Why Is My Kitchenaid Coffee Maker Display Dim?

If you own a model of the Kitchenaid coffee maker, you will understand the importance of the bright display light.

It becomes annoying when you want the display light to be bright but it doesn’t during the day.

There is a question as to who could be responsible for this. Is there a way to solve this problem? Is it possible for you to fix it yourself?

When the display of your coffee maker is dim, it is likely a result of the light sensor or sensor malfunctioning. 

You can repair this problem yourself by removing the cover of your coffee maker and cleaning off the light sensor. 

The answers to these questions and more information on how to fix the coffee makers can be found in the article.

Kitchenaid Coffee Maker

Causes & Fixes

According to reviews online, it is most likely that you will experience dimming of the display light after a period of use of the Kitchenaid coffee maker.

Users pass through stress whenever they want to operate the machine during daytime hours. More information on the possible causes and solutions can be found here.


A dim display is one of the many complaints made by users of Kitchenaid coffee makers.

Users get concerned about what could have caused the display to turn dim most of the time.

Some of the possible causes of the Kitchenaid coffee maker’s dim display have been highlighted.

Not Connected to a Power Source

This is funny, right? The coffee maker machine from Kitchenaid won’t work unless it is connected to a power source.

Sometimes, due to power failure, a damaged power source, or your failure to connect the machine to a power source, the machine will not work.

Before you complain about a dim display, you need to make sure that the machine is connected to the power source.

Backlight Slip out of Place

If you accidentally hit the machine against an object in the process of carrying it from one place to another, you will be held responsible.

The backlight could slip out of place if this is the case. When the machine is not being used, little children can play with it and cause the backlight to slip from its original position.

Depending on the number of affected backlights, the backlight will be dim when this happens.

Tear and Wear

After a period of using the machine, many users complain that they start to experience problems.

The display of the Kitchenaid coffee maker can be dim when the capacitor wears out, even though the time frame differs from one user to another.

The display will be dim and the voltage level will decline when this happens. The amount of time you use the machine will affect this.


The design of the coffee maker could be to blame for the number of complaints by users about the dim display.

Troubleshooting Techniques

You might not be able to fix it yourself without ruining the coffee-making machine, which is why it is difficult to Troubleshoot the Kitchenaid coffee maker’s dim display.

There are things that you could do when your coffee maker goes off. Some of the things you can do are listed below.

LCD Replacement

The Kitchenaid coffee maker will come with a warranty if you purchase it from a verified outlet.

If you can’t resolve the display’s dimness, you should call the seller for a possible replacement. The problem could be solved within a few days if you still have a valid warranty.

Replace the Machine

If the display turns dim and you complain to your vendor, you are likely to get a replacement for your Kitchenaid coffee maker.

You need to have a valid warranty for this because you need to have bought the machine from a legit outlet.

Seek Help

You might not be able to fix the Kitchenaid coffee maker without damaging it. If you take it to a professional for repairs, it could be solved quickly.

Buy a New Machine

You can buy another machine if you aren’t qualified for machine replacement and the technician isn’t able to resolve the problem.

If you can, you should buy another brand, avoid some of the causes that have been highlighted, and see if you would enjoy the machine for a longer period without the display turning dim.

Troubleshooting Popular Problems

There are other problems with the Kitchenaid coffee maker, including the dim display.

The good news is that you can fix some of the problems on your own, and the machine will continue to function normally.

Some of the common problems you can likely encounter with the Kitchenaid coffee maker, the causes of such problems, and how you can fix them can be found below.

Inability to Heat or Brew

Without the exemption of the Kitchenaid coffee maker, this is the most popular problem with coffee-making machines. There is a problem when the machine fails to brew.

Many people abandon the machine and go for a new one when this occurs.

When there is an obstruction to the tube that supplies the heating equipment with water, it’s usually the cause of the machine’s inability to brew or heat.

You don’t have to abandon your machine whenever you experience this; you can try any of the steps.

Open and Clean the Machine

If you have a screwdriver, you can open the machine and wash the tube and some other parts with soap and water. Before you fix them back, you allow them to dry.

If that’s what you want to do, you can make use of white wine to clean the machine.

It is more effective to use vinegar as it can remove rust from the tube and other parts of the machine, as well as disinfect it.

Blow Air Through the Tubes

Once you are done with the cleaning and the parts are dry, you should blow air from one end of the tube and watch for it to pass out from the other end.

This should be repeated for the other end of the tube as well.

You should attach the different parts of the machine to their original positions if you are sure that air is flowing through the tube.

If you can not handle this on your own, you can seek help.

Kitchenaid Coffee Maker

Clogged Tubes

If you’ve experienced this type of problem before, you’re probably not new to the coffee-making machine.

It is caused by a broken thermostat, timer, or heater. It makes it difficult for you to make coffee. Follow these steps. 

Check Tubes and Filters

If you experience a problem with the coffee maker, it’s a good idea to check the filters and tubes for obstructions. If there are any, you should take them down immediately.

It is recommended that when you want to clear the obstruction on the tube and the filter, you should use some sort of liquid.

Keep the Machine Clean

Many of the problems you will likely encounter with the machine are caused by dirt, and proper care for the machine is the most important technique for fixing them.

If you want to keep the machine free of dirt, you need to regularly clean the parts that are not in use. When the machine is not in use, you should keep it in good working order.

Error Codes

Some error codes can be found on your Kitchenaid coffee-making machine if it still has a functioning display. These error codes must be fixed as soon as possible.

The meaning of the error code and what you do to clear them varies from one model of the Kitchenaid coffee maker to another.

Below are some of the error codes and how you can fix them on different models of the machine.


The KCM5 model has an error when the machine is in a cold spot or when the water in it is cold. To resolve this is very easy.

You can either move the machine to a warmer location or change the water.

The buttons are jammed if the error appears on the KCM 111 machine. You don’t need to remove the machine or release the buttons.


The KCM5 Kitchenaid coffee maker has an electrical problem according to this error. It’s a good idea to bring it to a technician who can fix it for you.

When this error appears on the KCM 1402 model, it means the machine couldn’t complete the brewing cycle in 15 minutes.

This means there is an issue with the heating element. It’s a good idea to take the machine for repairs.


When all the buttons are stuck, this error will appear on KCM5. All you need to do is to clear or release the buttons.

It means the water tank is empty when the error code appears on the model. To refill the water tank, you have to do it.


When the display of your coffee maker is dim, you shouldn’t be alarmed.

You can use the machine at night or in dark locations if you choose to opt-in for any of the solutions highlighted in the article.

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