Are Wooden Mortar And Pestles Good?

In the preparation of some special meals, wooden mortar and pestle are still one of the most popular kitchen tools.

For the majority of the time, they have been doing a perfect job in grinding/crushing spices.

Yes, wooden mortar and pestle are perfect for the kitchen and other household uses. One of the best kitchen items to use is the wooden mortar and pestle.

We all know that not all grinders can be used for grinding. The wooden mortar and pestle are needed to help achieve this purpose.

The kitchen tools can be used for a long time without needing to be torn down. Proper care gives them longevity.

They have top-notch finishing so expect quality and the best.

Wooden Mortar And Pestles

What Is The Purpose Of A Wooden Mortar And Pestle?

Before we talk about what a wooden mortar and pestle are used for, let me tell you a short story about how mortar and pestle helped me to cook better delicacies.

I didn’t like the idea of grinding my spices with a mortar and pestle when I was younger.

Since the world has moved away from the use of old kitchen tools to the use of modern tools, I didn’t want to get one at any cost.

People kept talking about its usefulness and how it has helped them cook better with spices, as time went on. The decision was made to give it a shot after a change of mind.

They say that there isn’t anything wrong with trying. I bought Olive Wood, Handmade Mortar & Pestle (Amz) on Amazon and used them to grind some spices.

I was amazed by the number of people there. They don’t grind spices to be very smooth, but they have this unique scent and texture that accompanies them.

When muddling, you don’t need to add water to the mortar, unlike the grinder or blender. The oil inherent in the spices is preserved naturally for that purpose.

I have been using my wooden mortar for many years and still counting. If I had not purchased this mortar, my meals would not have tasted as good.

What do you do with your wooden mortar and pestle? The wooden mortar and pestle are ideal for grinding and crushing spices.

They bring out the power of the spices in their natural form, which makes them taste better when added to meals.

They act as a backup to our grinder, which can’t be used in grinding spices. It’s best to use wooden mortars for grinding or crushing dry spices.

Since a wooden mortar isn’t good for absorbing water, dry spices are better for it. When the spices are wet, the wooden mortar will absorb the oil from them.

If you grind dry spices, you’ll get the real taste of the spices. Dressing salads can be done with the help of a mortar and pestle, which can be used to create delicacies like guacamole.

If you decide to get a wooden mortar and pestle in your kitchen, I believe you will see what you will get.

How To Season A Mortar And Pestle?

The first thing you do after you purchase a mortar and pestle is seasoning. We aren’t talking about adding spices to the mortar or anything like that.

The proper cleaning of the mortar is what we meant by seasoning it. Some people might be wondering why a mortar and a pestle should be seasoned.

The first thing we do when we purchase a new product or item is to clean it. In this case, you are ridding it of the dirt and dust.

Before we embark on the journey of using the mortar and pestle to grind or crush spices, we need to season them.

You do not want to see dirt and tiny particles of wood in your spices since they are going to be found inside the mortar.

How To Clean A Mortar And Pestle?

Water should be used to rinse off the dirt and particles that must have been on the mortar.

Use your hands to rub the sides of the mortar and the pestle after pouring enough water into it. After you rinse it well, take it out. White rice should be put into the mortar first.

White rice is one of the best ways to season mortar. It does not work like using just plain water to rinse. Take two cups of rice and put them into it.

Adding too much rice would cause the rice to fly all over the place. I believe that you do not want that. Don’t use a particular type of rice that is very expensive.

In as much as you are using it to season the mortar, an inexpensive price would suffice. You have the option to add a little water to the mortar or not.

It works with either water or no water. You should forge ahead with it if you find it convenient or cool.

At this point, you start the process of grinding. You are going to put a lot of effort into this so that you achieve a good result.

If you want to move the pestle in a circular motion, you need to hold it firmly.

As you keep on doing this, the rice would be moving in a circular direction and all the dirt and particles from the mortar would come off. You take the mixture out fourthly.

You rinse the mortar with water and repeat the process.

The purpose of repetition is to make sure that these things don’t get mixed up with your spices when grinding and crushing. You repeat this procedure about three or four times.

It may seem like a lot of work, but once you start using it in the kitchen, you are going to like it.

If you’re tired and stressed out, you can stop and rest for a day or two, or at least the next day. Finally, rinse your mortar with water and you’re done seasoning it.


How To Clean Dirty Mortar And Pestle?

Cleaning of mortar and pestle is important and must not be neglected at all costs. There will be particles of spices surrounding or sitting in the mortar.

I am going to show you two different ways to clean your mortar and pestle.

You must clean immediately after usage. You shouldn’t wait until the next time you want to use it to clean it.

Procedure 1

  • After grinding or crushing the spices, you need to rinse the mortar and pestle to make sure that no food can be found in it.
  • After rinsing the mortar with water, you will need a soft sponge and soap to wash it.
  • If there are any tiny particles left in the mortar, scrub with the sponge thoroughly. The sponge can be used to scrub and hold the pestle.
  • You rinse the mortar and pestle with water after washing them.
  • You can either dry the mortar and pestle with a clean cloth or towel.
Wooden Mortar And Pestles

Procedure 2

  • The first thing to do in this procedure is to get a paper towel to clean the mortar and pestle. A brush can be used to brush off the debris. It’s a good idea to clean or brush before all the debris is gone.
  • The piece of cloth you need this time will be a clean one. The cloth needs to be soaked in a bowl of water. It is a good idea to use cloth to clean the mortar and pestle. If you want to use the cloth to clean the mortar and pestle, make sure you wring out the excess water from the cloth.
  • Continue rinsing the cloth in clean water and cleaning the mortar and pestle with it as you follow step 2.
  • If you are certain that all the food debris has been removed, you can leave it to dry before storing it.


Before you store your mortar and pestle, make sure that it has completely dried off. It is possible to turn it upside down for a day before storing it in the usual place.

How To Care For A Wooden Mortar And Pestle?

Similar to how we care for our bodies, should the mortar and pestle be cared for? You should be willing to put effort into caring for them if you want them to last for years.

Aside from proper cleaning and storage, mortar and pestle need some kind of oiling to help them function. There are three types of oil you can use to care for them.

They include;

  1. Food grade mineral oil.
  2. Tung oil.

This is all that is necessary for you. If you want to clean the mortar and pestle, you need to get a cloth, dampen it with oil, and then use it.

The only time you can do this is when the mortar and pestle have dried completely.


The kitchen has some of the most essential tools in it. Nothing beats the texture, oil, taste, and scent that comes from the ground or crushed Spice. Buy one today, and thank us later.

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