How do Juicers Work

Juicing is one of the healthy ways of living. This is an important way of providing the body with essential nutrients for a healthy life.

However, you should have the expertise to operate the juicers to have the best juicing experience.

Before you know how do juicers work, you need to determine the different types of juicers in the market today. This information will guide you to understand how each of those juicers works.

Therefore, various juicers work differently from each other, so understanding how juicers work will help you select a juicer.

Read through the article below and get enlightened on how do juicers work.


How do Juicers work

Have you ever wondered and ask questions like how do juicers work? I have wondered and asked questions so, I did a little research on how juicers work that I’ll love to share with you in this article.

 A centrifuge is any machine that spins its content in one continuous direction. The fruits enter the centrifuge through the feed tube and are pushed down with a plunger into a chamber where the juicer grinds them. The juice moves through a tube and into a pitcher, while the pulp is left behind; this explains how a juicer works.

The type of juicer that you use is likely to be influenced by your lifestyle. We will discuss the following types: masticating, hydraulic, hand-operating, centrifugal, and triturating juicers.

This Omega vrt350 Juicer Review will further discuss how do juicers work and let you decide the best for yourself.


How to use the Breville Centrifugal Juicer for Juicing

Follow these steps to learn how to use a Juicer. For this demonstration, we are going to use a Breville 800JEXL Juicer Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel.

STEP 1; Make sure you have a cup to catch the processed juice from the Breville Juicer.

STEP 2; Make sure the attached waste container is properly fitted at the back of the Breville Juicer. The waste container stores the juiced vegetables that are not needed.

STEP 3; Remove the Lid covering Lid from the Juicer, keep it close to the Juicer for easy reach. Then “turn on” your Juicer.

STEP 4; Make sure your fruits are sliced for example apples, gently slide your fruits down the Juicer machine and use the Top Lid to push it down. Make sure the plastic cup is at the receiving end (spout) where the juice comes out.

STEP 5; Depending on your juice recipe, kindly drop in the fruit one after the other like veggies or ginger into the Juicer for perfect juicing.

STEP 6; Once you are done juicing all your fruits and veggies, kindly “put off” the Juicer machine and enjoy your refreshing healthy juice.



Acezoe Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

A lot of people prefer this type of juicer today for its immense benefits in households. It works by using the auger, which crushes down food drops at the speed of 80-100 RPM into tiny pieces. The drilling device has blades that help it when removing the pulp from the food particles.

The end product is an extract that is rich in all nutrients. These nutrients are helpful to your body, and they improve overall immunity.

The masticating juicer has some drawbacks, among them being that the end product becomes pulpy and foamy. This gives the juice a thick mouthful, a feeling that is not pleasant to some people.


Best Centrifugal Juicer Machine for Juicing by Potane

This is another type of juicer that you should know how works. Most people prefer it because of its ease of use. They can extract juice quickly by the principle of centrifugation. It has sharp blades at the bottom, which allow you to connect to the power supply.

Once the juicer is connected to the power source, the blades rotate at an extremely high speed of about 3000-6000 RPM. Food particles are then put inside the juicer through a tube until they reach the spinning blade. This, therefore, breaks down the food products into tiny particles to extract juice as the end product.

Best affordable Centrifugal Juicer Machine

The strainer bottom remains with the unwanted pulp, but you should remember to get rid of it at your convenient time. Check whether your juicer came with a pulp removing feature because it is helpful and can save you more time.


Best hand manual operated Juicer machine

These are probably the oldest juicers that are still competing for space in the industry. They are the most affordable devices because they don’t require being connected to a power source they are manual juicers.

Manual juicers employ the simplest working principle. You only need to place your fruits or vegetables on the juicer’s chute and press the handle yourself. This, in turn, allows you to extract out the food particles in a good manner.


Hydraulic press juicers are the more sophisticated juicers in the industry. These appliances are not common in households. You find them in big stores or juice centers for commercial purposes. For those who like taking different types of juicers, they can get them from the hydraulic juicer.

This working principle carries out its procedures stage by stage. The first stage involves inserting the fruits and vegetables, whereby they get cut, ground, and then shredded into tiny pieces.

