What Is the Weight of a Chest Freezer?

Before you buy an appliance, you need to know where it will be in your home. In most cases, the size of your home will determine what size of appliance you buy.

Standard box-shaped chest freezers come in different sizes.

Whether you are moving the appliance from one house to another, or from one floor to another, you might want to consider its weight.

We’re going to discuss how heavy chest freezers are. We asked experts involved in manufacturing and transporting chest freezers, and here’s what they said.

On average, chest freezers are 95.46 lbs. The smallest chest freezer can hold less than 50 lbs. 

The largest chest freezer could weigh over 200 lbs. The weight of a chest freezer isn’t always determined by capacity.

We will give you a breakdown of the weight of chest freezers according to their model or brand. The capacity of the chest freezer is reflected in how much it will weigh.

Weight of Popular Chest Freezer Models

The capacity of a chest freezer is dependent on the weight of the freezer. Many homes feature the chest freezers that are featured here.

The height is standard even though the width and length could be different.

The weight of the chest freezer will not be altered by these dimensions. Some examples of popular chest freezer brands can be found here.

Kelvinator Commercial KCCF210WH

Most of the commercial chest freezers are manufactured by this brand. The capacity of the commercial chest freezer is 21 square feet.

The chest freezer is perfect for restaurants, hotels, and stores. There is a solid lid door that can double as a countertop working space.

Kelvinator Commercial KCCF210WH

Danby DCF055A2WDB-3 5.5 Cu.Ft. Garage Ready Chest Freezer

Medium-sized chest freezers are part of this popular brand. The Danby chest freezer can be placed in the house, but it is ideal for your garage.

The capacity of the freezer is enough for a standard family of four.

RCA FRF472 Chest Freezer

The chest freezer has a storage capacity of 7 and is ideal for storing large quantities of meat.

There is a deep freezer that has a temperature of 18 degrees. The door doesn’t consume more than 205 kilowatts each year.

Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer

There are several sizes in the market for this popular brand of chest freezers. This particular Midea chest freezer has a larger capacity than other models.

When empty, it weighs a little more than 74 lbs. There is an energy consumption of 250-kilowatt hours a year.

gE White Chest Freezer

The size of the GE chest freezers is much larger. The chest freezer model weighs 75 lbs and has a capacity of 7 lbs. The weight of the appliance is not mentioned.

gE White Chest Freezer

Frigidaire Freestanding Chest Counter Depth Freezer

7 lbs when empty is the weight of this popular chest freezer.

It’s an excellent countertop chest freezer and has a capacity of only 5 cubic feet. Standard white color is what it usually comes in.

Galanz GLF70CWED01 Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

The Galanz chest freezers are durable and compact. The chest freezer of the Galanz weighs in at about 70 lbs.

Soukoo Chest Freezer with Removable Wire Basket Organizer

In homes, offices, and stores, the freestanding 5.0-inch chest freezer is very popular. 6 lbs. is the weight of the deep freezer when empty.

The model has a quick freeze mode and 3 baskets for organizing.

Koolatron KTCF195 Compact Top-Opening Chest Freezer

The chest freezers of the Koolatron are very small. 9 lbs. is the weight of the best-seller, the Koolatron Compact 7 cubic feet chest freezer.

Small kitchens, minimalist apartments, and offices are where this mini chest freezer can be found.

sMETA Chest Freezer 5 Cu.Ft.

There is a new chest freezer brand called the SMETA that has gained a lot of popularity recently. The chest freezer is large enough to hold 62 lbs.

The easy-to-clean, energy-saving chest freezer keeps food fresh with its easy-to-adjust temperatures. It’s a good choice for homes with little space.

Northair Chest Freezer with 2 Removable Baskets

These brand of chest freezers are very compact with a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet and weighs around 50.7 lbs.

Black and white colors are what this chest freezer comes in.

There are two freezer baskets and seven temperature adjustments in the silent compact freezer. It works well in limited spaces and doesn’t consume much energy.

Northair Chest Freezer with 2 Removable Baskets

What Is the Weight of an Empty Chest Freezer?

The average weight of an empty chest freezer should be 44 lbs.

The capacity of a chest freezer isn’t usually the determining factor of how much it weighs. When it’s loaded with food, the chest freezers will weigh more.

What Is the Size of a Chest Freezer?

It’s a good idea to choose a chest freezer based on the number of people in your home. It’s pointless to have a big chest freezer because it’s always empty.

When a chest freezer is empty, it’s not cost-efficient and energy-saving. The rule of thumb for purchasing a chest freezer is 1.5 square feet per person.

35 lbs of food should be held by a cubic foot of 28.6 liters.

If you add up the number of adults in the family, you’ll get a total of 70.7 liters. This will allow you to estimate the capacity of your chest freezer.

What Is the Weight of a 7.0 Chest Freezer?

A chest freezer has an average weight of about 75 lbs. Some models weigh a bit more and a bit less than others. The weight of the chest freezer could be affected by the dimensions.

Is It Possible to Move a Deep Freezer with Food in It?

Yes and no. It depends on how far. Food can be left in the freezer if you are moving for shorter distances. The food can last up to 4 hours.

If your freezer doesn’t have a lot of ice, you can safely move it.

If you are moving your freezer, long distances make sure to empty it. It’s a good idea to empty your freezer before you move it.

If your freezer has been tilted for long periods, you should keep it upright for the same amount of time before plugging it in.

How to Move a Chest Freezer by Yourself?

If you do it right, you can move your chest freezer by yourself. You need to follow these simple steps regardless of the size of your chest freezer.

Don’t Forget to Have Your Packing and Moving Supplies with You

Remember that you are doing this on your own, so be prepared like a professional.

You need to have a dolly with straps, furniture sliders, locks, moving blankets, wrapping paper, packing tape, and someone to help you.

Empty Your Freezer

If you are moving to another part of the country, there shouldn’t be any food in the freezer.

Iceboxes can be used to put the food from the freezer in. If you shop less for your freezer, you will have a better chance of moving houses.

Defrost, Clean, and Dry the Freezer

You should plan since it can take up to 24 hours to thaw your freezer.

After the freezer has been cleaned and dried, it’s time to put it back in use. When you move into a new place, a clean freezer will save you a lot of time.

Pack and Lock the Freezer

Make sure that the chest freezer is locked before you start moving it. If your freezer doesn’t have a lock on it, you should install a freezer lock to keep it from being opened.

You can wrap your freezer with a blanket. This will help prevent freezer doors from being broken while you move your appliance.

Mount and Wheel out the Freezer on a Dolly

Finally, mount the wrapped freezer onto a dolly, strap it to a wheel, and load it onto the waiting truck.

You will need an additional pair of hands at this point. It’s important to keep the freezer upright so that it doesn’t damage the cooling system.


The weight of the chest freezers is determined by their dimensions and capacity.

The dimensions are important because you need to know where you will place your chest freezer. Before you make a purchase, make sure to carefully measure the available space.

It’s a good idea to be very careful when moving appliances around. If you don’t know if you can handle it, ask for assistance from a professional.

Don’t forget that freezers are a long time investment and don’t overlook any aspects.

It’s a good idea to have a clear idea of the number of people using it for a proper estimate of its capacity and the size of the available space in your home.

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