Cabelas Meat Grinder Hidden Problems & Solutions

While running smoothly, you will enjoy grinding your meat with a Cabelas grinder. It is rare that the Cabelas grinding machine gives you a problem.

You might experience problems while using the grinder, due to unknown reasons.

The Cabelas grinding machine has some peculiar problems, and we will discuss how to fix them in this article.

Cabelas Meat Grinder Problems

It is the joy of the owner to have a smooth-running grinder.

You will likely experience problems with the Cabelas meat grinder at times, due to mishandling, technical fault, and other factors.

You don’t have to worry when this happens, you can fix yourself with ease. Some of the problems with the Cabelas meat grinder can be found in this article.

Cabelas Meat Grinder

Difficulty in Grinding

If you don’t get the desired result with the first grind, then you may want to grind the second time with a lesser plate.

When the meat is in pieces, using a lesser plate to grind the second time could be a problem.

It will take a longer time before you can force the meat out of the grinder because you will have to put more pressure.

There are several steps you can take to resolve this type of problem.

Sharpen the Blade

It will always be difficult to grind meat with a blade that is not sharp, regardless of the number of times you are doing it.

If you are attempting to grind meat that has been ground before, it becomes more difficult. You should make sure the blade and the surface are in tip-top shape.

If it will be more difficult to grind the second time, pour the meat again.

Put the Meat in the Freezer

It is easier to grind meat that is cold or frozen.

If it is difficult for you to grind the meat the second time, you should clear the grinder, put the meat in a container, and then return it to the freezer.

When the meat is still frozen, you can cut it into strips and repeat the grinding process.

Repeat the First Plate

It is possible to change the texture of the meat if you grind it again on the same plate. You can choose other plates that are not as small as the first plate you used.


When it pleases you, you are free to use your grinder, but you should be moderate with it.

When you use the grinder frequently, the blade could become dull and the plate could become discolored. The following steps can be used to fix this problem.

Sharpen the Blade

If you want them to fit again, you need to sharpen the blade. You can get rid of the corrosive substance from the grinder with the help of sandpaper.

Before you fix the parts of the grinder again, make sure they are thoroughly dried before you do this.

Always Lubricate

It’s a good idea to lubricate the grinder daily. After use or before use, you can lubricate the grinder depending on the duration of use and how often you use it.

It’s important to use a food-grade lubricant.


Technical issues with the grinder could cause a build-up in the grinder and prevent the smooth operation of the grinder and the free flow of meat you are grinding.

There are some things that you can do to get rid of the problem.

Regular Maintenance

I’m pretty sure you won’t be prepared for the hassle of dealing with a meat grinder. Regular care to the grinder’s blades and plates can prevent this.

Lubricate the Grinder

If you are grinding meat and it is difficult to get through the plates at the end, you should turn off the grinder and then clear the meat from it.

You can use a food-grade lubricant to lubricate the internal parts of the grinder.

Freeze the Meat

You have retrieved the meat from the grinder when it is not functioning.

Allow the meat to freeze before you grind it again, you should return the meat to the freezer. It’s easier to grind frozen meat than it is to warm it up.


Many users of the larger models of the Cabelas meat grinder complain that their grinder heats up quickly. Do you know what the implication of that is?

If you don’t resolve it quickly, you may damage the grinder. Some of the things you can do to fix an overheated Cabelas meat grinder are listed below.

Turn It off

The first thing you should do if you notice that the grinder is getting hotter is to turn it off. Don’t leave it running or plugged into an outlet if you aren’t grinding meat in it.

Don’t Grind Fresh Meat in It

If you are grinding fresh or uncooked meat in the grinder, it is likely it will heat up.

If you notice the heat, make sure to check the grinder to make sure you are grinding cooked meat.

It is recommended that you only grind frozen or cold meat as it is the best way to keep the gears and motors running.

Apply Lubricant

When there is friction, the grinder could get overheated.

The grinder should be turned off and unplugged from the electric outlet once you notice it is heating up. Before applying food-grade oil lubricant, you should allow it to cool down.

Don’t Overtighten

If the grinder is tightened too much, it could cause it to heat up.

You can check the grinder for possible over-tightening once you have turned it off and unplugged it. You should loosen it if there is a single one.

Smoke from the Neck of the Grinder

When Cabelas meat grinder emits smoke from the back ring, you should be alert.

It is either the smoke is from the meat if you are grinding frozen meat or a technical fault which could be from over-tightening of the grinder, especially when the smoke has an offensive odor.

There are a few things you can do to fix it.

Turn It off

If you notice smoke from the neck of the Cabelas meat grinder, you should turn off the grinder. Plugging it from the outlet will allow it to cool down before you continue.

The part of the grinder that is too warm is putting too much pressure on the ring. It is possible to lubricate the grinder before you turn it on again.

Loosen the Ground Plate

If you have tried the method highlighted above and the problem persists, you may have over-tightened the ground plate.

Allow the grinder to cool, remove the meat, and then loosen the ground plate if you wish. If you want to repeat the grinding process, you should allow the meat to freeze.

Seek Help

It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional if the steps don’t fix the issue. There is a technical fault with the grinder and it needs to be fixed quickly.

Maintenance Tips

It’s easy to maintain the Cabelas meat grinder if you put the grinder and plate in the way you want. Some tips could make the grinder function better for a longer period.

Sharpen the Blade

Any time you grind meat with it, the sharpness of the blade decreases. You should keep the blade in good shape by sharpening it occasionally.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of sharpening the blades, you can change the blades to new ones.

Store Properly

It is recommended that you keep the grinder out of the reach of children and pets if it isn’t in use.

Grind When It Is Cool

The best time to grind meat is when it is frozen, according to an earlier article. It’s a good idea to grind only frozen meat occasionally.

It will make it easier for you, but it will also potentially increase the lifespan of the grinder, unlike grinding warm meat.

Clean the Plate

Some of the meat that was left on the plate of the grinder is still there. You should wash your grinder before you use it again, even if it has a plate.

It’s a good idea to wash your hands with warm soapy water. It is advisable to rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry before you store it or use it again.


Some peculiar problems have been discussed in this article.

If your grinder has any of the problems highlighted in the article, and you can’t fix it yourself, you should seek help from professional technicians.

Proper care for the grinder will help you avoid some of the troubles.

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