What Size Chest Freezer Do You Need For 1/2 A Cow?

Purchasing large amounts of beef is more economical for those who are into commercial trading of beef.

It’s much cheaper to buy beef in bulk for home consumption. You need to store your beef carefully once you have gotten it from your supplier.

For a whole cow, what size chest freezer would be ideal? We’ve spent a lot of time researching this question, and here’s what we’ve found.

The capacity of the chest freezer is determined by the amount of beef in the cow. If you want to have the freezer sizes you need, you should have them.

  • 1/4 cow: 4 cubic feet
  • 1/2 cow: 8 cubic feet
  • Whole cow: 16 cubic feet

Continue reading to understand what parts and sizes the beef is cut. Storage of different types of beef cuts as well as the packaging will be covered in the post.

Right Size Chest Freezer For Half A Cow

If you can estimate the amount of beef you will get from a whole cow, you can figure out the chest freezer size you need.

Thirty-five pounds of cut and wrapped cow meat should be enough for a square foot of freezer space.

100 pounds of meat is the amount of beef you can get from a quarter cow. You should have about 80-90 pounds after removing excess fat and bones and grinding some of the beef.

A 4 cubic ft. chest freezer that holds about 85 pounds of food will be suitable. 

1/2 a cow will fit in an 8 square foot. A cow will fit in a 16 cubic ft. chest freezer. There was one.

Cuts And Weight Of The Beef

Different cuts of beef can be found in different weights. The pieces and cuts have different names and are packaged for different lengths.

The weight may be different due to the presence or absence of bones in that particular piece of beef.

Beef Cuts

You should expect to get a lot of cuts from the cow. loin, rib, chuck, round, flank, sirloin, and short plate are some of the Primal cuts.

Sub primal cuts, which are smaller in size, can be cut later on. Top round, whole tenderloin, ribeye, etc are some of the examples of sub primordial cuts.

Chest Freezer

Beef Sizes

It can take a walk in a cold room or a commercial freezer room to store heavy cuts of meat. A percentage of the total weight of the cow is used to calculate the weight of the cuts.

The sub-primal cuts could weigh from 1 to 10 pounds. The number of beef-consuming adults can be used to determine the size of these cuts.

It means that you keep cuts that are enough for a meal. Parts of a cow can be stored for a long time. Within a matter of days, other parts need to be consumed.

Space, Packaging, And Temperature

For 35 pounds of meat, you should allocate at least a cubic foot. It’s important to allow cold air to circulate in the freezer.

Don’t overload your freezer because it will cause temperature fluctuations. Proper packaging is one of the most important aspects.

Handling beef properly while packing it for storage is required. Clean surfaces and sterilizing packaging should be used. The beef needs to be dried before it is packed.

It’s a good idea to label all of the beef. The pieces of beef have to be packed in heavy-duty bags. It is possible to vacuum wrap the beef for better results.

It is possible to package beef for up to 12 months in the freezer. It’s a good idea to pack your meat in proper packaging to protect it from freezer burns.

For long-term storage in a chest freezer, the recommended temperature is between 28 degrees Fahrenheit and 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintaining the temperature range must be done at all times. Large amounts of beef should be stored in a chest freezer that is specifically for this purpose.

How Much Meat Is It Possible to Get from 1/2 a Cow?

You will get between 200 and 220 pounds of beef from 1/2 a cow. 40 to 45 percent of the total weight will be the amount of ground beef.

20 to 25 percent of steaks, 20 to 25 percent of roasts, and 10 to 15 percent of other cuts should be given to you by the other beef.

100 pounds of ground beef and 120 pounds of steaks, roasts, tenderloin, flank, and other cuts should be taken from a 220-pound 1/2 cow.

Wrap each of the cuts individually before they are put into storage. Take the cuts and put them in your chest freezer.

How Much Meat Is It Possible to Get From A 1/4 Cow?

You might be wondering what types of cuts you can get from a cow of that size. You should expect several different cuts of beef from a small cow.

The weight of the cuts is not the same as before. An average of 100 pounds of beef should be obtained from a 1/2 cow.

These are the cuts and weights that are expected.

  • 4 New York strip steaks and 4 mignon (filet) or 4 T-Bone steaks – 8 lbs
  • 4 ribeye steak or 1 prime rib roast – 7 lbs
  • Boneless stew meat – 2 lbs
  • Sirloin steak or 2 club steaks – 4 lbs
  • 8-pack round steak or 12-15 packs of cube steaks – 8 lbs
  • 4 chuck pot roasts -17 lbs
  • 1 rump roast – 3 lbs
  • Short ribs – 3 lbs
  • Brisket – 1 lbs
  • Soup bones – 2 lbs
  • Ground beef – 30 lbs
  • Tenderloin – 1 lbs
  • Stir-fry or fajita steak – 2 lbs

Depending on the size of the cow, the weight of the above parts can be different. This can be due to the size of the bone or lack of it.

Midea MRC050S0AWW Chest Freezer

Is It Worth Buying A 1/4 Cow?

It’s worth it because buying in bulk leaves you with more meat. The beef cut for retail is cut and packaged in a way that the seller can make a profit.

You will be able to get more when you purchase a quarter cow. Depending on the number of family members you have, the sizes of your cuts will be determined.

How Much Meat Is It Possible to Get From A Whole Cow?

The cow gives large cuts which are referred to as primordial. These main cuts are very easy to cut and can be further cut into smaller pieces. You will get different cuts from a whole cow.

  • Chucks
  • Shank
  • Loin
  • Tenderloin
  • Brisket
  • Round
  • Ribs
  • Plate
  • Steaks
  • Roasts

You should get about 220 pounds of beef cuts and 200 pounds of ground beef from a cow of this weight.

The other parts of the cow, such as the tongue, are referred to as a variety of meats. Different types of meat are handled differently than other meat.

They must be consumed quickly.

Is It Worth Buying Half A Cow?

The price of the cuts will be relatively cheaper than buying in retail. The best place to find a worthwhile purchase is a rancher.

You can get 100 pounds of ground beef and 120 pounds of beef cuts from a 220-pound cow.

How Long Will A Cow Last Inside The Freezer?

The amount of time you can store beef is dependent on the recommendations from the USDA.

If the temperature in the freezer is constant and the beef has been packed correctly, this is possible. If you want better-tasting beef, you should store it for at least 12 months.

It is recommended that ground beef be stored for up to 4 months. The taste and texture of the beef are lost when it is stored for long periods.


If you want to store your beef properly, you need a large chest freezer.

If you don’t have a designated chest freezer, your chest freezer should be large enough to hold the amount of beef intended for storage.

A half cow is well suited in an 8-square-foot space. The chest freezer has plenty of room for air to circulate. Pack your beef carefully and handle it carefully before storing it.

If the chest freezer is meant for storage, make sure it is always at a constant temperature.

The bottom of the freezer is where the cuts and pieces of beef that can stay longer should be kept.

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