What Is a Snack Stick?

Snack sticks are a type of sausage. Compared to most sausages, they are pretty thin, and the meat is stuffed into casings with a small diameter.

People keep snack sticks as a convenient meat snack to satisfy their hunger cravings.

A Snack Stick Sausage is an appetizer made of ground beef mixed with a blend of spices. The sausage is formed into a shape that is similar to a stick.

They are a great source of nutrition and are perfect to pack in your bag when you go hiking, need something to snack on while on a long road trip or they make for a great snack for kids.

What Kind of Meat Is Used for Snack Sticks?

The snack sticks are usually made from pork or beef, but you can also find them made from venison, turkey, or chicken.

As you can see, almost any meat can be used to make snack sticks. Almost all of the animal’s body parts.

The part of the animal used doesn’t matter since the meat is ground before it’s stuffed into the shell.

Better cuts will taste better, but cheaper cuts can be heavily seasoned to improve the taste.

What meat is used in Snack Sticks

What Is the Flavor of Snack Sticks?

It is possible to change the flavors of snacks any way you like.

They can be smokey, peppery, spicy, or just salted. teriyaki, pepperoni, jalapeno, habanero, chorizo, and Tex Mex are just a few of the flavors you can find.

If you want to flavor your ground meat with snack stick seasoning, you can buy pre-mixed snack stick seasoning.

Do You Need to Cure Snack Sticks?

It depends on what way you cook them.

The bad bacteria in the meat can make you sick and give you food poisoning if you drink it.

If you are not cooking the snack sticks at a high temperature, then you should use a cure.

The cure should be used here to make the snack sticks safe to eat.

You do not necessarily have to cure them if they are being hot smoked or grilled.

Cure snack sticks

How To Make Snack Sticks?

Sausages are made the same way that snack sticks are made. The seasoning is mixed with the first ground meat.

Adding curing salts at this step is possible if the meat is cured. Sausage stuffers are used to stuffing the meat into the casings.

The diameter of the casings is around 15-23mm wide.

The type of wood used to smoke the snack sticks is dependent on the flavor of the snack sticks you want to have.

Once fully cooked, the snack sticks are immediately chilled in an ice bath, and then cut up.

While smoking is the most popular method of making snack sticks, you can also make them in the oven.

How To Eat Snack Sticks?

snack sticks are just meant to be a snack, as the name suggests. They aren’t served as a part of a meal or an ingredient in a dish.


Sausage snack sticks are an extremely popular type of sausage and are great for smoky meat snacks.

They are similar to other sausages in that they are straightforward to make.

I encourage you to experiment with different types of meat and seasoning to make the snack stick best suited for your taste buds.

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