Wancle Sous Vide Cooker Review – The Easiest Way To Cook Your Meals

Sous vide is a method of cooking using a water bath. When cooking foods, the ideal temperature is between 66°C – 72°C. This is the temperature at which the proteins and carbohydrates in food break down and release flavor compounds.

In this article, we are going to review one of the most popular sous vide cookers on the market.

Wancle Sous Vide Cooker: Detailed Review

  • Product Dimension: 14.2 x 8.5 x 4.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.54 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Wancle
  • Heating Power: 850 Watts
  • Power Input: 120V
  • Wireless Technology: None, Back to Basics
  • Water Volume Capacity: 15-19 Liters (~4-5 gallons or ~16-20 quarts)
  • Max. Time Setting: up to 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Pumping Speed: 7-8 Liters/min. 
  • Temperature Range: 25 – 99.9°C (77°F – 211.8°F)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C (0.18°F)

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Features and Benefits

Precision Temperature and Timing

Precision temperature is the accuracy of temperature control. This feature is very helpful to avoid overcooking or undercooking. 

Timing is used to detect when food is done so that you can transfer it to another container and serve. Precision Timing makes it possible to adjust cooking time accurately.

Touchscreen and Dial Controls

The touchscreen is very useful to monitor and control your food. To set temperature, you have to select the target temperature on the screen and then press the “OK” button. 

This will open the menu for the temperature setting, as shown in the figure. The dial controls are used to set the cooking time. 

They can be turned to set the desired cooking time. When the cooking time is completed, the timer will ring automatically.

Simple and Easy to Use

One-Hand Handle Clamp

This feature allows you to easily lift a cooked sous-vide pouch from the pot without burning yourself. Simply heat the pot, attach the sous vide bag, and pull the one-hand handle clamp out. 

The handle will then spring back into place, allowing you to remove the sous vide bag without burning yourself or the kitchen.

Power of Wancle Sous Vide Cooker

It is one of the easiest to use and highly effective cooking equipment. The unit is designed to help you prepare dishes with extreme accuracy. It has 850 Watts of power which is more than enough for any kind of sous vide cooking need.

Silent Water Circulation

When cooking sous vide, the water circulates in the inner chamber, which creates an extremely low temperature and constant flow, thus, avoiding the temperature fluctuation that occurs when cooking in the boiling water. 

This silent water circulation feature makes sure that the cooking is completely silent compared to other sous vide cookers.

Safety Measures of Wancle Sous Vide cooker

This Wancle sous vide cooker is a safe device as it is not like conventional wands that can be heated up to very high temperatures (over 400 degrees) where most of the cooking processes take place, thus ensuring that you do not get burnt while using this machine. 

Also, because the Wancle sous vide cooker only heats water, the temperature cannot rise above 100 degrees which means you can rest assured your food will not get overcooked. 

It also makes sure that you do not burn your food with its non-stick coating. The machine is easy to use and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sous Vide cooker 

What is the Sous Vide Cooker Like to Use?

In the past, if you wanted to cook a steak on the grill or in a frying pan, you were out of luck. But that’s no longer the case. 

There’s a new device on the market called a sous vide cooker. It’s a vacuum-sealed, water-based cooking system. 

With it, you can cook steaks, seafood, and poultry without the fear of overcooking, burning, or undercooking. Plus, it’s convenient because you can cook in one piece of equipment and then just remove it from the water. 

It also allows you to keep your foods warm for a much longer period of time than other devices. A sous vide cooker cooks food in a water bath at a constant temperature. 

It’s designed to cook a wide variety of meats to perfection, without drying out the food and without using any added flavors. 

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How often do you plan on using your sous vide machine?

You might think that you only need to sous vide once or twice a year, but that’s not the case. If you’re planning on cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, or you want to make a roast chicken, you’ll be using your sous vide machine constantly. 

You can cook any kind of meat on a Sous Vide Cooker. You can do this by listing out what you want to cook, what your plan will be, and when you want to use the sous vide machine. You’ll have a better idea of what you’re doing if you plan ahead.

How much power do you need from your immersion cooker?

