How Much Fermented Feed Do I Need Per Chicken?

The general rule of thumb is to measure out about 14 cups of dry feed per chicken if you have been raising chickens with dry feed.

How much dry feed do you need for a single chicken?

You need a bit less compared to dry feed since it holds more water weight and is a bit heavier. 

Start by using the same amount you have been using for dry feed, and gradually decrease as you measure out the fermentable feed.

If you haven’t been using the dry feed, start with 14 cups of feed per chicken and gradually decrease from there.

The typical amount of feed required to raise a chicken to market weight is 14 to 16 lbs. The minimum amount of feed is 4.6 lbs per bird.


What Is The Good Amount of Fermented Chicken Feed to Start With?

There isn’t an exact formula for figuring out how much chicken feed you’ll need. Depending on the number of chickens, type of flock, climate, and other factors, it will vary.

Ensuring that your chickens have enough food to last them throughout the day is very important.

Chickens are constant feeders, so if there isn’t food available, they will start eating anything else, like bedding, plants, feces, or in the worst case, their eggs.

If You Have Already Begun Giving Your Chickens Dry Feed

It is a good idea to use the same amount of dry feed as you used for ferment feed if you have already started feeding your chickens dry feed.

Initially, your chickens will eat a whole lot of what you give them, but eventually, they will need less.

They will level out at a lower amount of feed after a few weeks, and they will stop pigging out as much.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on how much leftover feed you have at the end of the day, and adjust the amount accordingly.

After a few weeks, you will have a better idea of how much you need each day, which will be less than the amount of dry feed you were using.

You can use about 30% less of the dry feed you have been using.

Feed this to your chickens in the morning, and if your feeders are empty, give your chickens dry feed, and you will know you need to make more the next day.

You can gradually increase the amount of feed that you use until you reach the right amount.

The first thing you should do is use the same amount of dry feed you have been using.

Feed that was Fermented can be used to feed your chickens the next day, so you won’t be wasting it, and you will know your chickens are well fed.

chicken feed

If You’re Starting For The First Time

If this is your first flock, I would recommend using 14 cups of feed per bird at first.

If you find that this is more than you need, you should reduce the amount you use each day by 14 cups.

This isn’t an exact formula, so pay attention to how much feed you have leftover at the end of the day, and adjust accordingly.

You can use my table to figure out how much feed you need based on the number of chickens you have.

5 Chickens1.25 cups
6 Chickens1.5 cups
7 Chickens1.75 cups
8 Chickens2 cups
9 Chickens2.25 cups
10 Chickens2.5 cups
11 Chickens2.75 cups
12 Chickens3 cups
13 Chickens3.25 cups
14 Chickens3.5 cups
15 Chickens3.75 cups
16 Chickens4 cups
17 Chickens4.25 cups
18 Chickens4.5 cups
19 Chickens4.75 cups
20 Chickens5 cups


  • It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the amount of leftover feed each day to make sure you get the right amount.
  • If you don’t use the leftovers after one day, you’ll end up wasting feed.
  • Don’t reuse feed that’s more than 3 days old because it becomes too sour and unattractive to your chickens.
  • If you don’t have enough feed to keep your chickens happy, you can keep dry feed on hand.
  • Take note of how much dry feed you are using to get your chickens through the rest of the day, and add this amount to your next batches of feed so you have enough for the next time.


When starting your chickens on feed that ferments, you won’t need as much as you would with dry feed.

Hopefully, this guide will help you figure out how much feed you need for your chickens to be happy.

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