Can You Microwave Nutella?

Is It Possible To Microwave Nutella? It is a delicious addition to our sandwiches and doubles up as a snack by itself.

It is a delicious dessert that is filled with healthy oil, chocolate, and nuts. Can you use microwaves to cook Nutella?

If you want a hot fudge covered in chocolate, what do you do? Do you think it is possible?

The answer is yes, of course! It is possible to make a microwavable snack. There are a few things that are important to note when making melted or warmed Nutella.



A new jar of Nutella is covered with a metallic foil. If you microwave a jar of Nutella, the foil can likely catch on fire. The jar is usually made out of plastic or glass.

If you were to microwave the plastic container, you would create an inedible mess. Don’t do it, that’s not right!

While glass can be microwaved, it’s important to make sure you use a microwave-safe symbol on any glass you heat.

A microwave-safe symbol is unlikely to be present in your glass jar. Don’t do it, that’s not right!

Although you can microwave it, you can’t use an unopened jar and not inside the jar itself.

What Happens If You Microwave Nutella?

If it is melted in the microwave according to the instructions and precautions, it will turn into a smooth and delicious chocolate hazelnut syrup.

If the paste is heated too much or for too long, there is a chance that it will turn into an unwanted transformation.

From being thick and spreadable, it will turn into a liquid, almost watery syrup, and then into an even more horrible phase where it becomes as hard as a rock.

The worst thing about this is that it will take less than one minute. You will be appreciated for the rest of your life for your great skill in melting this foodstuff correctly.


  • It’s important to pick a microwave-safe container that has a lid. The tastier the melted Nutella, the more moisture is preserved.
  • If you want to microwave it, scoop out as much as you can and put it in the container above. You can either fill it to the top or leave some room to expand.
  • Set the amount of time you need as per your preferences by placing the mixture in the microwave.
  • Work your way up after starting with a short amount of time. No standard time is recommended because the microwave times vary.
  • If you want even heat distribution in the container, you have to mix it up every few minutes.
  • Do not start a fire with the food. The longer you heat it, the more liquid it becomes, which isn’t true because the more you heat it, the more water is lost, and eventually, you get a caked-up lump. The trick will be done by medium heat.
  • If you want to remove it in time, you have to check how close you are to getting your desired levels.

Alternative Ways to Heat Nutella

If you don’t need it to be completely melted, there are other better options.

Hot Knife

If you want to spread your chocolate hazelnut spread, you need to run a knife under the hot water for 10 seconds.

This method is used by ice cream shops to make it easier to scoop up their product.

Water bath

Put the whole jar into the hot water for one minute. The method of heating allows the entire tub to be softened.

Is It Possible For A Nutella To Go Bad?

Of course, it’s possible. The lifespan of this paste is not indicated precisely, but usually, it will last for several months past the best-by time.

Is it possible to keep the Nutella in the refrigerator after opening it? This paste should not be chilled since it will become useless as a spread if it is cold.

The paste has to be sealed away from light and heat to stay of the best quality. Leave melted food in the pantry and then transfer it to the hermetic tank.

Try not to cool it as the melted paste will be hardened when chilled. It’s important to keep in mind that Nutella will be hardened pretty soon when melted.

What Can I Use Nutella for?


Combine hot milk with cocktails or shakes to make a mouth-watering hot chocolate. It is also suitable for rimming a cocktail glass.


Ice cream, French toast, Eggos, and pancakes are ideal for drizzling.


If you want to spread a delicious ganache over cupcakes, combine it with cream.


You can dip your favorite bite-sized pieces of pear, apple, strawberries, grapes, or even cookies with melted Nutella.

Is It Possible To Microwave Nutella in Its Jar?

Microwaving the spread in its original container is not recommended by its manufacturer.

The chocolate spread may not be suitable for microwaving, even though it is sometimes packaged in glass. Transferring it to another dish would be your best option.

If you ignore the warnings and put the whole container in the microwave, it is important to remove all the foil seals as it is a fire hazard.

How Can I Harden Nutella?

You can leave it in the fridge for an hour or freezer for 20 minutes if you want to get hard Nutella.

If you want it to be used in desserts like ice cream, then you need to stir coconut oil into melted Nutella. It will turn hard after being poured over your dessert.


How to Store Nutella?

You can always keep it in the same container that it was heated in. It is more likely than not that it will return to its initial level in the end.

It is not recommended to put it back in the original container as the mixture will be inconsistent.

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