Can You Microwave Frozen Vegetables in a Bag?

It is easier to throw a bag of frozen vegetables into the microwave during a busy day than it is to wash, chop, and prepare them.

The convenience of frozen veggies may be the difference between enjoying a healthy meal and grabbing take-out on busy days.

Can frozen vegetables be microwaved in bag packaging? Is there any truth to the claims that microwaved plastic causes food poisoning?

Microwaving frozen vegetables in a bag is generally safe if done correctly, however, it is important to avoid heating them too fast. 

Also, avoid placing the bag in a microwave for too long as it can become overcooked and lose some of its nutrients.

Let’s learn the do and don’t of how to microwave frozen vegetables and answer your questions.

Frozen Vegetables

Choose Steamable Vegetables

There are frozen vegetables you should not cook in the microwave.

The instructions on those vegetables suggest steaming in a steamer basket, oven roasting or cooking on the stovetop in boiling water.

If the bag doesn’t state that it’s a steamer bag or the instructions don’t explain how to cook the bag of food in the microwave, never try to microwave vegetables in bag packaging.

The small holes in the steam-in bags allow steam to escape slowly to prevent the bag from exploding. The plastic used to make the bags doesn’t absorb microwaves or heat up.

There are special steam-in bags that are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, a toxic chemical in some plastics that could make them dangerous to eat.

The plastic that’s microwave safe doesn’t contain the substance that’s called BPA.

Which Bagged Vegetables Is It Possible To Steam?

Corn, peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts, okra, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, edamame, and many other vegetables are available in steamable microwave bags.

The steam-in bags are labeled correctly. In some cases, you will need to remove the frozen product from the bag before you can steam any vegetables.

When Shouldn’t I Microwave Frozen Vegetables in Bag Packaging?

If a bag of frozen food doesn’t say that it’s steamable in the bag, you should never try to microwave it.

Features designed for use in the microwave are included in the steam-in bags.

Non-steamable plastic bags of frozen vegetables are a safety hazard because they won’t let steam escape as the vegetables cook.

During the cooking process, the plastic could be melted or burned. Vegetables sold in bags that aren’t steamable include combinations of different shapes and sizes.

A lot of stir-fry blends don’t come in steam-in packages because the vegetables cook at different speeds.

Vegetables over 12 to 16 ounces are not meant to be microwaved in the bag. The amount of food means that some of the vegetables will overcook while others will remain partially raw.

How Can I Steam Vegetables in Standard Bags?

You can remove the vegetables from the non-steamable bags and cook them differently if you want to steam them.

Some of the most common ways to steam frozen or fresh vegetables are listed.

Microwave Steamers

You can steam frozen or fresh vegetables in minutes with a small amount of water added to the bottom of a microwave steamer. These pans are made of glass or plastic.

Modern plastic microwave-safe containers are usually safe for steaming vegetables.

The same steamer can be used for all vegetables, and it makes a great addition to a well-stocked kitchen.

Steamer Baskets

Vegetables can be prepared by steaming on top of a pot of boiling water on the stovetop. The steam rises through the basket as the water starts to boil.

A lid prevents it from escaping and cooks the food.

Two examples of stovetop steamer baskets are metal or silicone baskets that open like upside-down umbrellas and bamboo steamers that have several layers.

Vegetable Steamer Appliance

Vegetable steamers are made from plastic or glass plug to steam the vegetables in the compartment on top.

If you love gadgets and don’t mind having one that does a single thing very well, a stand-alone steamer is perfect for frozen vegetables.

Electric Pressure Cooker

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on steaming frozen veggies, you can use an electric pressure cooker with a steam setting.

Most brands have a steamer button with advice on how long to cook fresh and frozen vegetables, as well as a rack for steaming food.

Steamer Bags for the Microwave

Non-steamable bags of one pound or less are some of the food brands that sell frozen vegetables. They don’t need a special steamer bag, so the cost is usually lower.

Most vegetables can be found in steamable bags, though not all brands sell them.

If you prefer a brand that doesn’t come in steamable bags and the vegetables are fairly uniform, you can still cook them in the microwave using a purchased steamer bag.

Some brands sell steamer bags for the microwave that make it easy to cook frozen vegetables.

If you decide to buy the bags, you’ll only need to store a small box of bags instead of a larger plastic steamer or appliance.

Is It Possible To Microwave Frozen Broccoli in Bag?

If it’s in steamable packaging, you can microwave frozen broccoli in its bag. florets and bite-sized chunks of the stem are included in packages of broccoli that are frozen.

The pieces are similar enough that they cook at the same rate. Similar to broccoli, cauliflower is a vegetable with many different shapes and sizes.

All the pieces will cook at the same speed because the florets are cut close to each other.

There are steamer bags for a lot more than vegetables. There are steamable bags that hold frozen beans, like lima beans and butter beans.

How Long Do I Need To Microwave a Bag of Frozen Vegetables?

The amount of time you spend in the microwave depends on the vegetable you’re using. You will find instructions for how long to cook on the back of the bag.

Inside the door is a printed label with information about your microwave. If you are unsure, check the vegetables.

If you want to get consistency, fold the bag and steam them another minute or two.

If you’re steaming frozen vegetables in a purchased steamer bag, follow the bag manufacturer’s instructions, but typically starting at three minutes and checking is the best way to avoid overcooking.

Frozen Vegetables

Nutrition Facts

People think fresh vegetables have more nutrition than frozen vegetables, but they are not.

The vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial minerals can be preserved through the freezing process.

It can take several days to get fresh vegetables from the field to your grocery store, making frozen vegetables a healthier option in many cases.

While steaming vegetables preserves vitamins and minerals, boiling them can cause them to lose some of their vitamins and minerals.


It’s safe to microwave frozen vegetables in the bag if it says it’s steamable and has instructions on how to cook them.

If you’re not sure, you can cook the vegetables in a steamer, purchase a steamer bag, or a dedicated plug-in steamer to preserve as much nutrition as possible.

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