Do You Need To Grind Cinnamon?

The answer is a yes for me. I like to grind my cinnamon rather than buy it from a store.

The taste of cinnamon is because it contains volatile oils which make it feel good on the tongue.

If the flavors are smoothly blended in your recipes, it can change a bite, sip, or scoop.

You can make it in several ways. It can be either stick or powder form. It has very good health benefits.


If you don’t know how to grind them yourself, buying cinnamon powder from stores can save you a lot of time.

I will explain to you why you should grind your cinnamon and how to do it.

Nutrients Retention

If you mention spices, you can do it without the “c” in it which stands for cinnamon, which is one of the most nutrition-rich natural ingredients.

When your cinnamon is freshly ground, it retains all of its vitamins and minerals until you don’t use them after a week or two, and then these vitamins and minerals begin to oxidize or degrade as a result of exposure.

It means that you should grind your cinnamon and use it as you please.


Better Taste or Freshness of Flavours

There is absolutely no way a freshly ground cinnamon powder will give you a stall flavor. When you grind cinnamon toasts on your own, you can use them fresh out of the grinder.

It is possible to get an effective flavor blend when the cinnamon spice is fresh.

It’s not a bad idea to use ground cinnamon if you know how long it has been ground and how good it is at the moment you buy it from a store.

The reasons why you should grind your cinnamon are listed here.

Health Benefits

There is cinnamon sugar, and cinnamon spice, which can be found in a variety of forms. These forms play an important role in our healthy living.

It is better to have cinnamon sugar than it is to have normal sugar.

Diabetes can be caused by excessive consumption of normal sugar, but cinnamon sugar has a refreshing taste and can be used to treat the disease.

It is possible to use it to mix your dough or dip it in before you consume it. It is possible to control the fat build-up in the body by eating ground cinnamon or sticks.

How to Grind Cinnamon Sticks?

You can grind your cinnamon sticks by heating them in a pan under a low flame for two minutes and then crush them into a fine powder form.

If you want to go natural, you can either use a food processor, coffee grinder, or a mortar and pestle. When grinding cinnamon sticks, make sure to add a small amount of brown sugar.

Spice grinder

This type of machine was specifically designed to grind spices into the perfect, fine, and smooth blends that will give you great tastes in your recipes.

The cinnamon sticks will not pass into the sand-sized powder if you use a spice grinder because the burrs are designed to not let a single chunk pass them by.

The smooth and fine making of cinnamon powder is possible with them.

Food processor

It’s very important to grind your cinnamon sticks in the food processor. A food processor is a heavy-duty machine with high power, which makes it easy to grind.

It will give it a pleasant taste as well. The burrs it uses are specially designed to grind your cinnamon sticks into desired elements.

It is very good to use this machine if you need an easy way through the grinding process.

Coffee grinder

Coffee beans are a little bit stronger than cinnamon sticks and so, coffee grinders are a perfect match for the achievement of a fine cinnamon ground.

If you want to smoothen your sticks into the perfect powder form you desire, fill in your coffee grinder but not to the full and run as much as you can.

Mortar and pestle

Even without a grinder, you can turn a cinnamon stick into a powder. It is implied that the use of mortar and pestle is more natural and efficient.

Don’t ask me how I said that. It isn’t as efficient as a grinder, but it’s still a good method.

All you have to do is put as many cinnamon sticks as you want into your mortar, get your pestle, and pound gently, so they don’t pop out of the mortar.

If you want your hands to last, keep pounding until you reach the level of powder you want.

I don’t want to tell you that this method may not give you the smooth cinnamon powder you want.

You can either use a food processor, grinder, blender or pound until you can’t anymore. Maybe, someday, you will get what you want.

Grater or Zester

It is not difficult to grate cinnamon sticks. It’s possible to grate your quills with either a box grater or a zester.

If you want to smoothen cinnamon sticks into fine natures, you can either use a coffee grinder, a food processor, or a spice grinder.

It’s possible to grate your sticks into a bowl with the help of the fine blades of a grater or a zester.


Which Is Better to Use: Cinnamon Sticks or Powder?

If you want to get a wonderful cinnamon flavor from injecting it into liquid, then you are better off using cinnamon sticks, but if you want to get this kind of flavor in the cake, then you will have to use the powdered form of cinnamon.

The cost of stick cinnamon is more than that of cinnamon powder. Freshly ground gives you a better taste than it does the other way around.


Is Fresh Grounded Cinnamon Stronger?

The affirmative answer is yes. It has more flavors than the ones that you buy from the stores.

There is a debate about whether you are using less or enjoying a strong taste of cinnamon.

It will surprise you how much difference there is between fresh ground and Cinnamon Spice. I enjoy the great taste and I am on the side of that.

Are Ground Cinnamon and Cinnamon Powder the Same?

The two terms mean the same thing. The difference is in the smoothness as the latter is a little bit finer. 

If they are the same species of cinnamon, ground cinnamon and cinnamon powder will both have the same taste.

As they are different in nature and taste, there are different kinds of cinnamon.

Is It Possible to Grind Cinnamon Sticks in a Blender?

Yes, you can, that’s right.

To make a good cinnamon blend, you need to arrange your cinnamon sticks in your cup, attach the cup to the blades, and press the start button on your blender.

You blend all over again if the blend is not as smooth as you would like.

To ensure a good and smooth blend, be sure not to fill up your blender with these sticks, and this is one more thing.

If you want to get a smooth and fine grind of your cinnamon sticks, you can use the Magic bullet blender.


When we use cinnamon spices, they have a good influence on the flavors and taste of our food.

Those who have experienced it will know it. You can make it into liquid form for a nice bite.

If you grind your cinnamon sticks using any of the methods listed, you need to add a small amount to each cup.

If you want to make your cinnamon, grind it yourself rather than paying for it from a store. It is possible to make a great cinnamon taste with cinnamon powder from the stores.

If you look at the tan color of the cinnamon, you will see that it isn’t like the reddish look of the cinnamon you see in the picture.

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