The next step involves subjecting the tiny food particles to the extreme pressure in the juicer of around 6000 to 7000 PSI. The pressure, therefore, extracts everything that is in the food particles. The end product thus becomes a fresh and nutrient fully juice with a natural taste.


GreenStar Triturating twin gear juicer machine

Also referred to as twin-gear juicers, these juicers have almost a similar working principle with the hydraulic press.

They use two augers, which are responsible for spinning and pulling the food particles. After chewing the tiny particles up, the gears extract juice after pushing it through a sharp screen.

Triturating juicers are expensive and difficult to clean. The end product you get from these juicers has 30% chunky stuff like stems and seeds. If you want to buy these juicers, you should get prepared to add extra coins.


Stainless steel fruit steamer Juicer

Steam juicers are other options in the market that you should know how they work. They are competing relatively in the market as well, just like the hydraulic juicers. When dealing with fruits that have seeds, you should always take this as your best option.

Best steam juicer with tempered glass

As the name suggests, the steam juicer utilizes steam power to extract the juice. It releases extremely high-pressured steam that is capable of forcing the juice out of the fruits. You can now save the extracted juice and serve it later.


The Milex Juicer manual PDF was developed by the health and fitness Expert, Brendan McCarthy. The health and fitness program comes with the Jump start 7 Day Weight-Loss Program.

The Milex Jump Start Juicer is a juice maker that allows you to make your own fresh natural juice in seconds.

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The weight loss program it’s an all systematic procedure for losing weight through a specially formulated, incredibly nourishing and great tasting set of juicer recipes for weight loss and detoxing.

It is possible to change your body in just seven days by following the Jump Start juice diet program and enjoy making juices yourself with your easy-to-use Milex Juice Maker.


There are lots of juicer recipes, but I want to share with you one simple recipe that is beginner friendly. Your kids will love this green juice. 


  1. Celery
  2. Apple
  3. Ginger
  4. Lemon


  1. Wash and cut your ingredients to appropriate sizes for your specific juicer
  2. Fit and fix all the attachments to your juicer and turn it on. Put a cup under the spout to catch the juice.
  3. Feed each ingredient into your juicer until all the fruits and vegetables have been juiced.
  4. After juicing, you can drink straight or serve over ice.


Using a juicer or a blender in your home can help you provide yourself and your family with a healthy alternative to sugary sodas, and highly processed fruit juices. But is a juicer or a blender the healthier option? Which one is cheaper? Which one is better?

Allow me to show you the difference between and blender and a juicer, so you can determine which of these two options is right for you!

A Blender can’t process fruit peels that contain vegetable vitamins and enzymes while a Juicer is a more powered high kitchen appliance that will process everything from seed, stem, peel, and pulp.

A juicer performs juicing quickly and efficiently. In addition, a Juicer can separate the Liquid juice from the pulp, the Juicer extracts the juice and disposes of the pulp. While a Blender will not separate the pulp from the juice and renders a very different beverage than a fresh-pressed juice made with a juicer.

For example, if you were to toss stringy or hard vegetables like carrots, beets, or celery into a blender, the mixture will come out gritty instead of being like juice.

If you want a healthier nutrient drink a Juicer is the best option to go with than a Blender as a Juicer offers less oxidation with air giving out more nutrients when you are processing your fruit or vegetable recipe for your drink.

Leafy fruits and most fruits and veggies play well with juicers but fruits like bananas, butter avocados, ice-cubes, won’t give you any juice if you use a juicer machine but a Blender can perfectly handle these fruits to give you a nice smoothie.

Juicers take some time to clean because they have parts you have to disassemble and wash carefully while Blenders are rather quick and easy to clean.

Juicers and Blenders both have reasonable affordable prices depending on your budget and brand.

Finally, while Blenders are easier to clean and versatile, Juicers are a healthier option especially for those recovering from chronic sicknesses.



People are mindful of their health and resort to juicing to get essential enzymes and nutrients. Therefore, you need to know How Do Juicers Workbefore using them to extract juice from food particles.

We have comprehensively discussed the principles under which various types of juicers work above. You are therefore supposed to know which one will fulfil all your juicing needs before you buy one.

This insight about how to do juicers work is essential to both the beginners and those used to juice. If you don’t know the steps involved, you will get the final product you never expected.


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