What To Do When The Freezer Door Won’t Open All The Way?

Problems with getting food in and out of the appliance can be caused when the freezer door isn’t open all the way.

Do you have any options if you find yourself in this situation? We consulted with experts to explain the reasons for the freezer door not opening all the way.

It is possible that your freezer door won’t open because of damaged parts. The parts that you should check are included.

  • Door closure cams
  • Door closure levels and cams
  • Door hinge bushings

It is necessary to repair or replace the right parts if you want your freezer door to open and close properly.

To find out the solution to repairing the door of the appliance, you need to check these parts.

Why Is My Freezer Door Not Opening?

Depending on the environment, the freezer doors open an average of nine to 32 times per day.

There are different reasons why your freezer door is not opening all the way. The following are some of the common suspects.

  • Broken or damaged door closure cams
  • Damaged door closure levels and cams
  • Cracked door hinge bushings

What Can I Do if My Freezer Door Won’t Open All the Way?

If your freezer door doesn’t open all the way, you’ll learn how to open it in this section.

Broken or Damaged Door Closure Cams

A smooth surface for doors to stay open or close is provided by the door closure cam. The door will not open or close properly if the cams are damaged.

When opening or closing the freezer door, make sure you hear a plastic noise. The cams can be purchased individually or as a set.

It’s a good idea to buy the cams in pairs because mixing different sets can cause problems. It is possible to find the cam part model number by checking the freezer’s manual.

Damaged Door Closure Levels and Cams

The freezer door can be opened or closed with the help of the door closure levers and connected cameras.

The cam can be mounted at the top or bottom of the appliance’s door, depending on the model and design of the freezer.

The door will no longer be able to hold itself open or close if these parts are damaged.

Don’t attempt to repair these parts on your own because those quick-fix solutions are not permanent. If the parts are failing, you should replace them.

Freezer Drawer

Cracked Door Hinge Bushings

There are different designs of door bushings to choose from. All of the bushings are used to allow the door to have a smooth surface to ride on during opening and closing operations.

If your freezer is designed that way, you may have to remove the door to check the integrity of the hinge.

It is possible to do some repairs yourself, but the solutions tend to be short-term. If they don’t succeed it’s best to replace the damaged one.

How To Open a Stuck Freezer Door?

If you want to open the freezer door, you have to get it to budge.

The warm air inside the freezer might have cooled quickly, causing the cold air to take up less space than it normally would.

It was more difficult to open the door than average because of the negative pressure caused by the air in the appliance.

Give your freezer some time to get rid of the tension if the negative pressure is the problem. If you could, you could open the door slightly to achieve this solution.

Negative pressure isn’t the cause of a stuck freezer door in certain instances. The seal or gasket could have become warped or damaged, sticking to the surface of the door.

If that’s the case, you might have to break the seal by using your finger or a flat yet durable object. The gasket may already be beyond repair and you should replace it.

Warm air became more apparent in the appliance than cold air, which is one of the reasons your freezer door is stuck.

Warm air will ruin your food and can cause the door’s gasket or seal to warp. A dirty condenser coil is the most likely culprit for your freezer generating warm air.

Cleaning the Freezer’s Condenser Coil

Here are the steps to clean your freezer’s condenser coil.

  • Take the freezer out of the power supply.
  • Go to the owner’s manual to locate the coil.
  • If required remove the base grille.
  • The cleaning coil brush can be used to remove dirt, dust, and small debris.
  • The excess dirt can be removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • If it became damaged, return it or replace it.
  • Take the power to the freezer after cleaning.

It’s important to do this job quickly. It is because the longer you leave the freezer door open, the quicker your food will oxidize.

How Do You Realign A Freezer Door?

Make sure you have the strength to pull and lift the door away from the freezer before you do the repair job.

A 17 lbs door can be found in an 18 cubic feet GE freezer. If you can’t carry that much weight, you might need to call a friend or family member to help.

The freezer door needs to be realigned after its weight is checked.

  • Remove the hinge cap by removing the hinges.
  • Lift the freezer door to remove its hinges.
  • Straighten the door with the top of the freezer.
  • The door should be aligned by adjusting the middle hinge.
  • When you’re satisfied, secure the screws and return the cap.

Samsung Freezer Door Won’t Open

The doors of some freezer doors can be difficult to open and refuse to open at the same time.

Pick out the model number of the appliance from your owner’s manual when that happens.

You can use an online search with that model number to figure out the cause and solution of the issue.

There are a couple of models from the South Korean appliance manufacturer with potential problems and resolutions to this particular concern, so before you search online for a potential cause and answer to your freezer door not opening, here are a couple of models.


The significant ice build-up may cause a french door freezer to not open. The steps to fix this problem are listed here.

  • If you want to open the door, you need to remove the hinges.
  • Make sure the drain doesn’t have a problem when you locate it.
  • Go to the owner’s manual and locate the water filter head if there’s a problem.
  • It’s a good idea to look for cracks in that part.
  • If the part has cracks or other types of damage, you should replace it.
  • It’s a good idea to inspect the water tank assembly for leaks.
  • If the water tank assembly has leaks, it is a good idea to check the owner’s manual for the part number you want to replace.
  • Don’t use standard glue to seal the leak because the glue won’t be strong enough to prevent water from penetrating

Samsung RT35K5532SL/TC

The Twin Cooling Plus technology might fail, which is why the RT35K5532SL/TC is called the Twin Cooling Plus technology.

It can cause ice to accumulate in the appliance, making it hard for the door to open properly. If you’re having an issue, here are the steps to help you solve it.

  • Take the owner’s manual and locate the temperature sensor.
  • The freezer has power connected to it.
  • The shelves and vegetable drawer should be removed.
  • The screw cover needs to be removed with a flathead screwdriver.
  • The center support has screws that hold it in place.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the evaporator cover.
  • Remove the sensor and then replace it with the same part.
  • Put back the items that you took out after installing the new sensor.
  • Allow the power to go to the freezer.


If your freezer door won’t open all the way, check the freezer door closing levels, cams, and hinge bushings.

If it is possible, repair these parts. If you want to take advantage of long-term solutions, it is best to replace these components.

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