The benefits of using an immersion cooker are that it helps speed up cooking times and save energy. It is safe to assume that a model with more wattage is going to give you a better cooking experience. 

Because it makes the water hot quicky and thereby making food much faster. Although efficient use of heat is as important as the raw power.

What types of containers will you use for your sous vide cooking?

In order to avoid any issues, we would suggest using a standard food-grade container. You can usually find them in most home stores.

If you’ve ever had a tough time finding sous vide cooker, the good news is that now there’s an affordable way to get started with it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the features of the Wancle Sous Vide Cooker and how it can make a great dish.

How to Reheat food in your Sous Vide?

If you want to reheat your food in the sous vide, follow these steps. Put a large bowl on your work surface. Make sure it is big enough to hold the food being cooked. Place the food in the bowl.

Turn the temperature on your sous vide down to 75F or about 28C. This is the cooking temperature.

Cook the food for a minimum of 1 hour or until done.

When the food is finished, remove the sous vide and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Take the food out of the bowl. The food should be hot and ready to serve!

What are the benefits of Sous Vide?

There are several pros to sous vide cooking and here are some of them:

It saves time as there is no need to turn on the oven or wait for it to heat up. Just place your food in the water bath and set the temperature. It will do the rest!

You don’t have to worry about overcooking. You can use a higher temperature and still get perfectly cooked meat.

It makes for very consistent results. You can’t mess up an entire batch of food. You just have to worry about overcooking one piece of meat.

The food is safe from bacteria growth. There are no microorganisms that cause food poisoning.

You can cook for several days without worrying about the food spoiling.

You can store food for weeks, if not months, and reheat it with no problems.

It keeps the food moist and flavorful.

What’s the difference between a sous vide and a slow cooker?

The slow cooker is just a fancy name for the crockpot. The way it works is you put some food in a pot, turn it on high, and then you can do other things around the house while the food cooks. 

The only downside to the slow cooker is that it takes a long time. The food doesn’t cook as fast as in the oven because the temperature inside the cooker is much lower than the temperature of the air.

Sous vide machine is the same thing, except instead of cooking in a pot, it cooks in water. This is the preferred method for many chefs because it gives the food a very specific texture. 

The water circulates slowly around the food, which gives it a very consistent temperature throughout the process. 

Should You Buy a Sous Vide Cooker?

Definitely yes if you plan to cook using Sous Vide method. Sous Vide Cooking is one of the most popular and fastest-growing techniques in the world. 

It’s a system that will revolutionize the way you cook, the way you serve food, and how you can control the quality of your meals. 

Sous Vide Cooking uses a sealed cooking bag that keeps the food completely safe from bacteria and other contaminants while keeping it perfectly moist. It’s easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

Cooking Methods

How to Make a Perfect Sous Vide Chicken?

This is an easy way to make the perfect sous vide chicken. All you have to do is place the chicken in the bag and pour hot water into the bag. Place it in the cooker and let it cook for about 30 minutes at 58 degrees. 

Remove the chicken from the bag and place it on a cooling rack and put it back in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

How to Make a Perfect Sous Vide Pork Shoulder?

First you have to brine your pork shoulder for two days. Remove the meat from the brine and pat dry with paper towels. 

Place in a large ziploc bag and pour in your sous vide cooker bag. Pour the marinade into the bag and zip it up. Cook the pork in the sous vide cooker at 136 degrees fahrenheit for 12 hours. You can also use a slow cooker but I like my sous vide for long cooks.

How to Make a Perfect Sous Vide Salmon?

Take your salmon filets and cut them into 3/4 inch chunks. Put them in a ziploc bag with a tablespoon of lemon juice (optional) and a pinch of salt. 

Place the bag in a ziploc container with 1 cup of water and heat on high for 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and place the bag in a sink filled with cold water until it cools to room temperature. Chill the salmon in the fridge for a few hours before serving.


We want to make one last point before wrapping this article up. There’s a lot of information out there. 

There are a few other things to consider when looking for sous vide cookers, such as its temperature control, durability, and reliability. Wancle Sous Vide Cooker is a great example with all these options and for anyone new to sous vide cooking.

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