Bactoferm Substitutes: Ingredients You Can Use

If you want to make your sausages, you have to have a starter culture. Bactoferm is one of the most popular brands for starter cultures that are used for making sausages.

If you don’t have access to Bactoferm or just want to try another option, what should you do?

Van Hees starter cultures, Hela Germet starter cultures, and BiTEC starter cultures are examples of alternatives you can try. 

These are the other manufacturers that make starter cultures for sausage.

Outside of these, you can use fermento or even yogurt, which will kick start the process of fermentation.

Several alternatives that can serve as a Bactoferm substitute and ingredients that you can use to make your own can be found in this article.

How Does Bactoferm Culture Work?

There are qualities of a reliable substitute for Bactoferm starter culture that will be revealed by knowing the answer to this concept.

The lactic acid in meat can be produced by starter cultures, which have beneficial bacteria.

It’s possible to use it in different concentrations because they have different effects on your meat.

Some of the visible effects include the change in color and flavor, as well as preventing the development of harmful bacteria.

We can conclude that most starter cultures affect smell, color, and meat protection. The production style plays a vital role, as you can combine these bacteria.

We have starter cultures that are used in enhancing flavor, nitrate reduction, surface coverage, bio-protection, and many other things.

Why Only Bactoferm?

This brand has various combinations of bacteria for a wide variety of applications.

The first reason that Bactoferm is famous is that you have the chance to pick different bacteria combinations based on your results.

Bactoferm is a top brand so you will be sure to invest in the high-quality product. You can easily order Bactoferm because it’s readily available.

It is suitable for beginners because each Bactoferm substance has detailed instructions on how to use specific bacteria.

It’s always a good idea to try something new despite the positive aspects of the Bactoferm.

Bactoferm Alternatives

Other Manufacturers

Van Hees

Various starter cultures can be used as a substitute for Bactoferm.

For example, their medium-fast starter culture can be used as a substitute for Bactoferm F-RM-52.

It can be used for medium-fast and fast fermentation, as well as providing mild acidification, aroma, and protection against potential pathogens.

This is an excellent option for people who don’t have Bactoferm available and can’t order it.

Southern and Northern European sausages can be made with slow starter cultures from Van Hees.

A safe maturing process, intense meat color, and the typical taste of raw sausage can be found in every starter culture of Primal.

Van Hees

Hela Germet

Hela Germet has a variety of different starter cultures. The starter culture was created for producing sausages from Northern and Southern European countries.

It is responsible for achieving flavor in dry sausages by decreasing the pH value of the meat.

It is mostly used to get a mild taste of these kinds of European sausages, and also to influence the color of the meat.

Hela Germet


Start cultures for traditional and fast ripening sausages are offered by BiTEC.

They offer protection from harmful bacteria and have a range of different starter cultures designed to achieve different results.

The LS 25 culture, intended for rapid acidification of North American and North European sausage types is one of the more popular products.

This culture is used to achieve a dry sausage taste and it also influences the color and stability of the mixture.

Substitutes for other Bactoferm products can be found in all of the starter cultures from different manufacturers.

They are widely used for different types of sausages, and represent safe, reliable options.

As with Bactoferm, you can choose the right combination of bacteria from other manufacturers to get the best results.



This product has a strong flavor to its meat due to the presence of cultured whey and skimmed milk. Semi-dry cured sausage is made using Fermento.

This will allow you to stuff your sausages immediately instead of waiting several days for the process to start.

It doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge, which is one of the reasons it’s used for summer sausages.


Other Culture Forms

In addition to buying starter cultures from different manufacturers, you should also know that there are several ingredients you can easily use as a Bactoferm substitute.

Buttermilk Powder

These ingredients can be used for meat fermentation. Therefore, they can be used as starter cultures.

Many people decide to go with this option for different reasons. First, they can create an individual, unique flavor.

You may decide to make your own starter culture for the first time. The advantage of this option is that it costs less money.

The disadvantage is that you have no guarantee when it comes to safety.

Buttermilk Powder

Final Words

For thousands of years, the process of food preservation has been going on. There are a lot of options to choose from.

The effect you want to achieve, the type of meat, and the style are all factors that can be taken into account when choosing a starter culture.

Bactoferm is one of the most popular brands, but many substitute brands can be used instead. If you don’t like them or don’t want to pay for them, you can make one yourself.

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