How to Use Ninja Blender

A Ninja blender is a professional device made of high-quality materials capable of offering you a myriad of blending functions. But do all people have a limelight about how to use Ninja blender properly? You need to master a few tricks and techniques for you to use it correctly.

If you just bought your new blender and it’s lying on your kitchen countertop without knowledge of using it, keep posted. Herein, we shall enlighten readers on how to use these devices the best way. We shall further provide information for the proper maintaining of these machines to continue serving you.


how to use ninja blender

To explain how to use a Ninja Blender, I am going to be using the Ninja Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices, Shakes, and Smoothies Personal Blender.

Nutri Nutri Personal Blender for shakes and smoothies

 STEP 1; Pick up your favorite nutrient extractor cup

STEP 2; Fill up the extractor cup with your favorite recipe of fruit and vegetables, you can also add ice.

STEP 3; Add your pro extractor blade, gently flip the cup upside down so your pro extractor blade is at the bottom of the cup.

STEP4; Align the tabs on the cup with the tabs on the motor base.

STEP 5; Turn it clockwise until you hear a click.

STEP 6; Push down on the cup to operate and hold down as long as you want until you reach your desired consistency.

STEP 7; In few seconds, you will get a great nutrient rich juice.

STEP 8; Click counterclockwise to release the cup. Flip the cup upside down. Remove the pro extractor and simply add your sip and seal Lid to enable you to enjoy your drink.

As mentioned earlier, Ninja blenders perform various blending functions. But for you to get the best experience, you ought to know how to use ninja blender properly.

This will allow you to save time and other extra charges if you decide to hire somebody to assist. Follow the guide below for additional ways on how to use Ninja Blender, and you will never regret it.



Ninja foodi blender as a Juicer extractor for smoothies

Juicing enthusiasts and Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 Reviews can attest that the ninja blender performs excellent when used as juicers.

The procedures are the same as those other blenders. With your Ninja blenders, you will get fresh juice from the fruits and vegetables.

After obtaining your juice from the blender, you can add a liquid to get a juicy texture that is super liquid. However, remember your juice’s taste will change as well.

For those who will go for a seamless finish, the ninja blender provides you with a sifter. The sifter is responsible for giving you a finish without bits of grains and a smoothie. All you need to do is place it over a jug and press down the remains using your trustee spatula.

The procedure can delay you but the results will leave you smiling. Another added advantage is that users can keep the remaining pulp and grains for future chewing because they are healthier.



Using the Ninja Blender as a Food processor

Another way you can use your Ninja blender is as a food processor. This process may be similar to that which produces smoothies and juices, but they differ depending on the model used.

Here is a guide to using it as a food processor for those with a ninja blender model.

Put your ingredients into the blender one at a time. To increase the processing speed, you can chop the fruits into small chunks and shove them into the blender.

Don’t forget that this machine requires you to put the ingredients one by one; otherwise, you will mess.

After all the ingredients are in place, check the pulsate button and press it while keen not to press for long. Long pressing will produce more mush instead of the chunk.

Consequently, you can stop after every press down to ascertain whether the ingredients have reached the state that you like.



Ninja Foodi Professional Blender for home made jam

Ninja blenders also form an integral machine for making homemade organic jam. The preparation process of these delicious smoothies is simple.

You can start preparations by adding all ingredients to a hot pan. Your ingredients are things like water, strawberries, and maple syrup. Mix them and allow them to simmer.

Best blender for making home made jams, smoothies, soups and strawberries

You will end up with something like a strawberry mixture. You now remain to blend your final mixture.

Put the produce into a blender and continue blending it as you add more strawberries. Continue blending until all your ingredients mix properly.

Don’t blend all the strawberries you have. Leave other chunks unblended for use afterward. Your Ninja blender is such a great device for home-made jam preparation.


Using Ninja Blender to prepare pancake batter

Other than the above ways of using a Ninja blender, these devices are also suitable for pancake batter preparation.

Making pancakes for breakfast is enjoyable. When serving your pancakes, you can smear them with pancake batter to make them more delicious.

If you have a ninja blender, preparing pancake batter is nothing of a big deal. What you require are the ingredients and blend them in your blender.

