Can You Microwave Popcorn Kernels?

It is no secret that store-bought popcorn bags contain high levels of salt and fat. Worse than that is what it gets.

Scientists link perfluorinated compounds, which are found in some popcorn bags, to cancer. Is it possible to microwave popcorn kernels that you prepare at home?

Yes, you have the right to. Making your popcorn is a healthier way to eat popcorn than buying it from a store. We are going to teach you how to do it.

Popcorn Kernels


Studies show that 98% of Americans already have PFCs in their bloodstream, so it’s never too late to change your eating habits. Follow the steps below to make a fast popcorn treat.

Step 1:

When microwaving popcorn, brown paper bags are the most popular choice since they most closely resemble the store-bought kind.

If you are making a single serving of popcorn, use a brown paper bag instead of a lunch bag.

If you want to pop more than one serving simultaneously, you can use a larger paper bag from the store.

If you reuse the bag, make sure to check for foreign objects around the bag.

Metal is dangerous to heat in microwaves because it doesn’t contain water, so it reflects the microwave currents.

A firework-like show can be created in your kitchen when electrons bounce off pieces of metal. If there are holes in the paper bag, you should look for them.

As your corn kernels pop, holes will leave a mess, but they won’t have a detrimental impact on your microwave.

Step 2:

A serving of popcorn in a lunch-size brown paper bag equates to about 14 cups of popcorn. If you want to use a larger brown bag to pop kernels, we recommend calculating from there.

The reality is that this is nearly impossible, and it can be tempting to want every last one in your brown bag to pop.

If you put your popcorn in the microwave to get all of them to pop, you will likely burn some of the fluffy white pieces of popcorn you already have.

Step 3:

If you fold the top of your paper bag twice, don’t use tape or any other substance to keep it closed as that could release toxins.

You can microwave popcorn for between two and four minutes. The amount of time it takes for the popcorn to pop will depend on several factors.

  • The heat setting
  • Quality of your microwave
  • Your altitude

We said that the altitude was not the attitude. The water molecule in popcorn allows the kernels to heat up faster in high-altitude areas.

If you want to microwave popcorn at sea level, you might need to microwave it slightly longer at higher altitudes.

Step 4:

When the popcorn starts heating up, you will hear the unmistakable pop. It will take some practice to know when it is time to remove the popcorn bag from the microwave.

Waiting for most of the popping to stop is the best way to go about it. It is a good sign that your popcorn is ready once there are about three seconds of silence between pops.

If you leave your popcorn in the microwave for a long time, you will likely end up with burnt popcorn pieces.

Step 5:

We did not mention butter or oil is used to microwave popcorn kernels. microwaves use the water naturally occurring in the kernels to generate enough heat and energy to pop them

It’s possible to eat popcorn plain if you want to keep it healthy. Some people like to sprinkle some salt on their popcorn and spray some olive or other oil on it.

If you want to get fancy with your popcorn seasoning, you should use fine salt as it is an excellent option, and it is even the kind that many movie theaters prefer to use.

It is possible to top your popcorn with garlic powder, pepper, or specialty popcorn seasoning.

If your goal is to make healthy popcorn, you will want to read the ingredients list before making it.

Is It Possible To Microwave Popcorn Kernels in a Bowl?

If you use a glass bowl, you will be able to monitor the progress of the popcorn in the microwave, as this is an excellent alternative to microwave popcorn.

To microwave popcorn in a bowl, place the desired amount of corn in the bowl and set a plate on top to cover it.

When you hear about a three-second pause between pops, microwave popcorn for a few minutes.

Glass bowls and the plates on top of them are very hot in microwaves. Before handling oven mitts, toss on a pair.

Non-Paper Bags

If you want to make popcorn at home, you can use other microwaveable bags. Ensuring that the bag is labeled as microwave safe is the trick.

If toxins leak into your popcorn, you will be in the same or worse situation as popcorn containing PFCs.

Like a glass bowl, the benefit of microwaving popcorn in non-paper bags is that you will be able to monitor the progress of your popcorn as it pops more easily.

The same instructions can be found here for microwaving popcorn in non-paper bags.

Popcorn Kernels


Home Cooked snacks have many health benefits and are one of the few things that are more satisfying than making them.

Buying pre-packaged microwavable store brands will likely cost you more, but popcorn kernels are cheap and you will likely save money.

If someone asks you if you can microwave popcorn kernels, you will know how to answer them.

If you invite your guests over to your house for popcorn, you might surprise them with this fun fact.

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