What Is Longaniza Made Of?

Do you love Longaniza? The sausage that is spicy and similar to chorizo?

Longaniza is made with pork and fat like many sausages, so have you ever wondered what longaniza is made of?

Longaniza is made up of ground beef and other spices.

 Longaniza is popular in the Philippines because of its affordable price, and the 

Filipino people like to spice it up with various ingredients such as pork, eggs, cheese, and garlic. 

It is also a very versatile dish that can be served as a sandwich, burger, or even as a dessert.

In this article, we will discuss Longaniza in detail.

What is Longaniza Sausage?

Chorizo and the Portuguese linguica are both types of sausage that are very similar to Longaniza.

It is a spicy pork sausage that is thin and long. Like most sausages, longaniza comes from Spain, but other regions around the world have their take on the dish.

Some of the countries with their longaniza include Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and the Philippines.

Longaniza can be spicy, garlicky, citrusy, and/or sweet across these regions.

It can be smoked, cured, kept fresh, and even fried.

Longaniza Sausage

What is Longaniza Made Of?

Longaniza is made with pork and stuffed with something. It is unique because it is made with chopped pork, instead of the usual ground pork.

While this may seem like a small difference, using chopped instead of ground pork makes this sausage a whole different texture.

The traditional longaniza is made with pork, but some regions make it with beef, chicken, turkey, or tuna.

What Part of the Pig is Used to Make Longaniza?

There is no one correct way to make longaniza, and the meat that goes into it varies from region to region.

Pork sausages like longaniza are usually made with pork shoulder.

The pork shoulder is chopped, instead of ground. Longaniza is usually made with pork fat, as it is a necessary ingredient in sausage.

The pork shoulder and fat mixture were stuffed into the pork intestines.

What Part of the Pig is Used to Make Longaniza

Instructions to follow when making Longaniza

In a large mixing bowl, combine the salt, Prague powder, phosphate, anise liquor, and water. Add the carrageen, TVP, and Isolate to the container and mix well.

Place the garlic, ground pork, sugar, black pepper, paprika, pineapple juice, and meat enhancer in a large mixing bowl and carefully toss them together.

The mixture should be refrigerated for at least a couple of hours. The sausage should be formed into a sausage shell.

What are the characteristics of Longaniza?

  • Longaniza is very long.
  • It is thin.
  • It is crimson.
  • It is made with minced pork or ground pork as the main ingredient.
  • It has a peppery flavor.

Longaniza Buying Guide

  • The pig organs used in the production- Some people prefer the longaniza that is produced from a section of the pig’s meat.
  • Longaniza is made from various spices- Some people prefer a milder version of Longaniza, while others prefer a hot version.
  • Expiry Date- Longaniza has a long shelf life because it is in good storage conditions. If left out for too long, the longaniza sausage’s taste and flavor can be altered.
  • Casings Used– Testing must be done to determine if the shell is food-friendly. This is significant because they will be able to recognize and deal with different types of sausage.
  • Longaniza’s origin- Different countries have their variations on the dish of longaniza, which is made with meat and spices.

Types of Longaniza

Some components go into making longaniza that are different depending on where you live.

Longaniza can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following are what they are as follows.

Pampanga longaniza

This longaniza is mostly skinless and long, with a slender stem. A combination of salty and sweet flavors may be found in this dish.

Lucban longaniza

It is made from the main ingredients of paprika and oregano. The longaniza is usually salty and sour.

Spanish longaniza

Depending on your preferences, it can be cooked using cold, fresh, or cured meats. It is possible to marinate or mince the meat. 

Its origin of it can be traced back to Spain. This dish is popular because it is usually made from pig’s intestines that are stuffed with meat.

The difference between fresh and raw sausage is that fresh sausage is roasted or fried.

Aragón extra longaniza

Other traditional sausages are prepared with black truffles. The black truffle is a fungus that grows underground and has a dark color.

Tips to handle longaniza

Make sure you have enough water in the kitchen.

Ensuring that the Longaniza doesn’t become scorched and that it doesn’t become undercooked is accomplished by cooking it with adequate water.

It is a good idea to keep Longaniza in a dry place. Longaniza can be kept out of the refrigerator if it is stored in a tight freezer bag or sealed container.

It is possible to keep the components moist and supple by storing them in cornstarch. There are additional ingredients on hand.

The purpose flour should be stored in the same container as the extra ingredients.

It is recommended that the skinless Longaniza be kept in the refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours before cooking.

The longaniza must be covered to make the cooking process go more smoothly. It is important to not use too many ingredients when preparing longaniza.

Make sure the pork and fat ratios are 0.75:0.25 for the Longaniza to be soft and delicious.


You now know what longaniza is made out of. It’s just pork, right? Depending on what region of the world you are in, the type of meat used can be different.

The beauty of sausage is that there are endless possibilities.

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