Is Capicola Healthy?

Capicola is a combination of the words capo and collo, which means ‘head’ and ‘neck’ respectively.

The fat ratio of this part of the pig is special, as it has 30% total fat and 70% lean meat.

Since the fifth century BC, cured or processed foods have been around, and Capicola was first introduced in the era of the colonies.

Between the eighth and fifth centuries BC, the Greeks colonized the areas near the coast of southern Italy.

Pork sausages with high calories and fat were introduced by the Greeks.

That’s how the love for these foods and pork recipes started in these areas and it’s still prominent for large breed pigs and pork products.

One of the high-caloric recipes is pozole. One serving of pozole, approximately 476 grams contains 476 calories out of which 29 gm of total fat, and 8.2 gm is saturated fat.

It contains high cholesterol up to 86 mg and 29 gm of carbohydrates. It also has very high sodium (2030 mg) and potassium (729 mg) content which is not at all recommended for daily intake.

It has 27 gm of protein and 7.4 gm of fiber. It also has 3.6 gm of sugar. It is rich in vitamins like A and C. It also contains calcium and iron which is good for the body.

The daily value of nutrition is based on the number of calories we need in a day. When cooked together, Pozole and Hominy have high amounts of calories, fat, and carbohydrates.

Menudo is also a pork stew recipe, which is high in calories and saturated fats.

One serving of Menudo, approximately 245 gm contains 8 gm of carbs,3 gm of fiber, 1 gm of sugar, 12 gm of protein, 4.5 gm of fat,100 gm of cholesterol,1.5 gm of saturated fat, 0.09 mg of vitamin A, 4.8 mg of vitamin C, and 1140 mg of sodium which is very unhealthy. 

All these values are based on a 2,000 calories diet. So, with all these high values it is not recommended to eat daily. You can have it once in a while, like for two months or three months.


Here are Some Facts About Capicola

This food is very high in calories and fat. Let’s check out more facts.

  • The serving size cut from the pig is lightly seasoned with red or white wine, and various other spices like garlic, cinnamon, pepper, and herbs.
  • After it is marinated, it is rubbed with salt and refrigerated for a few weeks to allow the spices and herbs to get into the pork, and after that, it is washed and pressed, and wrapped with black pepper.
  • Once the drying process is complete, you can begin to cook the fat meat with high values of vitamins, minerals, and saturated fat.
  • The high-calorific fat food is usually sheathed within a pig’s spiced diaphragm.
  • The method holds the meat intact and prevents it from being contaminated throughout the process.
  • The meat is hung for months to air/dry and is one of the fascinating parts of the process.
  • The salt content in this high cholesterol fat food plays an important role in the process of converting the high cholesterol food into dry meat where bacteria can no longer live.
  • The dry-curing process involves several factors, including temperature, humidity, and safety from bugs.

Here are Some Nutritional Facts About Capicola

Capicola adds value to our calories by being delicious and diverse. Let’s take a closer look at some other nutrition facts.

  • It is a major source of vitamins, minerals, and calories. This high-energy food has all of the nine essential amino acids that are needed for the growth and maintenance of our body.
  • 12 gm of capicola contains 41 calories and 29 calories of fat. The total fat content is around 3.2 gm, out of which 1.1 gm are saturated fats.
  • It contains 214 mg and 39 mg, of sodium and potassium respectively. It also contains 12 gm of carbs and 0.3 gm of the fat slice.
  • It contains 2.7 gm of protein, 0.1% of iron, and 1.1% of calcium respectively.
  • A 28 gm of this capicola contains 8 gm of calories, 80 calories of proteins, 5 gm of fat, and 540 gm of salt.
  • The values are based on a diet that has 2,000 calories in it. Capicola is very low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. High cholesterol and saturated fat food don’t have sugar in it.
  • Capicola is a good source of vitamins B6, B1, B2, and B12, as well as some minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Capicola is an example of cured meat that contains a lot of salt.
  • Boars Head, a New York-based 115-year-old company, makes hot Capicola with no sugar, less sodium, fewer calories, and more nutrition values.


According to general nutrition advice, Capicola is one of the most high-quality foods. We should learn more about the health benefits.

  • It is important for athletes undergoing a high amount of training and for those recovering from illness when they need it the most.
  • The food is easy to cook, requires no preparation, and is loaded with many vitamins and minerals.
  • The immune system is strengthened with the help of the selenium content in the food. Capicola is a good source of vitamins B12 and B13.
  • Producing energy, synthesizing and repairing DNA, and producing various neurochemicals necessary for the brain are some of the ways B vitamins can be used.
  • Nitrite and sodium nitrate are present in the meat and it converts into nitric oxide when consumed.
  • It improves the immune system, helps dilate and constrict the blood vessels, keeps blood pressure under control, and improves heart health.


Let’s look at the drawbacks of capicola.

  • When processed foods are exposed to high heat they form nitrosamines which can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Though Capicola is tasty, requires no cooking, and has high nutrition values, there are disadvantages of eating this kind of high cholesterol and high calories food in our daily diet.
  • People shouldn’t consume an excessive amount of this high fat and high calories food according to general nutrition advice.
  • We shouldn’t be taking more than 0.05 ounces of sodium per day.
  • To avoid the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack, we should have a moderate amount of this high cholesterol fast food as per the calories we need for our body.

Is Capicola Healthy?

With all these nutritional values considered the answer is a serious No, it is not healthy, but it is delicious.

Capicola are a type of salami. It is made with pork and spices. It is one of the best-tasting of all types of salami. It has a high-fat content and has to be cooked for a long time.

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