the clock. All of these explained are the benefits of using waffle maker for induction hob.

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