Where is Jimmy Dean Sausage Made?

A great man once said that sausages are a great deal like life. Jimmy Dean was the man who said that you get out of it what you put in.

Jimmy Dean was a successful country singer, actor, and businessman who did not know that his sausage company would one day become America’s favorite.

There may be confusion about where his sausages are made because the location of his sausage plant has changed quite a few times.

 In the beginning, he started in his hometown of Plainview, Texas. He moved from Florida to Tennessee, where production is still going strong today.

Jimmy Dean is made in all 50 states, but the bulk of the product comes from Indiana, Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio.

Jimmy Dean sausage is not made in the United States. I will answer the question with information about how the company started and its current position.

Where Is Jimmy Dean Sausage Made?

In 1969 Jimmy Dean opened his first sausage plant in Plainview, Texas. He did not know that he would end up creating America’s favorite sausage.

Jimmy Dean’s products were moved to the Sara Lee Foods manufacturing facility in Newbern, Tennessee.

Is Jimmy Dean Sausage in Canada?

Jimmy Dean’s range of cooked sausage, links, and patties can be found across Canada and the United States.

Does Jimmy Dean Produce Their Sausage?

Yes. Manufacturing takes place in Newbern, Tennessee.

What is the Origin Of Jimmy Dean’s Sausage?

Fortunately for us, Jimmy Dean was enjoying a sausage and egg breakfast at a diner one day when he bit into a piece of gristle that was the size of Texas.

Humble Beginnings

The Jimmy Dean Pig Parlor was named after Dean and his cousin, but he lost money due to the failing meat market.

He decided to use his freestyling, singing, and talking talents to create captivating adverts, so he created his demand.

His sausages grew in popularity very fast. Three years after opening his first sausage plant in Plainview, Texas, he relocated the plant to Florida.

The company administration was kept in Texas by him.

The Jimmy Dean Meat Company quickly became a nationwide producer of premium quality pork sausage because of its reputation for high quality.

Jimmy Dean


Jimmy Dean Sausages used to only be available as links or square patties, with extra mild, regular, and hot flavors. The product line has expanded to include other items.


  • Breakfast bites contain their signature sausage, cheese, and eggs.
  • Breakfast casserole bites have a homemade breakfast casserole in their mouth.
  • Sausage bites give you a meatier flavor with more calories.
  • Jimmy Dean has a variety of breakfast foods that can be used to make a morning combo.

Omelet Minis

Whole eggs are baked with sausage and cheese.

Breakfast Burritos

Premium Jimmy Dean meat, cheese, and eggs are crammed into a burrito.

Biscuit Roll-Ups

A rolled-up flaky biscuit made with eggs and cheese


Jimmy Dean bacon is available in both raw and pre-cooked forms.

Fully Cooked Sausage

The fully cooked sausage has Dean’s signature flavors using premium pork. It is possible to enjoy them at any time of day or night.


Premium ingredients and tasty meat are stuffed into a warm croissant, biscuit, or muffin.


A frozen breakfast bowl with up to 26g of protein, including eggs and cheese, is available for those who enjoy breakfast for dinner.

Sara Lee Foods Acquisition

The Jimmy Dean Meat Company was bought in 1984 by the Sara Lee Corporation, a Fortune 100 company.

Dean continued as the company spokesman for 30 years, but the new corporate parent phased him out of his management responsibilities.

Dean explained that in 2004, he was dropped as the spokesman because he was too old.

Jimmy dean sausages

Tyson Foods Acquisition

Tyson Foods bought Sara Lee Foods and Hillshire Farm in the summer of 2014.

They agreed to purchase Sara Lee and Ball Park hot dogs for $8.5 billion, after winning a bidding war against Pilgrim’s Pride.

The Jimmy Dean brand has a huge portfolio of more than 170 breakfast items and is worth more than $1 billion today.

Is Jimmy Dean Sausage Still Alive?

Jimmy Dean died at his home in Varina, Virginia, on June 13th, 2010.

His wife was with him at the time. He passed away of natural causes at the ripe old age of 81.

Donna told The Associated Press that it was an unexpected death as his health was good.

She said that he was OK watching TV and eating. She left the room as she had some work. But when she returned after a few minutes he was unresponsive.

He had a successful career in country music and was involved in the mainstreaming of the genre. It is ranked as the most popular music genre in the United States.

He had a net worth of $50 million at the time of his death in 2010, after a successful acting career. The value of his estate was estimated to be more than that.

Who Owns Jimmy Dean Sausage?

Tyson Foods has a sausage brand called Jimmy Dean. The world’s second-largest pork, chicken, and beef processor is a multinational corporation.

Every year, they export the highest amount of beef from the US.

In Summary

Jimmy Dean is considered a legend for several reasons, including his country music, charming TV personality, and way with words.

He decided there was room for a premium sausage on the market after biting into a large piece of sausage gristle.

Thus, he created the number one breakfast sausage and sandwiches brand in America and was nicknamed the “Sausage King.”

He invested in his first sausage plant in Plainview, Texas, in 1969 and began production.

The plant was relocated to Newbern, Tennessee after he relocated it to Florida.

The Jimmy Dean Meat company was bought by Sara Lee Foods in 1984 and then Tyson Foods bought Sara Lee in 2014.

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