Is It Possible To Microwave KFC Pot Pies?

If you have ever bought one of the famous pot pies from Kentucky Fried Chicken and then let it get cold, you might consider throwing it in the microwave to warm it up.

You probably shouldn’t microwave the pie but you technically can.

KFC does not recommend that you microwave its baked or fried pot pies because the crust could become soggy and the filling may burn. 

Microwaving the pie could result in a loss of flavor and texture.

You are saying, “but why not?” Well, we will let you know.

KFC Pot Pies


The foil tray they come in is one of the first reasons not to microwave your pot pie.

If you try to microwave the pie in this tray, it will ruin it, and you will explode your microwave as well. Like foil pans, metal should not be used in the microwave.

Pot pie should not be microwaved because, like fruits and other shelled foods, when heated in the microwave, they tend to burst, and you end up with a pot pie-stained microwave mess instead of a pot pie.

The denseness of the pot pie makes it difficult to heat all the way through.

You might be left with a pot pie that is warm on the outside, and cold on the inside. It will taste terrible, but it can be bad for you as well.

If it doesn’t explode, it will just spill out and get pie all over the plate. You will have less of a pie and more of a plate of random food.

Microwaving a pot pie will make the crust soggy and chewy. This will ruin the flavor of your pie and suck the life out of it.

It’s a good idea to take it out of the foil container and poke a few holes in it to make sure it doesn’t explode when you microwave it.

If you want to cover it with a microwave-safe cover, place it on a microwave-safe plate.

For 15 seconds or so, you can microwave. Make sure to watch anything you microwave and remove with caution.

Guide To Reheat A KFC Pot Pie

We want to make sure that you are aware of all the steps that will lead you to a mouth-watering meal, even though you know that you will be using an oven to re-warm your pot pie.

It doesn’t make sense that leftovers would have to taste worse than they did originally.

Step-by-step Process

  • Preheat the oven to 350 F.
  • We do not recommend moving the dish from the original container. If you want to scoop it out, be very careful, use a spatula.
  • If you want, you can put the container inside another container.
  • First, start reheating without any lid on the dish. 
  • The pot pie should be covered with aluminum foil once the crust is starting to get dark.
  • Heat up to 20 minutes.
  • If you want, by the end of the process, you can put some cheese on the pot pie.
  • Enjoy!

We can assure you that you will be more than happy with how your pot pie tastes if you follow our method.

The texture will be preserved, you will be safe, and the taste will be contained along with the nutrition as opposed to being destroyed by the reheating process.

The best way to cook a pot pie, shepherd’s pie, or any other pie is in the oven, no matter what kind of pie you are cooking.

When it comes to reheated leftovers, 20 minutes may seem like a long time. This will feel like it is taking a long time if you are used to reheating in the microwave.

There are many reasons not to cook pot pies in the microwave, including the fact that the container is not suitable for the microwave.

KFC Pot Pies


That was it, folks. There are a lot of reasons not to microwave that pie. Follow good safety habits and try not to make anything explode if all else fails.

If you want to reheat your KFC pot pies follow the steps mentioned above.

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