When preparing pancake batter, you should have a mixture of milk, flour and eggs. Have a container and put all the ingredients together to blend. You only remain with blending them, and everything is ready for use.

Mix all your ingredients in the blender and leave them to blend and achieve the consistency you need.

Be careful when doing this exercise since you don’t want to overmix them. Do it at a slow pace as you stop to see whether you have achieved a good texture. Otherwise, overmixing will ruin everything.

These are four ways you can use your Ninja blender. However, the list is endless, and there exist other ways you can use these machines.

However, if you deem it to have the best of the best from your blender, you need to maintain it well. Among the best ways of maintaining these machines is cleaning them always after use.

Cleaning Ninja blenders isn’t such an easy task. However, since manufacturers design these devices BPA-free, they can go into the dishwasher safely.

Before you wash them in a dishwasher, take the blades and lid off. You should place the lid, blade, and pitcher on top of the rack. Be careful with the motor base.

Don’t put it in the dishwasher, but rather clean it with your hands. Avoid wetting the motor. Use a rag damp and wipe off all forms of dirt.


How to use a Ninja 1500watts Blender and food Processor

Below are steps to follow on how to work a Ninja 1500watts Blender;

STEP 1; Place the Motor base on a clean, dry, level surface such as a counter or table top.

STEP 2; Add ingredients to the Nutri Ninja cup.

STEP 3; Place the Nutri Ninja Blade Assembly onto the cup and screw it tightly until you have a good seal.

STEP 4; Turn the Nutri Ninja cup upside down and place it onto the motor base, aligning the tabs on the cup with the motor base.

STEP 5; Turn the Nutri Ninja cup clockwise to lock into place. You will hear a click when the lock is engaged.

STEP 6; Turn the power button on, the single serve button will illuminate.

STEP 7; Press down on the Single Serve button in short intervals to activate. Once you have reached your desired consistency, turn the power button off. Turn the Nutri Ninja cup counter-clockwise and pull straight up to remove.

NOTE: Do not overfill! To avoid spilling, do not add ingredients past the “Max” fill line. Turn the cup upright and remove the Nutri Ninja Blade Assembly by twisting the blade assembly counterclockwise. Place the To-Go drinking lid onto the Nutri Ninja cup, twist to seal and enjoy!

Make sure that the motor base is unplugged when not in use. To release the motor base from the counter or tabletop, place your hands underneath both sides of the motor base and gently pull the unit up and towards you.


How to use Ninja Professional Blender 1000watts

When you receive your Ninja Professional 1000Watts Blender, you will see that it is easy to assemble. It comes with a base, Pitcher that locks easily into the base.

Then you place the blade assembly into the base and Pitcher, carefully match up the cover with the pointing arrow on the body of the Ninja Blender.

In case of the case coming off the blender, there is a safety feature in place that makes the Ninja Professional blender stop working. It will only blend when the top case is properly locked in.

Here us how to easily use a Ninja Professional 1000watts Blender for blending tour favorite recipe;

STEP 1; Take off the cover lid from the Ninja Blender, gently pour in your fruit recipe ingredients one after the other into the Pitcher.

STEP 2; Cover the Ninja Properly to ensure the Blender starts.

STEP 3; Plug the Blender into an Electrical socket. Put on the Power Button, you either go for low speed, high speed, medium speed or the pulse function depending on the recipe.

STEP 4; After blending to the level you want, carefully remove the Pitcher, pour out the recipe through an opening on the top cover of the Blender. Relax and Enjoy!


Most Ninja Professional Blenders have 4 options for Blending. Aside the Power button, we also have the Low speed button, Medium speed button, high speed button and the Pulse Button.

Each of these speed buttons determines the outcome of your blend and how fast or slow you want the Ninja Blender to work.

Secondly, if you want your recipe to be consistent in terms of the blend, you need the Pulse function to achieve this.


From our discussion today, we have gotten the limelight about the Ninja blenders. They are integral parts of preparing a delicious meal for ourselves and our family members. Readers have also gained an idea of how touse Ninja blender properly.

Manufacturers recommend the usage of this machine as the best way to prevent them from malfunctioning. Maintain your Ninja blender to continue getting a service from them for an extended period.

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